Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Caesarean Section or VBAC: Second pregnancy

It's well over the half way point now and I'll be hitting 23 weeks pregnant on Friday. Since the constant nausea stopped back around 17 weeks, I've felt relatively normal and pretty relaxed about the whole pregnancy but it was over Christmas that it sort of hit me that I'm going to be having another baby and the process then dawned on me... I've been asking myself the question of C-Section or VBAC for a while and as time goes on, the question still lingers. 
With Millie, the whole labour process was a little, well, traumatic. The start of things were pretty simple - contractions etc. were fine, it was only from the after being in labour already for a good 20 hours that things just weren't progressing and the nurses realised that an emergency section would be required. You can read more about Millie's Birth story here. So, this time round, I have been offered an elective section or to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and I've gone back and forth with the idea of both but I'm still in a bit of a pickle.

So I've listed a couple of pro's and con's for each method to help me narrow down what would work best for us...

C-section or VBAC

Pro's of C-section:
 - Knowing exactly what day baby will be here. This helps massively with us as my family, who would be looking after Millie during the labour, live 30 minutes away so a sudden onset of labour wouldn't really be ideal for us. Knowing what day I was going to have baby just makes the whole thing 10x easier and a lot more relaxing too.
- No worry of having a repeat of what happened with Millie. The stress and trauma of the entire thing stuck with me and Adam for a long time (over a year!) and I just don't want to have to go through that again.
- Knowing what the recovery is like and being prepared second time round. Simply knowing what it all entails, how it works and the process afterwards is comforting to know. However, this is also a con... read below.
Cons of a C-section:
 - The recovery is horrid. I couldn't sit myself up in bed for a good week and the pain is ridiculous., not being able to walk around or drive for 6 weeks also puts a spanner in the works! Of course, it is major stomach surgery so it has to be considered but when I couldn't get up quick enough to see to Millie during the night or even bend down and change her nappy, it got a little too much.
- The 'after' section. Removing the dressing 6 weeks later has to be worse than the surgery itself. I can barely remember removing the dressing last time as I was crying so much I just wet it as much as I could and ripped it clean off.
Pro's of VBAC:
- A natural delivery. Every woman craves to experience the natural way of giving birth and I do kind of wish that I could do it but the thought of what happened last time puts me off massively.
- Faster recovery time! There's no stitches (if you're lucky) and most women are up and about 1-2 days after a natural birth so you can get back into the swing of things fairly quickly!
- Experiencing labour again. Even though it hurt like a bitch, I would love to experience contractions and the excitement of going into labour again like I did last time but again, the thought of what happened with Millie and her birth just puts me off.
Cons of VBAC:
 - You're waiting around for things to happen naturally. I'm so impatient and if I can be told a date when baby is coming I'd much rather prefer that then hanging around for 40+ weeks for it to happen. Also, as mentioned above, we don't have anyone who lives close enough to come and take care of Millie if this was to happen in the middle of the night!
- Your scar can tear. Having a section previously means that the doctors have to carefully monitor you and your scar throughout labour as the pressure can make it tear which is lethal to both Mum and Baby.
- It's not always successful. Even if I wanted to try for a natural birth via VBAC, there is still a 25% chance that it won't happen and it would end in another emergency section or assisted delivery. Not what I want to experience!
I'm pretty sure that my decision has been made and I'm opting for an elective section, it just makes so much sense to me and my family, baby included, so for now, I'm going to stick with that. But, I am open to trying to progress naturally if I were to go into labour before the date of my section. So, I guess we'll just see what happens closer to the time!
I'd love to hear your stories or views on having an elective section or VBAC. Have you been through them both? Are you in a similar situation to me? I'd love to know...

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Morphe 35F Palette Review

I was very spoilt over Christmas and received lots of lovely gifts from family and friends and I was extremely lucky to have received the forever lusted over palette that is the Morphe 35F 'Fall into Frost' palette. Even though I definitely didn't need another palette, this is one on it's own and I just had to add it to my collection. I already have the Morphe 35N but it's one of my forgotten-about palettes that has been buried beneath all of the other palettes but it's safe to say, it's now top of the pile along with the newly added 35F.

Morphe 35F Palette

Morphe 35F Palette
The Morphe palettes are, as you probably know, very hard to get hold of, with the last batch that Beauty Bay had in stock selling out within 6 hours of being online! With each palette full of 35 beautiful shades, ranging from Neutrals to Purples, earthy Pinks and Gold's, they also come in a selection of finishes including full palettes of Mattes or a mix of both Matte and Shimmer shades.

The 35F is full of amazingly pigmented autumnal shades including burnt oranges, deep burgundy's, browns and lighter creams - it's the perfect palette for Smokey eyes or everyday looks. Including 7 matte shadows and 28 shimmer shades that are all buttery and easy to apply and blend, you couldn't really ask for much more to come from a palette. I have been using my Spectrum Collections brushes to use these shadows and they work perfectly to help apply, pack and blend the shadows out to achieve the look you’re after.

Morphe 35F Palette

 I've worn nearly all of the shadows already ranging from doing dramatic Smokey eyes for evenings out and shimmery bright highlighted eyes for days at work - it's really versatile and will work for anyone and everyone, probably the reason it's still sold out! The value for money that you get from this palette is amazing, averaging out at just 67p per shadow! Every single shade I have swatched has amazing colour payoff, including the matte's and the shimmery shades almost look duo-chrome if you match them with a darker/lighter colour.

I’ve been using this palette everyday, even for work, because the eyeshadows just apply so well and quickly that you can swipe one or two shades across your lid and you’re good to go!

Morphe 35F Palette

You can see from these few swatches how pigmented all of the shadows are, even the matte shades that wouldn’t seem to come off that well with other brands. This is the second Morphe palette I own and I definitely will be getting more, I’ve got my eyes on the 35O but that might have to wait until payday as January never seems to be a good month for money (or makeup!). 

One of the shades I have absolutely been loving are the burnt red shades. There are about 6 Reddy-Purpley toned shades that are all shimmers but have an almighty colour payoff so you really don’t need to use a lot. I think the only thing about this palette that could be improved is that it has a mirror in the lid - it would make it super travel friendly as you’d only need to take this one palette and also, it would make it a lot easier to apply as it is quite a big palette anyway so it takes up hella' lot of room on my dressing table! 

I’m now keeping my eyes peeled for the 35O to come back into stock on Beauty Bay and also tempted to try a few other bits from Morphe Brushes too because if everything is as good as this palette, it’s worth trying! 

Have you got any of the Morphe palettes? 
Which is your favourite?!
 Or what item should I buy and try next... Let me know! 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

What I got for my Birthday

It's a late-comer but I've wanted to showcase 'What I got for my Birthday' for a while... If some of you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that my birthday falls at a horrible time in the year, just 4 days after Christmas. Sometimes it's good, i.e SALES and sometimes it's bad... But this year, I had a wonderful day and got lots of goodies!

On my actual birthday, Me and Adam went shopping to the Bullring. We're both local to Birmingham originally but don't go that often anymore as Derby is closer for us. I took along my birthday money and had some money put aside for myself to pick up a few bits I knew that I wanted. Within a few hours, I'd got what I wanted and much, much more! We also went to Rub Smokehouse for lunch which was incredible where I had a double cheeseburger which was stacked between two sweet waffles and doused in maple syrup with a side of sweet potato fries (mouth is watering right now!).
Adam got me a few little treats to open up on the day of my birthday but had ordered me some trainers previously that I knew I had to wait to get. He bought me some cute blue furry slippers as mine have reached the point of no return, a couple of DVD's including 'Bad Moms' and 'The Purge: Election Year' and an amazing new yearly diary from Eccolo which has stickers in for all kinds of dates and appointments!
I got an amazing little bag full of treats from my friend at work, Becki, which included a Nutella Cereal Bowl which come with a Mini Jar of Nutella and some porridge oats (amazing!), a compact mirror in the form of chocolate, a disco ball drinks cup, a Zoella Lifestyle planner and a in-handbag accessories pack which has everything you need in your handbag including mini nail file, lip balm, clear nail polish, bobbles and hair pins!
I mainly got money from my family which I used to get myself a couple of bits with including some Muji Acrylic storage, a new highlighter from Illamasqua which is gorrrrgeous, a new coat from New Look, a new double-bobble beanie hat, some underwear and socks from Boux Avenue and Victoria's Secrets and a 100ml Bottle of Cerruti 1881 perfume. I also got myself a couple of additional bits including a gorgeous Leopard print shirt from Primark in Selfridges, some mini Instax glitter filled frames and a mirror to go in the downstairs toilet! I managed to get a few bargains from TK Maxx too that you may have seen over on my Instagram however, I've got a post coming about those but I did get my hands on these beautiful glitter Steve Maddon trainers which were only £30.00 (RRP £70!)  Along with all of this I had 4 FREE Krispy Kremes, 1 free one for my Birthday and then a voucher for any 3 others - what better treat can you get on your birthday!?

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017! 

2017 is a brand new year, a brand new start and a chance to refresh and make right whatever went wrong in 2016. If you had a pretty crappy 2016 then now is the time to look ahead and focus on what’s to come in 2017. For me, I have so many things to look forward to that it’s going to be an exciting year for sure so take a look at what I’m most looking forward to... 

This month is pretty quiet - I have a few hospital appointments and midwife appointments as I’ll be hitting the 28/30 week mark in my pregnancy. Me and Adam are booked to go and see the new 50 Shades of Grey film though and we want to go and use the vouchers we got for Christmas at Jamie’s Italian over in Birmingham so there’s just a few things to look forward to this month! 

My best friend is home from traveling after 2 long years which means she’s planing my Baby Shower for this month! I’m super excited as I know she knows me exactly and will do everything she can to make it a day to remember for both me and Baby! Along with some much needed quality time with Adam too before baby number 2 comes, I’ll be getting things ready for him and I’ll also be counting down the days to my maternity leave! I plan on leaving during the first week of April if I can manage to stay that long however it may end up coming a week or two earlier depending on how the pregnancy goes through March - wish me luck! Also, the brand new Beauty and the Beast film is out this month which I’m really looking forward to! 

If you didn’t already know, we are expecting baby number two and it’s a Boy! We’re so pleased to be blessed with having one of each gender and Millie can’t WAIT to meet her baby brother, neither can we! But the waiting isn’t up yet, he’s due to be born by planned c-section around the end of April time so up until then, there’ll be lots of preparations, buying of cute little outfits and general relaxing (as much as I can of course) until he makes his arrival. This is definitely the most exciting part of this year for me! Millie also turns 4 in April which is CRAZY

Along with getting used to life with a newborn and a toddler, we have a close friends’ wedding to celebrate in May! This is the first of 3 weddings we have this year so it’s a busy one but I can’t wait to see them all get wed! There’s not much more planned for March as I’ll be spending most of the time recovering from my section so lots of film watching and Netflix catch-ups too! 

I’m off to see Joel Dommett this month (hottie!!) down at our local Brewhouse Arts Centre! There’s a bunch of ladies from work going but me and Adam are going as our first ‘date night’ after baby being born. Along with this, June will be our first family (of 4) holiday and we’re heading back to Cornwall as we didn’t get chance to go last year. We book the same cottage in Bodmin every time we go and you can read more about our last visit to Cornwall here. It’s a lovely, family run cottage that is around 20 minutes away from 4 beaches and ports which means we’re never far from something to do or somewhere to go. It also has a hot tub so it means we get some alone time (even if it is just 20 minutes) and chance to wind down after a busy day! We’re also hoping to go back to Bluestone Wales as a family of 4 because there’s so much to do for Millie yet it’s still really family friendly too so we’ll be good taking the little one along with us and it’ll be nice to go back after 2 years. You can read about our last trip to Bluestone back in 2015 here. 

We have another wedding this month which is down in Torquay so we’re going to make it a long weekend and book a little B&B for us to stay in and have a look around the town and seaside in hope that the weather is good which will mean holiday number 3 will be ticked off for us! This is also the month of my friend, Katie’s, Hen party. I can’t say too much as she doesn’t know what’s happening but I’ve loved planning it and I’m guessing it’ll be my first night out since having Baby so it’s sure to be a good one! 

It’s probably my favourite month as the weather is usually beautiful which means lots of days out and weekend trips to towns and seasides but it’s also Adam’s birthday so we usually do something and either go away for the weekend or take a day trip somewhere. I do hope that this doesn’t change as it’s always nice to treat him for his birthday! At the end of the month, it’s Katie’s wedding which means they’ll be a spa day plonked somewhere in the month before the big day! I’m a bridesmaid so I’m really excited to be sharing it with her! 

This is probably the quietest month of them all, however... there’s a pretty big thing happening here! Millie starts SCHOOL! Yep, she’ll be starting primary school this year which I can’t believe. My little girl will be heading off in her uniform which means it’ll just be me and baby for the first time since he was born and no more Millie during the daytime! 

October is usually the time that I start planning for Christmas and start the Christmas shopping - it’ll be no different this year as there’ll be 2 to buy for. I also hope that we can have a little weekend away somewhere too but I’m not too sure where to go - somewhere in the UK still, so send your ideas! 

It’s scary to think this far ahead but again, we don’t have anything set in stone for this month but it’ll be the start of preparing for Christmas - Christmas markets, colder weather and cosy nights in.

It’ll be our first Christmas as a family of 4 and I can’t wait! I love Christmas, I always have, but having children to celebrate it with makes it 1000x better! It’ll completely make my year seeing Millie and Baby playing and opening their presents Christmas morning! I’ll also be turning 28 this month... but we won’t talk about that as it’s getting closer and closer to 30! 

What’s happening in your 2017? I’d love to know...