Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Neals Yard Remedies Baby Balm

Now, do you ever wonder why you always seems to get the typical 'Johnsons' lotions when you have a Baby?! It's as if no one knows of any other baby friendly brand. Well... time for that to change!
Neals Yard Remedies are an Organic company that make lotions and potions for pretty much everyone, including babies. Baby Balm is "an organic blend of Shea butter, coconut oils and olive oils to nourish, nurture and sooth dry and sensitive skin" perfect for your little one once they've had a bath. 
I was kindly sent Baby balm* to try out on Millie and it's absolutely fab! Its a silky smooth formula, not like the Johnsons balm and less oily that Baby Oil and sinks into her skin nicely. We apply it just after her bath at night to relax her and get her ready for bedtime. It isn't in anyway greasy and it eases the dry patches she has on her head and feet too!

If you are looking to try out a new range of skincare and moisturisers for your little one, then I highly recommend Neals Yard Remedies. You can buy Baby Balm here for £11.00 and a little goes a long way so you won't need to repurchase for a good few months, unlike Johnsons lotions. 

Have you got a favourite product you like to use on your little one's skin? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Guest post: Swimwear Style Guide


As we’re in the midst of a heat wave we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a look at some of this season’s hottest swimwear trends, don’t go on holiday without reading this guide.
It is so hot, like sweltering hot, but we’re not going to complain because we don’t want to scare off that glorious sunshine we’re seeing so much of at the moment. It comes around every year but the warm weather really does sneak up on us and we’re caught off guard sweating so bad in a brightly printed MSGM dress without that one essential summer item in our arsenal; the perfect swimwear.
For some reason by the time summer comes around again it will be a near certainty that I will have misplaced (lost) last year’s bikini. It’s not known where they disappear too but I have a feeling there is some sort of vortex where they go alongside a single sock and those other items that always seem to go missing.
Unfortunately it’s just one of those mysteries of life that we will never understand but instead of getting frustrated let’s rejoice in the fact that it means that we can use this opportunity to scour the internet for hours on end in search of this season’s best offerings.
The problem is there really is just so much to choose from that it really would take weeks to find the perfect bikini, so we’ve taken the hard work from swimwear hunting for you and come up with a little list of some of the top beachwear trends of the season.
So whatever your shape or style you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you…

 Cut out style swimwear has come from nowhere to become one of the most popular swimwear trends around. Fashion forward and the just right amount of sexy, a cut-out one piece is the perfect compromise if you’re not feeling like you’re quite ready to bare all in a bikini. Find a huge range of prints or opt for a block colour for a really punchy look. Look for a pattern that has different panels to create a super slim illusion but make sure you avoid wearing a cut out swimsuit with heels or run the risk of looking a little over the top. One tip; make sure you don’t forget the factor 50 to avoid interesting tan-lines!
  1. Ultimo Blue Sahara Cut Out Swimming Costume - £35 – New Look – If you’re one of those lucky girls with a super slim figure then this is a great option to show it off. The moulded cups lend added support for a fuller bust or help to create the illusion of curves if you have a flatter chest.
  2. Black Print Cut Out Bandeau Swimsuit – River Island - £25 – If you want to try out this trend without flashing too much flesh then this River Island one-piece is the perfect option and the panels make it super slimming to boot!
  3. Multi-Striped Cut Out Swimsuit - £28 – – Add some stripes to your repertoire with this figure flattering item from, great for showing off a fantastic tan.
Fringing gives any beachy look a cool flirty feel, great for girls with a straight up and down figure who want to create the illusion of more curves. If you’re rocking a bit of a pear shape with a small bust and bigger hips then don’t feel like you have to avoid fringing; opt for fringing on top and a plain bottom to avoid drawing attention to problem areas, this will help to balance out your figure nicely.
  1. Fringed Bandeau Bikini - £26 – Miss Selfridge – This cool fringed bandeau is perfect for those with athletic figures and red looks great against a beach back drop!
  2. Hot Anatomy Halterneck - £65 – – This bright orange two-piece is the ideal choice for those with a pear shape, the long fringing on the top will draw the eye away from any problem areas.
  3. Gemelli Fringe Trim Bikini – – Opt for hot pink this season for a really fun pool-side look, we love the mix of fringe and print.
The one piece is no longer simply reserved for school swimming competitions, they’re back and they’re seriously cool! They’re a great option whatever you’re figure and are can be just as sexy as a bikini and when it comes to print this season the rule of thumb is the bolder the better.
  1. We Are Hansom One Piece - £175 – - This amazing rollercoaster print costume from We Are Hansom is a great option if you have a slightly fuller figure; the structured bra at the top will help support a larger bust and the panelled graphics are ideal to create a slim looking waist.
  2. Welcome to Paradise Swimsuit – Filles A Papa - £160 – This bathing suit is a fantastically retro cut and is from one of this season’s most coveted brands. Florescent is always a great colour to really highlight a hearty tan.
  3. Blue Digital Pool Swimsuit - £34 – Topshop – We love the graphics on this retro inspired swimming costume, it even has a removable strap to avoid tan lines when sunbathing.


High waisted bikinis are far and away our favourite styles of the season, they’re fantastically flattering whatever your shape and the perfect balance of pretty retro vibes and sexy beachwear. There truly are so many out there to choose from you’ll be sure to find something to fall in love with, here are our favourites.
  1. Blue Floral Underwired Bikini – Topshop - £34 – This beautiful floral bikini from Topshop will hide a multitude of sins; the high waist is a god-send and helps to pull your stomach in for you!
  2. Blue Check Baja Bikini – Roksansa Ilincic - £330 This bad boy might be slightly on the pricy side but we just can’t help but love everything about this bikini, the fun blue check and the pretty rush detailing on the bust, a real investment piece for sure.
  3. Bella Rose high waisted bikini – Seafolly –£110 -This retro bikini will have you wanting to hit the beach every day! From the cool floral print to the stylish chartreuse colour we absolutely love this baby.
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Sunday, 28 July 2013


Yes, another meet up... 

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen a few tweets about a Meet Up I am organising for East Midlands based Bloggers. Now, the reason for this is that I feel Midland Bloggers, especially East Midland based Bloggers, miss out on events due to people that don't actually live in the Midlands, travelling to attend them. I have no problem with that but if it means that we miss out on places at events because of it, then it's not fair. So, with this Meet up, there are requirements that you need to meet. 

You need to live in a 30 (35 pushing it) mile radius of Derby City Centre (this is where the Meet Up will take place). If you don't know whether that's you, I have popped a map/list below of all the places that would count:

 Buxton, Great Britain is 30 miles away 

 Great Glen, Great Britain is 30 miles away 

Stafford, Great Britain is 30 miles away 

 Stoke On Trent, Great Britain is 30 miles away 
Stoke-on-trent, Great Britain is 30 miles away 
 Worksop, Great Britain is 30 miles away 
 Stone, Great Britain is 29 miles away 
 Sutton Coldfield, Great Britain is 29 miles away 
 New Ollerton, Great Britain is 28 miles away 
 Wishaw, Great Britain is 28 miles away 
 Hinckley, Great Britain is 27 miles away 
 Melton Mowbray, Great Britain is 27 miles away 
 Leicester, Great Britain is 24 miles away 
 Lichfield, Great Britain is 24 miles away 
Southwell, Great Britain is 24 miles away 
Atherstone, Great Britain is 23 miles away 
 Chesterfield, Great Britain is 22 miles away 
 Near Tamworth, Great Britain is 22 miles away 
Nuneaton, Great Britain is 22 miles away 
 Tamworth, Great Britain is 21 miles away 
 Market Bosworth, Great Britain is 20 miles away 
 Leicecster, Great Britain is 19 miles away 
 Mansfield, Great Britain is 19 miles away 
 Markfield, Great Britain is 17 miles away 
 Appleby Magna, Great Britain is 16 miles away 
 Matlock, Great Britain is 16 miles away 
 Arnold, Great Britain is 14 miles away 
Coalville, Great Britain is 14 miles away 
Loughborough, Great Britain is 14 miles away 
 Ashbourne, Great Britain is 13 miles away 
 Nottingham, Great Britain is 12 miles away 
Ruddington, Great Britain is 12 miles away 
 Ashby-de-la-zouch, Great Britain is 11 miles away 
Burton-on-trent, Great Britain is 9 miles away 
 Burton On Trent, Great Britain is 8 miles away 
Belper, Great Britain is 7 miles away 
Castle Donington, Great Britain is 7 miles away 
 Derby Nottingham, Great Britain is 5 miles away 

Below are the places just over 30 miles that will get 2nd priority over places:

 Albrighton, Great Britain is 40 miles away 
 Kenilworth, Great Britain is 40 miles away 
 Rugby, Great Britain is 40 miles away 
 Sandbach, Great Britain is 40 miles away 
 Glaston, Uppingham, Great Britain is 39 miles away 
 Disley, Great Britain is 38 miles away 
Macclesfield, Great Britain is 38 miles away 
Tettenhall Wood, Great Britain is 38 miles away 
 Uppingham, Great Britain is 38 miles away 
 Market Harborough, Great Britain is 37 miles away
 Retford, Great Britain is 35 miles away 
 Coventry, Great Britain is 34 miles away 

 Oakham, Great Britain is 34 miles away 

Rotherham, Great Britain is 34 miles away 

 Birmingham, Great Britain is 33 miles away 
 Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Great Britain is 33 miles away 
Sheffield, Great Britain is 32 miles away 
 Walsall, Great Britain is 32 miles away

Overall, I think (to be confirmed) there will be 30 available places so priority will firstly go to those who live within the proximity, then to those who live over 30 miles and then to anyone else, providing there are spaces left of course. 

It will be a chance for local bloggers to meet up, shop, have a bite to eat and hopefully, learn some new things about companies in Derby! The day is 'under construction' at the moment but I have lots of ideas as to what to do. I am hoping it will be held on the weekend of 30th November/1st December so you could class it as a little Blogger Christmas Party! Timings again, are to be confirmed but i'm thinking about 12-7pm? including eating and shopping. 

If you are interested and would like to be involved, please email me with your postcode or area that you live so I can double check you meet the criteria and I will send you a confirmation email back! 

If you don't live in the designated area but would still like to come along, you can still email me and I will add you to a reserve list. This will be first come first serve so that if I have spaces left, the people that got in touch first will take priority over those spaces. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me! 

Home Improvement Hero

I must admit, i'm not a very DIY type of person. I've only been living in the flat for 9 or 10 months since leaving university to have Millie and since then, I haven't really put my own stamp on it because we're hoping to move into a house soon and its too much effort to paint walls etc but when Moneysupermarket offered me the chance to take part in their 'Home Improvement Hero' I thought it'd be a good chance to spruce up the bathroom as we've wanted to tidy it up for a while now. 

Being a girl, I obviously have way too many shower gels, shampoos, face washes etc and to be honest, so does Adam! It just got to a point in our bathroom that we had no clear storage or organisation to it and just ended up chucking whatever was being used regularly in a box on the floor or stuck on the window! 
I didn't really think it would take much to tidy it up and improve it really so I scored the shops for a neat storage unit, some pieces to house bath bombs (we don't really use bubble bath that often as I like to keep stocked up on Lush products) and a new soap dish to stop the soaps disintegrating all over the bath and sink! 

 Shower curtain - £4.99 Argos
Mats - £2.99 Argos
Glass Jar - £5.75 Wilkos 
Soap dish - £1.50 Wilkos
Stack of drawers - £19.99 Argos
Hand towels - £1.00 Wilkos
 Bath bombs - £10.40 (already owned some) Lush 
Total spent £46.62

 It looks so much better less cluttered and more organised. It actually looks like a brand new bathroom again! This just proves that even if you aren't a DIY type of person, on a tight budget, you can still make over a room and give it a loving feeling again! 

Will you be taking part in #homeimprovementhero 

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Friday, 26 July 2013

The Skincare TAG

I was tagged a few weeks back by the lovely Megan at to do the skincare tag. Here's a little confession... I never used any form of skincare until I met Adam and he took me to the Clinique counter to get clued up on what I needed for my skin! I had no idea what skin type I was, what stuff was best to use or anything! How bad of me!! Now, I know the right formulas that work best, the best brands and the ways to use skincare to get the best from my natural skin base. Go me! 

So, here's the TAG... Feel free to complete it yourself, even if I haven't tagged you! 

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words
Quick, simple, relaxing, inconsistent, refreshing.

What's your favourite skin care product?
I love most things to do with skincare (although I really should use it all more often) but I am currently loving Benefit triple performing facial emulsion
. It's so refreshing to put on first thing in the morning to wake your face up and also contains SPF. Perfect in this heat! 

Top blemish zapper
Definitely Clinique Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Gel. You can guarentee that at 'that time of the month' I get a spot come up on my chin. So, once I can feel it forming, I stick this little fella on it, it dries the spot up, takes away the redness and voila! I'm spot free in 2 or 3 days rather than having a whopper on my chin for weeks! 

Face wipes yay or nay?
For the ease and simplicity of them, yes. Although I only really use them to take foundation off or just to wipe my skin clean before applying makeup. 

High-end skin care or high-end make-up?
Skin care. I only own a few 'high end' makeup products but find that they're definitely worth the money. Skin care can be great at high street prices too though but the same applies. 

What's the most unusual skin care product you've tried?
Maybe not unusual but the warming face masks are quite unusual. I tried the Sensuous Spice one and it was such a weird but wonderful feeling! 

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick up one item - what is it?
Probably Bioderma or even the 3 step Clinique set as that is my go-to skincare range! 

Tell us your top skin care tip
If you haven't got a Hot Cloth Cleanser, pop your face over a bowl of boiling water and cover with a towel. The steam will open your pores, wipe away with a clean cloth and after apply a cold flannel to your face to close back up your pores. Easiest and cheapest way to unclog your skin! 
Works every time!! 

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Beauty Books from the 80's

My Mum had a clear out a few weeks back and as I was mooching through some of the stuff on her bed, I came across these little gems.

Beauty Books are something i've never really reached for but I do know a lot of beauty obsessed girls like to enduldge in them and give them a good once over before stacking them on their shelves in beauty rooms. Unfortunately for me, i'm a 'look at the pictures and flick through the pages' kinda girl when it comes to stuff like that. My Mum was the same. She loved wearing makeup when she was younger and she always used to put a bit of eyeshadow and lipstick on me when I went to the school discos. 

She had these books back in the 80's when she was at school and even swears by some of the techniques mentioned in them. It's funny to look through it and read some of the ways to apply makeup etc and compare it to how I do it as some of it is the same (the pat of tissue after applying lippy method is from my Mum but she got it from here!) Also, some of the hairstyles are terrible haha but who knew that they would be getting re-created 30 years on?! 

Take a look through and see what things they cover! 

Do you have anything like this? I'd love to see if you do! 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation & Powder Review

You know when you keep meaning to write up a blog post... Well, this is one of those posts.

I bought this foundation and powder earlier in the year (around March I think!) but keep forgetting to 1: use it and 2: blog about it. So, I have recently been reaching for this duo and here's what I think so far... 

I have always liked No7 products, I find they aren't too pricey but really good quality, whether it's skincare or makeup that you're after, No7 will deliver the goods and be kind to your purse too! I wanted a new foundation at the time of trying this and I was tempted by Estee Lauders Double Wear but the price tag made me cringe a little, so I tried this one out and I really enjoyed it so went and grabbed the full sized version. When I did, it was buy one, get one half price on all No7 cosmetics so of course, I took advantage. 

Like I said, I got it a while back and when I did, I actually went for a shade darker than the tester that I was given and bought 'Warm Ivory' as I hoped that i'd develop a bit of a tan over the summer months. I'm glad that I did just that because of this gorgeous weather we've had, I have got a bit of a tan and the lighter shade would've looked odd! 

I find that you only need a teeny bit to blend onto your face as a little goes a really long way with the foundation. Its a medium type coverage, I find I still need to apply concealer afterwards but it covers up most of my red blemishes which is what I look for most in a foundation. It's definitely a matte finish too so if you're not a fan of matte, this isn't for you! Me, I love a good matte looking base, i'm scared of anything else! The powder sets the foundation nicely and again, is a matte finish but once you've dabbed on a touch of blush and highlighter, it looks perfect! 

Before applying foundation and powder
 After                                                                                           Before                                  
              With                                                                                    Without                                                       

As you can see in the pictures, it covers up my red areas really well and leaves you with an even looking skin tone. I'd definitely recommend this foundation, it's becoming one of my favourites! You can buy No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation and Powder from Boots here

Have you tried this before? What were your thoughts? 

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