Friday, 22 July 2016

Body Confidence after having Children

As some of you may know, we went on holiday last week to Gran Canaria. It was so beautiful and we had such an amazing time but one thing that was bothering me from the day we booked it was how I was going to look in a Bikini. If you’ve had kids, you’ll know what I’m on about when I talk about the ‘Mum Tum’, it’s not exactly ‘fat’ but it’s a bit of a wobbly bit on your tummy, just below where your ‘gut’ would sit that seems pretty impossible to shift, whatever you try and do. My aim was to just wear high waisted bikini bottoms to suck it in and be done with it...

This was all well and good until I got on holiday and felt vile. I put my high waisted bottoms on and my bikini top and instantly felt so big, bigger than what I actually thought of myself to be and just wasn’t comfortable at all.  I had seven days left - what the hell was I going to do?! I just didn’t want to sit in this horrible bikini that made me feel fat and frumpy so, I didn’t. I packed a ‘spare’ pair of bikini bottoms that weren’t high waisted *GASPS* but that were a little lower meaning my stretch marks and mum tum would be on show. I braved it, slid them on and would you believe, I actually felt better pretty much instantly. I looked in the mirror, saw my stretch marks and the little wobbly bit (the bit that Millie asks me what I have in there...) and smiled.

It might be odd to think that I was more comfortable with my belly out than having it tucked away but what happened was I let go of the insecurity of why I didn’t want my belly on show to start with and focused on why it was there in the first place. I’ve heard of so many Mummies this year that have lost their babies, some un-born, some weeks or months old. I have my baby with me, she was next to me at the pool, she was playing with me in the sea, she was holding my hand when we walked and she was laughing with me when we ate ice creams. She is the reason I have that wobbly tummy and those stretch marks. She is the reason I smile. She is everything and she is why I don’t care what I look like. 

I shared a picture on Facebook with a little bit of a speech on there saying the above but in simpler terms and the response I got was so overwhelming and unexpected that it made me want to share it with the blogging world as I know there are 100’s of you Mums that feel the same and I simply don’t think that it’s talked about enough. Your children don’t care if you can fit into size 8 jeans, they don’t care if you have a slim stomach and no wobbly bits - they care about you eating ice creams and chocolate with them and playing games with them in the sun. They don’t want parents who are too busy going to the gym to sit and watch a film at night and snack on popcorn and sweeties. Children do not care about our bodies. They care about us. 

This holiday has opened my eyes up a little at the fact that I may not be happy with how I look, but I’m happy with the reasons why I may look this way and if one day I choose to change it, then I’ll be doing so for reasons that I choose, not society. Don’t feel like you have to be the supermodel Mum that you see plastered in magazines, those ‘Mum’s’ probably have Nannies doing their dirty work, they have chance to make their own meals and buy fresh fruit and veg daily, and spend hours in the gym - not spending time with their family. 

This is by far my favourite picture of the holiday. We had fun, we laughed, we ate so much yummy food and ice creams that we probably don’t need anymore for the rest of the summer but more importantly, we enjoyed ourselves and I rocked my bikini every, single, day.  

Monday, 11 July 2016

Living Room Design ideas

Some of you may know that we moved house back in October - we were in a ground floor flat before, somewhere that we couldn’t really put our own stamp on and it was getting a little too cramped for us all. Our friends were moving out of their house literally round the corner and offered it us to rent - we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more room, actual stairs to climb up and of course, a garden! But more so, it was a chance for us to actually be able to decorate and get rid of that damn magnolia! 

We’re slowly, but surely, looking to decorate the house - we’ve done a few odd bits here and there but we know that we want to do it all before the end of the year. We’ve got a few colour schemes in mind but for the living room, we’re concentrating on Yellow and Grey. I love the contrast and the brightness that the Yellow brings but the Grey takes it back down so it’s not too in your face. We’ve already got new wallpaper in the living room and so the next step is the furnishings. 

We have 2 small sofas at the moment but I’d absolutely love a Fabric Corner Sofa to snuggle on - wrap up in a blanket come winter and settle down in front of the fire. This Grey Felix Small Chaise is from Fishpools and comes in a gorgeous, slate Grey colour. You can find all the accessories to go with it too and Fishpools even have a ‘Design it’ service to make sure you definitely get the furniture you have in mind! When you’re choosing a new Sofa, I really think it’s the statement of the room so it has to be the right one for both you and your house. 

  These gorgeous cushions from Habitat would help bring the Yellow out too rather than having it scattered around. The Mirror is from IKEA but it’s such a simple way to make quite a dull, small room seem bigger and brighter! The other little bits help make a house a home, I think. If we were to have a corner sofa, I’d love a little armchair in the window, with a good throw and a chunky cushion on - perfect for reading or internet surfing! 

Do you have any re-decorating plans? Or do you just love looking at interior designs and making plans in your head for what could possibly happen in future? 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Coolsculpting Fat Reduction

Are you looking to lose some inches ready for your big day? Or do you have a gorgeous new swimsuit that you want to look your best in when you next go on holiday? Or are you like me and have super stubborn areas of fat on your body that you simply can’t shift!? Well, why don’t you freeze away that stubborn fat without the use of scary surgery and go with the known and loved procedure of CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat freezing reduction treatment that uses a controlled cooling apparatus, a little like a laser gun, to tackle the fat stores that are simply too stubborn to shift through exercising or dieting! The results of the fat freezing procedure are proven, measurable and noticeable within 60 days of treatment, with results working still for a further 6 months*.
How does it work?
Many of us have fat stores that seem impossible to get rid of regardless of all the diets and exercise in the world; the CoolSculpting® technology uses a controlled cooling method to target and kill these stubborn, hard to reach fat cells. Once the procedure is complete, the body naturally gets rid of fat cells leaving you with long-term results (as long as you stick to a balanced diet and exercise regularly afterwards) as the treated area of fat cells are gone for good. The procedure is super-fast, taking approximately 45minutes – an hour depending on the target area and is pain free! You could simply have it done during your lunch break and go back to work! There’s no need to worry about after-treatments either as there is no anesthetic used and so no recovery time is needed!

The science of Fat Reduction:
The layer of fat that has been targeted will be reduced which in time, will end in quite a noticeable reduction of the layer of fat, whether the area is; the ‘love handles’, ‘muffin top’ or that ‘Mum Tum’ everyone, including me, seems to hate. CoolSculpting® targets and cools the fat cells to a low, low, low temperature that triggers their natural demise. Because fat cells crystallize and disperse faster than all of the normal cells in the body, there isn’t any damage done to other nerves or tissue.
The CoolSculpting® body fat freezing procedure is an FDA-cleared clinical treatment which can help to reduce and in some cases, eliminate fat which is stored in the body, effectively freezing away the unwanted fat cells for good without using surgery. When you visit your clinic, they will help you to create an individualized body sculpting treatment plan tailored just for you and the area you are targeting. As the Coolsculpting begins, you will feel cold pressure, a little like pressing a bag of ice on your skin but this soon stops. There is no pain so you can read a book, catch up on Youtube videos or even take a nap during the treatment (I know which one I’d go for…)!
It’s not weight loss!
When you think about weight loss, what do you think of? Stepping on the scales and seeing smaller numbers? What do you think about when you think of Fat Reduction? Less cellulite? Slimmer fitting clothes? When you think of the two this way, it’s clear to understand that Weight loss and Fat reduction is not the same thing, as thought by many people.
When taking part in any weight loss diet, you don’t ‘loose’ the fat cells at all, they simply get smaller. So when you gain that weight again, those fat cells become bigger and appear just as they did pre-weight loss. The CoolSculpting® procedure truly eliminates the fat cells in the chosen areas and obviously, with that being done, the fat cells that are no longer there so they can't get bigger. Whether or not the scales say different than before, you'll definitely look slimmer and your clothes will fit better and you will hopefully* look better too!
45% of women are prepared to do something beyond dieting and exercise to improve their bodies whether it’s to improve the look of their stomach area to be ‘bikini ready’ (74% of women agree with this) or to target the thigh area for slimmer looking legs (54% of women agree with this). (taken from Wakefield Research Infographic)
How much does it cost?
CoolSculpting® costs depend on the size of the areas chosen, the number of sessions that might be needed, and your ultimate goals. You can create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your body, you overall goals and look and even your price range! Simply search for your nearest clinic to have your consultation. Prices can start from £800 per area and my nearest clinic is Birmingham Aesthetic Rooms in Sutton Coldfield.
*Results may vary.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Strawberry Picking

Summer isn’t much use at the moment, with it raining one minute then sun shining the next, it’s hard to plan days out without them being ruined by the weather. But one thing the rain is good for is strawberry picking!! We live literally on the outskirts of so many gorgeous fields and there is a PYO strawberry farm literally 5 minutes drive from our house, every year we take a trip up and pick some lovely, fresh Strawberries! 

The rain we’ve had meant it was a little bit muddy but it was a perfect chance for me to whack out my new Butterfly Twists Wellingtons (£55.00*) and rock them with my Topshop Rain coat - A little clash of colour, I know, but it also kinda goes! They’re super comfy and fit perfectly! I usually struggle to get fitted wellies on as my calves are quite big but the material at the top gives it a little more room and then they fold over to give the illusion that you have socks on too! They come in quite a few other colours but my favourite colour is Blue and yellow so these are literally a dream. I’m kinda willing for it to rain a bit more just so I can wear these again! 
(*sponsored post)