Saturday 27 February 2016

Rosie Huntington-Whitely Make-up at M&S

If new makeup doesn’t cheer me up, then there’s definitely something wrong... 

I’ve had a bit of a crappy few weeks which has sent me on a shopping spree and doing so, I come across this beautiful new collection in Marks and Spencer by Rosie Huntington-Whitely. M&S have their own brand of makeup, Autograph, in which Rosie has collaborated with to produce her own range of Rose Gold finished makeup which includes items such as Highlighting Powder, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Bronzer, Eyeshadow palettes and many more. I was in love with the packaging when I first saw it online and had to have a mooch to look at it more! Here I am, a few weeks later with a pretty good haul of the gorgeous products. 

Rosie for Autograph

Rosie Huntington-Whitely makeup

All of the items are finished in a beautiful Rose Gold with Black and Gold outer packaging that is super chic and sophisticated. It’s super simple yet so elegant that it will appeal to makeup lovers of all ages! I decided to pick up a few items that I knew I’d use daily and see what they were like compared to some of the higher ended products I’m using at the moment. Firstly, the Copper Gold Rush Eyeshadow quad is a beautiful mix of Bronze and Rose toned eyeshadows with one shimmer shadow (top right corner) and is a little like some of the shadows from the Naked 3 palette. The pigmentation on the shadows is brilliant and it also has a handy little mirror enclosed in the palette too meaning it’s perfect for travelling. I love it when palettes are just simple, no tacky makeup applicator included or any fancy detailing, just plain and simple. I love it. There are 4 palettes in total, each holding a different set of cool toned, bronzed eyeshadows (£18.00)

Along with the eyeshadow palette, I got the Liquid Eyeliner (£14.00) which again, comes in a gorgeous Rose Gold finish with a lid that clicks on so you don’t have to worry about it drying out. The nib is super thin too but not too thin that it’s flimsy. It’s sturdy enough to create the perfect wing-liner, something I can’t go a day without! The liner is super black too and it only takes one go to give quite good lining to both upper or lower lid. I applied mine and it lasted the majority of the day - it comes off easy and doesn’t smudge! 

Rosie for Autograph eyeshadow palette

Next up are the 2 Lipsticks (£14.00) - the first a gorgeous Berry pink in ‘I love you so much (ILYSM)’ and the second in ‘Silk Rose’ which is more of a nude, brown shade (a lot like Taupe from MAC). Following the Rose Gold trend, the lipsticks are encased in a metallic, rose gold bullet with the rose crescent engraved on the side of the lipstick. Both lipsticks are a silky, semi-matte shade with ILYSM being more shimmer than matte but still a good pigmentation. I think it’s going to be a summer shade for me as I’m all about matte nude lips at the moment! If you’re more of a lighter shaded lip lover, you can opt for one of the Lip Glossy sticks instead (£12.50). 

Finally, onto the bronzer. With a choice of 2 colours, the bronzer is the perfect addition to the rest of the clan - pigmentation is amazing (be careful!). I applied it as a bronze but ended up having to blend it out for a while as I didn’t think the colour payout was going to be as good as it was! Again, similar to the eyeshadow palette, there is a mirror in the packaging which makes it perfect for traveling! 

Rose for Autograph lipstick

What I love most about these products is that they’re so simple, but so chic and look more expensive than they are! They’re a little more than ‘High street’ price but definitely not too expensive to be classed as ‘High end’. The packaging and the finish to all of the products make them stand out and as for it being a Supermarket brand which Rosie has collaborated with, I think it reaches out to more people than any other makeup brand would.

If you buy these products on the internet, you get FREE DELIVERY on orders over £50.00 so make sure you head on over and take a look! There has also been some items added included Perfume and Candles as part of the range so I think I’ll be treating myself again this month and adding these to my collection! 

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Cosmetic Surgery with Jag Chana

There are 1000’s of ways to change or improve your looks, hair and body with surgical and non-surgical procedures. Many of these are highlighted in the press and are talked about quite frequently in the media but some forms of surgery to improve, correct or enhance any part of the human anatomy can be frowned upon and in fact, can be quite dangerous if not performed properly. ‘Tummy tucks’ and liposuctions are a thing that probably nearly every woman thinks about, but it isn’t much of an open discussion topic - the elephant is in the room and no one is talking about it. It feels like it’s the cheat’s option for getting the body you want, when actually it provides women with the exact thing they are looking to achieve!
 Dr. Jag Chana (BSc, MBBS, MD, FRCS) is one of the UK’s number one surgeons for body transformation surgery, winning many awards and being recognised in the medical profession. His work includes a variety of procedures such as face lifts, facial lipo-sculpture, breast enlargement, fillers, laser treatments and many more!
If you have a couple of flaws that you are dying to fix or desires to get that slender figure and the smaller waist that the diets don’t seem to give you, there are two approaches that you can use to speed up the body transformation process. The first is you can sculpt your body by exercising and conditioning the body to transform itself based on your diet and muscular development. The second is to use cosmetic surgery to enhance your look and achieve similar results to that of exercising almost immediately. Of course, it comes at a price and the recovery period can vary from weeks to months but for someone who has thought long and hard, it is by far the most effective option.
JagChana runs his very own clinic based in Hertfordshire with other clinics available in and around London, you can contact your nearest JagChana clinic to book a consultation or ask questions related to the treatment you are looking for. With both surgical and non-surgical options available, there is bound to be something that stands out for you. Whether it’s a little lip-plump or a chemical peel to make you look a couple of years younger or if you’ve been debating tucking that Mum-Tum and want to take the leap, get in touch and make those first steps to getting the thing that you really want!
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Thursday 18 February 2016

Pet Subscription box: Cat Hampurr Review

Since getting the kittens, I have been on the hunt for Pet Subscription boxes. There are plenty for Pups but not a lot for Kittys and so I searched and searched and came across 3 great brands that do exactly what I was looking for... A monthly treat for the boys which will stop me from buying any treat or toy I see in a shop! 

The first of these brands I am trying is Cat Hampurr (see what they did there?). The box come in the standard packaging with the logo on the side and when I opened it up, everything was ready and waiting to be discovered. A cute little card from the company too made it all the more special and of course, the boys couldn’t wait to tuck into it! 

The first thing that they pulled out was a Toy Wand which had a little dangly mouse with bells on. Jaffa absolutely loves anything that is on a wand, he goes crazy for it! Henry tends to sit and watch his brother go mental... But when they come across the bag of treats, they were both loving what was in the box! 

There were also 3 small tins of Thrive Complete Cat Food, 2 Bags of Vets Kitchen Cat treats, a Bag of Pet Munchies Treats and a KraftyKats Catnip Mouse, that Henry actually enjoys playing with! A brilliant combination of treats for only £8.00 every other month! You definitely get your moneys worth with the cat treats making up over half of the price of the box itself! You can also subscribe to monthly boxes which are £15.90 each

(*Product sent for Review Purposes)

Sunday 14 February 2016

Beauty and Hair Hacks

We’re all a little lazy when it comes to Beauty. Come on, admit it! Anything we can do to save time or even energy, we’ll do! I’ve scraped together the top tips or ‘Hacks’ to make your life easier when it comes to all things beauty! You may already know some, you may have your own - either way, I hope you take something away and learn something new! We could all do with a useful #BeautyHack every now and then so take a look if you could put these Hacks to use. 

Here’s a combination of Beauty and Hair hacks for you to sink your teeth into...

1) Heat eyelash curlers with your hairdryer to ensure your lashes stay curled for longer! 

2) Use vaseline under perfume spots to make it last longer! 

3) Add a moisturiser to foundations that is too dark, it will tone it down and help match perfectly!

4) Save old mascara wands to apply brow products! 

5) Apply eyelash glue with the end of a hair grip to help seal the ends once on your lashes! 

6) Apply a layer of vaseline over your teeth to prevent lipstick stains (or try the nifty finger trick!)

7) Rub cuticle oil around nails before applying varnish so any mistakes will not dry on your skin!

8) Fill a bowl with hot water and cover your head with a towel whilst hovering - the steam will 
loosen eyelash glue so it comes off easily!

9) Apply shaving foam to any makeup stains on clothes/fabrics before washing and it will help remove the makeup!

10) Dust an eyeshadow that’s the same colour as your hair to your roots to make your hair look fuller!

11) Spray hair grips with hair spray before using to give more grip!

12) Apply vaseline around your hairline when dying your hair to prevent any dying-disasters. Failing that, use nail varnish remover to remove any dye from ears, head or neck!

13) Use your straighteners to flatten shirt collars without having to get the iron out!

14) Use a toothbrush to tame frizzy hairs and create a slick look. 

15) Blonde? Use lemon juice to help naturally lift brassiness!

Read more on Hair Extensions here 

Sunday 7 February 2016

Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

if there’s anything I love when it comes to make-up, it’s collaborations that bring out limited edition collections and products that I just have to get my hands on! The latest comes from Urban Decay as they teamed up with the legend that is Gwen Stefani. When I think of Gwen’s makeup looks I think Winged Liner and Red Lips - two of my favourite things! Gwen had a hand in everything when designing her collection, including the cases, which were inspired by her love of black-and-white graphic prints and antique gold accents. She also handpicked most of the shade names in her eyeshadow palette, which were inspired by her songs. There’s even a nod to the No Doubt song “Magic’s in the Makeup” on the palette’s huge mirror and on the brow mirror too!

Gwen Stefani makeup for Urban Decay

Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

Im a sucker for an eyeshadow palette but I thought that I’d go for something different this time round as the palette was sold out on John Lewis when I went to order. I had my eye on the blush palette anyway and a signature Red Lipstick from the choice of the 6 shades. The lipsticks (£16.00) are beautifully coloured, lovely and bright too! 714 is the shade I got which is a gorgeous bright Orangey Red which glides on the lips smoothly but isn’t too glossy. A gorgeous matte lip is the perfect accompaniment to a Gwen inspired makeup look. 

Next up is the teeny brow palette which is perfectly designed to hold all your tools in the bottom and the shades in the top with a nifty little mirror too! The packaging is super chic and it makes the Brow Box (£19.50) perfect for travelling - no more smashed shades! The tweezers that come with it are tiny which make things a little fiddly but if you’re in dyer need, they’ll do the job! 

Gwen Stefani 714 Lipstick

Gwen Stefani Brow box

Magic’s in the Makeup

Now, for the Blush palette (£35.00). Oh gosh. It’s beautiful. I’ve only really been into blusher for a short while, I was a bronzer kinda girl until last year when I started to dabble in Blushers and this palette has a blusher shade for everyone! There isn’t any bright colours which is something I love as I don’t like TOO much blusher, just something natural. The shades are super buttery and blend perfectly alongside a hint of contour and highlight! 

After trying all of these prodcuts, I am tempted to get the Eyeshadow palette and another lipstick but for now, I’m pretty happy with my purchases and I can see them all being very loved and a great addition to my ever-growing makeup collection. If you’d like to get yourself anything from Gwen’s collection, head over to John Lewis where you can click and collect or get it delivered within 2 days! 

Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

Gwen Stefani Makeup