Thursday 27 February 2014

What’s Millie Doing? #8 & #9

I forgot to update you all on Millie’s 9 month progress last month so I thought that today i’d do a joint 9 & 10 month update! She will be 10 months old on Friday and I honestly can’t believe how fast it has gone! In just 8 weeks, she’ll be 1!!!

  • Shes started eating more and more food now so shes gradually dropping her afternoon bottle as shes just not interested. Weve started to introduce cows milk too so soon shell just be having a morning and evening bottle!
  • She took her first steps a few weeks ago! They were 3 wobbly steps that lead her to falling onto us but they were teeny, tiny baby steps!! Shes walking everyday and gets better and better so I don’t think itll be long until shes walking more than shes crawling!! 
  • She has had her first tooth break through too but it’s been hell for us. If you’re going through teething with your little one, I feel your pain! 
  • Her 9-12 month clothes are still really big so shes still wearing a few of her 6-9 month stuff. She can even fit into 3-6 month leggings! 
  • Shes still in size 3 nappies.
  • She loves watching Mister Maker and ZingZillas at the moment. Anything with music that she can dance to!
  • Her vocabulary is coming to too. She can say most sounds now so “Ah” “Boo” “Dadda” “Mommom” “Tah” Pop” 
  • She plays Boo with her muslin cloths, or anything that she can hide under haha! 
  • Shes really light still. She only weighs 16lbs 4oz. Tiny! 

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    Wednesday 26 February 2014

    Vita Liberata Tinted Tan Mousse Review

    When it comes to Fake Tan, I’m a bit of a wimp. It never seems to end up the way I want or I get big, fat streaks and blotches around my knees and ankles so when I do apply it, it’s like praying for a miracle. 

    I went out Saturday for the first time in months and wanted to make an effort so, I opened up the stash of tan that’s hidden under my dressing table and come across 2 bottles of Vita Liberata that we got in our East Mids Meet Up Goodie bags! I opted for the Mousse as it developed over 4-6 hours so by the time we were out, it would be how I wanted it! 
    I bathed in the morning and gave my legs a good exfoliating and moisturised with St Moriz Body Lotion beforehand (although Vita Liberata tans don’t recommend you moisturise, my skin is really dry at the moment so I wanted to avoid blotches!). I waited an hour or so before applying so that the lotion had properly sank into my skin. I used a Vita Liberata Tanning mitt (£4.00 here) to apply the mousse and started on my legs in circular motions. 
    When applying, it goes on slightly green - which had me worried! I thought it may have been off but once blended, it was just a slighter darker colour to my skin. I buffed it all out so it was all even and applied a little more lotion to my ankles and knees to stop that horrible patchiness from happening! Within about an hour, you could already see the development and it had applied perfectly! There is no heavy, nasty smell which is good but they could make it smell nice! 

    Before                           After 
    You can see the difference in the above picture from before and after - I did try and get the lighting the same in both pictures. This was about 2 hours after I had applied too! The photo above that is of the tan yesterday after a shower. It still remains and has only gone slightly patchy on areas like my ankles, feet and back of my knees! I did my legs and chest area as my arms were covered and there is still about 70% left in the bottle! 

    For £22.50 this is one of the more expensive tans on the market but it is completely worth it! I felt that it applied generously and smoothly and didn’t leave any patches once applied. There is no strong smell and it didn’t stain any clothing once I had applied. You can buy it from Boots here and take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer that’s on health and beauty or from Vita Liberata Online.

    Have you tried any Vita Liberata Tans? 
    *Product was gifted 

    Tuesday 25 February 2014

    Born Pretty Store iPhone Cases

    Having an iPhone tends to be a love/hate situation at times. I absolutely LOVE having one as it’s so easy and simple to sync with all my other Apple gadgets but I hate it because i’m so terrified of breaking/scratching/scuffing it.  I’ve got about 20 different phone cases though that help me protect it, along with screen protectors, it gives me a little more reassurance that it’s going to live a long life *touch wood*.
    Born Pretty Store is an online store that offers FREE DELIVERY and stocks everything from phone cases, nail and beauty tools, watches, hair accessories and lots more! Although the currency is in dollars, don’t let this put you off! My order came within 2 weeks and now I have some cases to add to my collection, including a cute little Christmas edition!

    The rubbery Christmas Tree case is unfortunately No longer available but I imagine when Christmas comes round again, it will be! There were some super cute ones including reindeers and a Santa too! 
    The Lego one is my favourite! For just $1.94 you can play with the add ons and move them wherever you like, there is also a range of colours to choose from and they’re all different!
    The Galaxy print is the one i’ve been loving the most, it’s subtle and quite sturdy so I know that when Millie throws it about, the corners aren’t going to chip and she can’t take it off like the lego one!  $1.95
    You can also get 10% off your order with code EMMABC10 so what are you waiting for!? 
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    Monday 24 February 2014

    Tanya Burr Lips & Nails: Exotic Island & Riding Hood Review + Feel Unique Discount code

    It’s not very often that I jump on the ‘new product bandwagon’ but when Tanya Burr announced that she was launching her own lip gloss and nail varnish line, I was quite excited! I have loved watching Tanya on Youtube for quite a while now and love the simplicity of her blog posts. She is so passionate about beauty and it really comes across when she talks about it and creates new tutorials on different looks. Having a collection come from someone who is so passionate about the products was a real treat and I knew they were going to be worth buying! 
    I planned on waiting a while to see a few reviews of the products but everyone seems to have been buying the same ones. I’m not a lover of the nudes and pinks so the purple (Exotic Island) was the one I had my eyes on and I needed a new Red nail polish as the one I had was dried up! I took up the 15% off Cloud10 offer last week and they arrived in 2 days! 
    Tanya Burr Lips and Nails
    feel unique discount code
    feel unique discount code
    Tanya Burr Exotic Island
    Tanya Burr Nails Riding Hood
    Tanya Burr lip gloss
    The Lipgloss is the perfect colour for me, although it’s more pink than purple, I absolutely love it! It’s not too sticky and it’s not too light, after an hour or two it feels the same as it did when first applied! It’s also really build able so you can keep applying through the day and it won’t seem cakey or heavy. The applicator is also a firm foam lip rather than a bristle brush which is what I prefer. It gives a more even coverage and doesn’t seem to hold more than it needs like the bristle applicators do. 
    The Nail varnish (Riding Hood) is also a really lovely Red and it’s a colour that everyone should own. Even with 1 coat, it gives the perfect application and dries super fast! My nails are prone to chipping so within 2 days chips were starting to show but not as much as my other polishes! 

    I think Tanya has done an amazing job working on these products and getting the colours how they are. There is definitely something for everyone with a great choice of shades and at an affordable price! 
    You can buy the glosses (£6.99) and polishes (£5.99) from Superdrug, Cloud10, Feel Unique and Beauty Chamber.

    Have you got any Tanya Burr Lips & Nails products!? What should I get next? 

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    Friday 21 February 2014

    Sleek ‘Garden of Eden’ Palette: First Impression

    I’m a lover of Sleek palettes so when I saw this gorgeous new edition to their i-divine collation, I had to have it! 

    At £7.99 these eyeshadow palettes are some of the cheapest out there and also some of the best! The colour variations and pigmentations are brilliant and easily compare to MAC and Urban Decay shadows! This Garden of Eden palette is full of greens and browns, very earthy colours that complement any colour eye. 

    The pigmentation of these colours is as good as any of the other palettes although as there are more shimmers than mattes, I think you would have to build them or use a good primer to get a very heavy shimmer. Other than that, it’s a fabulous palette and perfect for everyday wear and for more heavy eyed, smokey looks!
    Sleek garden of eden palette
    If you love Sleek palettes as much as I do then you’ll definitely want to add this to your collection! From the first impression, I already love this palette and can see me wearing the colours from it a lot during the summer! Every shade will work no matter what you’re wearing or whatever the weather! You can buy this palette for £7.99 here.

    Have you tried this palette yet? What looks have you created?

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    Thursday 20 February 2014

    Canvas Designs Review

    Everyone loves to have a range of photographs pinned on the wall, don’t they!? Well I know I do! Since having Millie, we’ve put pictures up everywhere and in her room she has a few little frames hung on the wall to make a boring spare room look more like a little girls bedroom. Because we can’t decorate how we’d like to (we rent) using photographs and canvas’s does this for us without any hard work! 
    Canvas Design is one of the UK’s original canvas printing companies specialising in making custom Canvas Prints at an affordable price. Frames start at 6inches and go all the way up to 40inches and our pricing ranges from £7.99 - £39.99. 

    The quality of the canvass is amazing! Rather than a rough, paper-ish texture that you get with cheaper canvass, these are more of a tough, tight fabric and the picture quality is brilliant! Obviously, the better quality image you use, the better quality of canvas but I imagine that even a picture taken on an iPhone would come up good when put on one of these canvass! 

    canvas designs review
    I was very generously offered the chance to review these canvas’s and I sent across 2 pictures for Loren  to choose from and to surprise me. When the delivery turned up she had sent them both! I was super shocked and couldn’t believe she had been generous enough to send me 2! They are both incredible and we’ve put one up in our room and one in Millie’s. 

    If you have a space on the wall that needs filling, why not take a look at Canvas Designs? Make a collage of recent pictures or get your favourite quote canvased and make something of it! DISCOUNT CODE: Use the code 93HEXWF35U and get 10% off your complete order or BLOG15 if you’re a blogger to get 15% off your next order! 

    Have you got any canvas’s in your house? I’d love to see them if you have! 
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    Wednesday 19 February 2014

    GlamGlow Youth Mud TingleExfoliate Mask Review

    Back in December, I was lucky enough to win a hamper of products worth over £200 with Feel Unique (you can see what I won here) and this GlamGlow Youth Mud TingleExfoliate Treatment was one of the products I won! I’ve seen so many people want to try this but at nearly £50, it’s a bit pricey for a face mask, but it’s ‘Not Your Average' face mask…

    GlamGlow Youth Mud is made to reduce pores, tighten and brighten skin, improve skins softness and exfoliates too. It has volcanic rock minerals that will exfoliate and these are the glass like shards that are in the mask. There isn’t much of a fragrance too it but it does smell slightly fresh. It’s a thick consistency but it applies well and smooths over the skin almost instantly. 

    I cleansed and dried my face before applying the Youth Mud Mask and then took a £2 coin amount size and applied it all over my face. As soon as you rub in the first bit, you can instantly feel the heat and you’ll feel like it’s burning a whole into your skin! Avoid instantly grabbing a cold flannel and washing it off as you do get used to it and that’s what it’s meant to do! If you don’t want to apply this all over your face for the first time, you could just apply to the t-zone which is what i’m going to do next time. Within 5 minutes, your skin is tingling and tightening and after 10 minutes, the mask has hardened and it’s pretty much impossible to move your face! 

    Simply wash off with warm water (it recommends in circular motions so that you exfoliate whilst removing the mask) and pat dry with a clean towel. I didn’t use a moisturiser afterwards as I didn’t feel like I needed to. My face was red over my nose and cheeks but felt so smooth and my pores had shrunk considerably. 
    glamglow youth mud
    I absolutely love using this mask, i’ve used it 3 times now and all 3 times i’ve covered my face and there is still more than half left in the tub. I have the 50g tub but there is a smaller one available at a slightly cheaper price. It’s a perfect mask for those pamper evenings that we all have once in a while as you definitely feel like you’re having a spa treatment. If you’re looking to add to your face mask collection then this is a must! Feel Unique currently have the 50g tub at £39.99 (RRP £49.99) and you get free delivery on orders over £10 AND 2 free samples on orders over £30! 

    I really want to try some of the other treatments that GlamGlow have to offer so make sure you let me know which ones are your favourites! 

    Have you tried GlamGlow Youth Mud TingleExfoliate Treatment before!? 

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    Friday 14 February 2014

    Valentines Day Make up Look

    Happy Valentines Day Ladies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day no matter what you’re doing. 
    If you’re off out tonight, or like me, staying in… Here’s a make-up look that you can create using your Naked 2 Palette or similar pinky/red shades & a gorgeous red lip. The perfect make-up look for any Valentines Date! 
    valentines day makeup

    apocalips red lip
    Products used:
    No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation 
    No7 Beautifully Matte Pressed Powder
    Sleek Face Contour kit Medium
    Illamasqua Blush Hussy 
    Maybelline colour Tattoo Metallic Pomegranate 
    Naked 3 Palette Buzz on upper lid // Factory outer corner lower lash line
    NARS Grenadine in crease
    Naked 3 Palette Strange on Brow bone
    HD Brows Foxy 
    Collection Fast stroke Liquid Eyeliner 
    YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eyeliner Black on lower lash line 
    Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara 
    Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic 

    Take a look at the Valentines inspired info graphic too conducted by Figleaves and see what strange but true statistics are revealed about men & women when it comes to Valentines Day! Do you agree with any of them!? I know I do! Im one of the 38% that would rather stay in and have a romantic night, and I’m also in favour of dating Gary Barlow (although Robbie Williams is a close second…)

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