Thursday, 17 August 2017

Fisher Price 'Butterfly Dreams’ 2 in 1 Soother + Giveaway

If there is one thing that we have used religiously since having Millie and Mylo, it’s White Noise. White Noise can help to block out noises of street, home and everything else which may stop you from getting to sleep. Not just used for babies either - we have used white noise ourselves to help us sleep when we’ve struggled and it really does work. I think you focus on the noise whether its the noise of a rainforest, a fan/hoover type sound or a light lullaby, whatever it is, it’s designed to help soothe and settle. 

We have a Ewan the Dreamsheep for Mylo and Millie still uses hers too, its a great way to keep baby settled and you simply click each foot to play a variety of white noise sounds however, it only lasts for 20 minutes and you have to manually click each foot. So we were eager to try the Fisher Price ‘Butterfly Dreams’ soother from Fisher Price when it arrived and have been using it ever since. 

It has a variety of white noise sounds, soothing lullabies and nature sounds, a projector light that has lovely stars and moons projected onto the ceiling, colour changing night light which gives a gorgeous glow to the room and a cute little butterfly bear that can either sit in the nightlight or can be removed and used as a toy. 

The one thing I like is that is has different timers that you can set so there is an option of 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes and also different volume settings too - so it will automatically turn off and you don’t have to worry about turning it off yourself. Milo tends to fall asleep pretty quick but we take longer and often rely on the white noise to get us to sleep too so we leave it on for 20 or 30 minutes. 

If you don’t want a standalone soother, you can also get a 3 in 1 projection mobile which has the same sort of features but hangs over the cot. As Mylo isn’t in a cot yet, this is the best option for us and it can be moved into his nursery too! 

I’m also giving one of these away over on my Twitter so head on over and simply Retweet my tweet! I’ll be announcing the winner this weekend! 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bobble Art at Intu Derby

We’ve been looking for new things to do this summer and because the weather has been pretty poor, it means we’ve spent a lot of time indoors. But rather than not doing anything or going to the same soft play, we took a trip to Intu Derby, our local shopping centre, as they have some fab events and activities on for the kids this summer! 

Along with all of the mall activities, Bobble Art had their own in-store activities which included Arts and Crafts for all ages, imaginative play and creative play too! They have a lovely, child-friendly store which encourages children to play and explore with toys for all ages, including ones of Mylo’s age, going right up to ages 14/15 years old. There are painting books, puzzle pieces, backpacks, travel accessories, stationery and lots, lots more! Millie loved playing with some wet and dry paints which is a board that when wet, looks as if it has been painted and then once it’s dry - you can do it all over again! It’s a great way to keep her entertained and I don’t have to worry about the mess either! 

We were also given two amazing goodie bags when we left - one for Millie and one for Mylo. Millie received a Ballerina bag and a Magnetic board in hers and Mylo got a little rucksack (which is going for up Christmas when he’s big enough to use it) and some little animal figures! It was so lovely of them to cater for both children and we also bought some little bits too! Millie loves tattoos at the moment so she got a set of unicorn tattoos (amazing) and a little coin purse which actually went with her bag! 

You can arrange childrens craft parties with Bobble Art which is a fab way to keep kids entertained and an alternative birthday idea too! Take a look at their Facebook page to stay updated with any events and activity days they have on in store. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

My Breastfeeding Experience

August is Breastfeeding awareness month and I thought I would share with you my experiences of Breastfeeding... The good bits, the bad bits and the ugly bits! 

As you know, I had Mylo back in May and Millie is now 4 years old. I knew that when I fell pregnant with Mylo, I wanted to breastfeed. With Millie, it was the complete opposite. I didn’t feel like I wanted to even try - I wanted the ease of being able to go out if I still wanted to and not be overwhelmed with constantly feeding a newborn baby. I did actually feed Millie once as we had our first bit of skin to skin but I couldn’t get on with it after that as I was so sore from my emergency section and so tired, I didn’t have the patience. The midwives tried to get her to latch but it wasn’t working - I was becoming more and more frustrated and so was she, so she had her first bottle in the hospital and took to it fine - she was bottle fed ever since starting on Aptamil and then having to move to Aptamil comfort as she suffered with trapped wind and would bring a lot of her bottle up. 

I didn’t ever feel that I had failed as I knew that I wanted to bottle feed her anyway but I think it’s important to say that whether you have breast or bottle fed, no-one else will know. It’s not like you can point out these people in the street, it doesn’t make a difference in the long run so why beat yourself up about it at the time?! Luckily, I was never pressured to breastfeed, obviously the midwives promote it as it is seen to be better for both Mum and Baby for bonding but both times, it was completely my choice and the midwives supported it completely. 

When I had Mylo, I wanted to try and breastfeed for as long as possible and if not, at least try and combination feed. When I came out of theatre, Mylo happily latched straight on and fed for a good half an hour, after that, it kind of went downhill. I struggled to get him to latch but he was quite clearly hungry, and he took a liking to one boob over the other meaning that I was starting to get sore on that one. The midwives helped lots trying to encourage him feeding on the opposite boob every other feed and they even came and hand expressed for me to get the colostrum out to syringe feed him. During the night, I remember getting a bit teary and worked up because I was becoming sore and could see that Mylo was clearly hungry so I buzzed for a Midwife and asked if it was ok to give him a bottle... she told me that it was completely my choice and if thats what I wanted then go for it! So, I did. I gave him a bottle and didn’t feel bad about it at all. He drank it so fast and secretly I was relieved. From that point on until a little over a week later, I combination fed him. I mainly breastfed first thing in the morning, in the afternoon and last thing at night with bottles in between and it meant that I got some rest and Adam also got chance to bond with him. There was no problem with this whatsoever. Until my milk came in. 

My milk took a little longer to come in and didn't officially appear until Day 6 so I was simply just giving him whatever I could and essentially, topping up with formula. The day my milk came in, it all changed. I was in so much pain, literally toe-curling pain, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was feeding Mylo around 10am and sat crying because I was in so much pain. He was feeding fine but the pain was simply unbearable. I had to give up. I just couldn’t put myself through it when I knew that he had taken to bottle feeding fine and it meant that I wouldn’t cry every time I fed him. I felt kind of sad that I couldn’t do it - not because of the ‘hype’ surrounding breastfeeding, but because of the bond we had whenever I fed him. It’s an unreal feeling and I’m glad that I got to experience it, however, this was something that also made me want to stop...

Adam admitted around a week into being back at home that he was struggling with bonding. He hadn’t felt that overwhelming rush of love yet. He hadn’t bonded because he hadn’t had time to! Because I was focusing on feeding him either breast or bottle, Adam had missed out on the chance to feed him and bond with him. Those hours where you simply just look at them quietly and let the love sink in had been stolen from him because I did all the feeds. I hated this and reassured him that it would come... a few days after, that feeling subsided and everything just felt right. I had made a decision that wasn’t just best for me, but also for my baby and my partner. 

Breastfeeding is such a controversial topic, not amongst Mums but amongst everyone else. Whether it’s people judging others when they do it in public, health professionals pushing it onto new Mums or friends that have had such success giving false hope to Mums. Hopefully, hearing 2 different stories of my breastfeeding journey will give an insight to what it can be like to breastfeed if you’re thinking about doing it yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support it for those who can do it but I honestly don’t feel that it matters - if formula wasn’t as good as breastmilk then it wouldn’t have been made and we wouldn’t be feeding it to our children. A few things that I couldn’t have done without whilst I was breastfeeding though were the Lanolin nipple cream - this stuff was a lifesaver when my nipples started to crack and also a well-supported nursing bra. The one I used was from Bravado - it was so comfortable and I actually still wear it now. It was fully supportive especially when I was sore and aching once I had stopped feeding and had removable pads too! What I did was took the pads out and replaced with nipple pads to soak up any leakages! 

But, when it comes to breastfeeding - it’s not Breast is Best, it’s FED is best. Do what’s right for you, not for everyone else! 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Holiday Moments of 2017

I can’t believe that we’re in August already and the weather seems to have taken a step back! We had such glorious sunshine at the start of the summer and now, all we’re getting is rain! I’m glad we have already had the best of it and made use of it whilst it was here!

We went on holiday earlier on this year due to having Mylo and of course, being on maternity meant we got to miss the school rush and the increase of prices! Even though it was only a week down in Cornwall, it was a week away for us all to spend some quality time together! We have returned to the same place in Cornwall for 3 years now and plan to return next year too but I thought I’d share with you some of the memories we made whilst we were away! 

We may be taking another little trip later in the year if we’re able to so it might not be our last holiday of the year however, I’m not sure we’ll get the weather we did when we were in Cornwall as it was beautiful the entire time we were there! 

It’s lovely being able to make memories and capture them - both Me and Adam love taking our camera out with us wherever we go, especially when we’re somewhere as beautiful as Cornwall and Truprint have made that easier for you to do too where you can turn them into a canvas or phonebook! If you sign up to their email subscription you also get an additional 15% off your order! We’d be lost without our pictures, we take so many and look back on them year after year, I think we definitely need to take advantage of getting them printed rather than just keeping digital copies - it makes it a lot more sentimental I think to have them to hand.

What are your favourite holiday moments? 
(In collaboration with Truprint)

Friday, 4 August 2017

Primark False Eyelashes

I first wrote about these lashes years ago back in 2013 - the pictures were terrible and they looked a little different but you can take a look at it here but, I’ve been using these trusty £1.00 lashes since then and continue to do so now but as you probably know, Primark have recently upped their game in the beauty department and they now have quite a range of lashes and I’ve got to give them credit, they’re fab! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re no wispy mink, natural hair kinda lashes, you’ve got to remember they’re from Primark and they’re only £1.00 - but they’re brilliant. They blend easily to your natural lashes, the strip isn’t stiff and is easily mouldable and they even come off well so you can re-wear them! Simply remove the glue from the strip and voila! I’ve used a pair of mine at least 3 times and they’ve remained perfectly intact. I don’t use the glue that comes with them though, it’s the kind that’s a blue toned white and doesn’t dry completely clear so instead, I use the strip lash glue from KISS which is amazing! It takes around 30 seconds to get tacky and the lashes go on and stay on all day/night. 

The 2 types that I wear most are the ‘Full Look’ and ‘Sultry’ ones as I find that these are the most natural. They have a few other sorts which are a lot heavier or not as long so make sure you go and take a look at the complete range! 

 If you’re looking for some lashes to stock up on or simply want to try out a few new ones then I definitely recommend getting these! I tend to buy 5 or 6 pairs each time I go into Primark and have built up quite a collection as you can imagine. I just need to get some more glue to make sure that I’m fully prepared whenever I come to apply a pair! 

I’d love to know if you’ve tried them before - A lot of people are quite sceptical about Primark Beauty items but I genuinely couldn’t rave about these any more than I already do! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Family Photography

Just before I was due to have Mylo, I looked into getting a family photographer to capture his first days and our first moments as a family of 4 but, in reality, it was a tough decision to make with most of the family photographers costing over £100 for a session with just one photo to take away!

 Both Me and Adam are quite savvy with our photography skills but the problem is, it’s difficult to take photos of us all together when one of us has to be the one actually taking the picture! I’m not sure if there are any other people or services out there that specialise in group portrait photography but one way to find out is to use a super quick website called Bidvine. You can search for any profession including Makeup artists, wedding photographers and even pet sitters (we’ll definitely be on the look out for one of those soon!) So I think if we ever decide to have some professional pictures done, we’ll search for the right person on there! 

For the time being though, like I said, we are both quite nifty with our cameras and like to play around with images, especially of the kids and pets, and I’m quite proud of the ones we have taken recently. It’s not only nice for us to take special photos but also share them with family as we have a lot of family split across the midlands and even down in Cornwall so uploading these to Facebook means that everyone else can see them too! 

I’d love to get some little props for picture sessions and make them a bit more exciting - most of them are taken spontaneously so a massive photo session would be amazing, however, they do say not to work with children or animals, don’t they?! 
 (In collaboration with BidVine)

Monday, 24 July 2017

Buying second hand for Baby

Since I was around 12 weeks pregnant, I started searching on eBay and Gumtree for second hand items of the bigger items we needed and to prepare for the baby... When we had Millie, we bought everything full price and wasted a lot of money in the long run as I didn’t feel comfortable buying second hand, but with Mylo, anything I could get second hand or even slightly discounted, I did! The main things I wanted to get were the Travel system, Snuzpod and a Changing table... everything else I was happy to pay whatever I needed for them. 

eBay was a great way to find items that were local to me and an amazing way to save money too! I actually bought quite a lot of Mylo’s clothes from eBay as there were a few bulk buys on there for £20-£30 and the clothes had barely been worn! Some of them even had tags on still and there were items from Next, Mothercare, Joules and Gap, massive bargain as I got clothes that ranged from 3 months to 9 months to see us through! Don’t be put off buying clothes second hand - I must have only spent £50 on full priced items, the rest were from eBay or charity shops! 

I managed to get our Snuzpod from eBay too paying just £100 for it and it was practically brand new! The previous owners had used a sleepyhead on top of the mattress so it had barely been touched! It even came with a mattress protector and sheets so we saved well over £150 buying that second hand. We did need to travel to Rugby for it though (around 30 miles) but the petrol used to go and get it still made it cheaper than buying it full price! Don’t worry if you don’t drive though, don’t let places like eBay put you off as there are some fab ways of getting large items delivered like this eBay courier, Shiply for a reasonable price! If you’re buying a big item and getting it for quite a discount then it’s definitely worth looking into getting it delivered. 

We also got this amazing changing table off a friend - it was originally pine but with a lick of paint we turned it into our own changing table and absolutely love it! You can find similar items on eBay and don’t be scared to paint or amend anything to how you want it to look! The tin of paint was a couple of quid and the baskets were £1.99 each from Home Bargains - a perfect place to hide away all the bits and bobs needed for baby!

Even though I bought a lot of items second hand, I still plan on selling whatever I can on to others through similar sites or even on the selling pages on Facebook. Larger items are easier to maintain and sell on as long as they’re in good condition and even if you get a fraction of the price you paid for it, when it all adds up its completely worth it! I just have to sort through Mylo’s clothes and bulk them all together and I’ll have my first lot of clothes to sell on and I’ll continue to do that over the next few months! 

(Collaborative post)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Contraception after having Children

Now, it may be a bit of a touchy subject to cover but, if you’re reading this then the likelyhood is that you either A), already have kids, B) are pregnant with kids and are dreading the day you have to consider contraception again or C), are just curious as to what this is all about because you saw a couple of condoms on the picture... Am I right!? 


Well, now Mylo is now 3 months old, we’re back into the swing of things (in that department) and I’ve started to consider my options when it comes to contraception. Ideally, the best and most permanent thing to do would be for Adam have the snip but, realistically, that’s not going to happen as we’re still both really young so the balls in my court unfortunately and means I’m left in control of birth control. Condoms are our best friend at the moment but they aren’t really the most ideal or the safest way to make sure we have no more babies! 

Previously, before I fell pregnant with Millie, I was on the pill (Microgynon I believe?) but I was actually taking this when I fell pregnant with Millie so when she was born, I wanted to go for a safer option and decided to have the implant. It worked great for me for just over a year with no side effects what so ever. However, fast forward 18 months and I started getting horrible mood swings, felt so depressed and actually had to start taking the pill alongside the implant to balance out my hormones which went against my reasons for having the implant in the first place. So, my implant was removed and I went cold turkey for a few months until we decided it was time to try for a baby... Fast forward a year and here we are. Back to square one, if you like. 

ONE condoms

ONE condoms

Now, with the pill, implant and ‘going cold turkey’ being ruled out this time round, I’m left with very few options, these being; the injection and the other being the coil. Neither really jump out to me, especially with the injection being similar to the implant and filling me with fake hormones, the copper coil is really the only one I’m left with an is really the only one that seems like the best fit at this moment in time. I’ve done a little research and spoken to my doctor about it too and it does seem to be the one thats ticking all the boxes but I think I’m going to give myself a few months to recover fully from my c-section, take things carefully and ensure we’re always using protection no matter what, and then see what happens. For the time being though, we’ve been using these ONE condoms which are great and there are so many types! They even have glow in the dark ones - something that made me giggle! The fact that they come in these plastic tubs is also quite appealing as they don’t actually look like condoms, quite obviously they are but they don’t have that boring packaging like all the other brands do and, they’re actually cheaper than your ‘well-known brand’. I’m past the days of going to the family planning clinic and getting free condoms unfortunately... 

So I’d love to hear about what contraception you use and whether you changed at all after you had children. Have you had any bad experiences or better still, do you have the coil? I’d love to know what you think and whether you recommend it at all?! 
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Mylo Bailey

I thought I’d do a little introductory post on Mylo and how we’re getting on as a family of 4... 

Mylo is now 8 weeks old, I’m yet to do my birth story but I don’t know if it’s worth writing as it all went so smoothly! After having an emergency section with Millie, I opted for an elective section with Mylo and was so happy with my decision! He was born on 3rd May 2017, the day our 3, became a 4 and our family was completed! 

He is such a happy, content baby - completely different to Millie however, I’m sure it seems easier as we’re a little more clued up on how to do this parenting thing, Millie was a big shock and the first year was basically us winging it! He weighs around 11lbs now (not had him weighed recently) and loves his milk - he has been having 6oz bottles for a while now. 

He loves to be sat up watching whatever is going on and loves kisses and raspberry kisses! He is definitely a Mummy’s boy too (which is what I wanted!) and knows instantly when I’m in the room. It’s so lovely having him around at the moment - I cherish the days where it’s just me and him when Millie goes to Pre-school but I also try and split my time between them both when she isn’t. It’s difficult to juggle, I must admit, and having 2 definitely tests my patience but I know that in a few months time, Millie will be able to play with him and entertain him a lot easier than now - he does know who she is though and there have been times that she’s sat and spoke to him and he’s smiled one of his gummy smiles at her! 

The only thing we’re still working on is sleep. It can vary from night to night and he seems to have meltdowns at around 8pm most evenings which can be super stressful, especially when I have Millie to get ready for bed too! I’m sure whatever it is will pass and he will settle in time because he loves his sleep but for now, we know this period is short and we’ve got much better things to come! We use Ewan the Dream sheep like we did with Mille to settle him to sleep most evenings but he is quite happy laying on his cushion and nodding off there too! 

Monday, 5 June 2017


Mylo is 5 weeks old now, how time flies! But saying that, it means we’ve now had 5 weeks of that lovely broken sleep - waking every 3-4 hours and having to see the following day through whilst feeling like your eyes aren’t even open! For the first week, we slept downstairs with him so that we could nap whenever we could without disturbing each other and doing this meant we at least got a block of around 4 hours each per night. 

When it comes to having a newborn, people are quick to comment on the ‘no-sleep’ aspect of it all but the truth is, it’s such a small part of whats happening and you forget about it when you experience all of the other things... First smile, giggles, cuddles, even the first time they sleep through! I’m not saying that it’s easy because it isn’t and that’s coming from someone who loves to sleep but if I can power through then anyone can! 

We still work on a shift basis now, for example, one of us will do the 10:30pm feed whilst the other one goes to bed and then the other will wake up for the 3/4am feed allowing each other a good 4-5 hours sleep if not more. It’s all about communication and teamwork, I think, and I hold my hands up and praise those Mums who do it alone! One thing that definitely helps me to wake up feeling relatively human though, is having a good nights sleep! When I was pregnant, I was propped up with so many pillows, pillows under my side, in between my knees, everywhere! But it meant that I was supporting my body and was comfy too - even on the sofa now, I prop myself up especially when I’m feeding Mylo and it helps so much! 

Even Mylo has his own little pillow to help him sleep, especially if I’m just getting ready - I pop him on his Babymoov Cosydream and he’s supported really well. 

If you’re struggling to sleep or even get comfortable in bed, take a look at this little adjustable beds video and see if there’s something you can change to your sleeping arrangements to help you become more comfortable! Take it from the #SleepExperts and grab a good nights sleep whilst you can! 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Parents Guide to being Summer Ready

I think it may be safe to say that summer has finally arrived! We’ve had some lovely weather this week and it’s set to see us through the bank holiday weekend too which is fabulous, however, I’m struggling to enjoy the sun as much as I’d like as of course, we now have Mylo to think about and we need to ensure that he’s protected and doesn’t get too hot. 

Millie loves being outside and doesn’t let any sort of weather bother her! She will play outside come rain or shine but it’s how we protect her when she is playing outside that matters most. We’ll ensure she has a water bottle full of cool water or juice, a sun hat on and sun tan lotion to prevent her getting burnt and to protect her skin. She has a Wendy house too which provides much needed shade when she needs it and also a little pop-up tent that she can chill in if the sun does get too much. With Mylo, we have kept him shaded in his pushchair with a mesh cover over him which protects from sun rays and also stops bugs getting to him. In the summer months, we’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the garden so we’ll make sure that he’s also covered in lotion and has hats on to protect his head from the heat if and when it’s needed. 

It’s hard to enjoy the sun sometimes when you have little people to worry about and if you end up spending most of your time shaded rather than topping up your tan, you may want to go ahead and look at getting yourself a tan elsewhere! There’s just nothing better than having a lovely tanned completion and I feel that a tan can sometimes replace makeup! I love having a tan and often get spray tans now I’m a Spray Tan technician and it just makes me feel so much better about myself - it also means that being a busy Mum, I don’t have to worry about spending time applying fake tan or going on sun beds etc. 

If you’re more about the gradual tan and want it to look natural (as if you have been out in the sun rather than getting a spray tan), Ellisons supply the professionals with St Tropez lotions and you can read their summer E-Book here which gives some great tips about getting summer ready whether you’re a Mum, Mum to Be or just a regular singleton enjoying the sunshine! Whoever you are, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the sunshine and get your skin set for summer #ReadySetGlow

What’s your favourite way to get yourself Summer ready?! 
(*Collaborative post)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

I had a Baby!

I’d like to introduce you all to our newest edition and our beautiful Baby Boy, Mylo Robert Bailey.

Mylo was born via Elective Section on May 3rd at 9:54am. He was healthy and well and we came home the day after. I’m recovering really well too but have taken a step back from blogging for a while to get used to having a baby around again. 

Stay tuned for regular updates or follow me on Twitter or Instagram for daily photos and to see what I’m getting up to! 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Hospital Bag: Elective C-Section

The time has come and I’m due to go into hospital for my elective section on Wednesday 3rd May. I’ll be 39 weeks + 5 day so very close to due date but I’m happy that baby has stayed putt as being in my tummy is the best place for him! When I had Millie, I took so much into hospital with me but didn't actually end up using most of it and also didn’t have things to hand that I wish I did so I’d like to think that second time round, I’m a lot more prepared and organised as I know what’s to come! 

If you’re having a section or simply going into hospital to give birth, take a look at what I’m packing in my hospital bag/suitcase (as it’s easier to carry/wheel with me before and after baby is born)...

For me:
- Slippers as I didn’t take any last time and I was wondering around bare footed! 
- Nighty x 2, easily accessible and loose fitting so they’ll be comfortable to sleep and move in.
- 5 x Black high waisted knickers so they don’t rub on my scar and will hold the giant pads in place.
- Loose dress to come home in so I’m comfortable. 
- Baggy t-shirt + leggings (as a spare outfit just incase)
- Flip flops (however, I’ll probably wear these to the hospital as my feet have swollen already.
- Nursing bra: I have a super comfy one from Bravissimo that un-hooks but has no wiring in so I can wear this for when I’m coming home. 
- Maternity pads x 15 and disposable pants for as soon as I come out of surgery. 
- Breast pads
- Nipple cream as I plan on breastfeeding for the first few weeks (if I can)

- Toiletries including:
Lip Balm
Shower gel
Toothbrush + paste
Feminine wipes
Face wipes 

- Other items including:
Phone charger
Can of Lucozade for after surgery 
Breakfast bars 
Chocolate bar 
Hospital notes
Purse with change in

For Baby: 
- 3 x Small baby sleep suits as we only took ‘Newborn’ for Millie and they were huge on her! These are up to 7.5lbs so hopefully should fit if he comes out the size we’re expecting.
- 3 x Small baby vests
- 3 x Newborn sleep suits incase he is a little bigger and we have another size option. 
- 3 x Small baby vests
- Hat 
- Mittens
- Warm cardigan to come home in
- Newborn nappies 
- Cotton balls 
- Water wipes 
- Bath towel
- Muslin cloth 
- Large muslin swaddle cloth 
- 8 x Aptamil bottles incase he doesn’t take to breastfeeding 
- Blanket  

It seems like quite an extensive list when I look at it like this but I know that I have everything we’ll need without worrying about forgetting anything. I’ve prepared for the poo explosions, blood stained clothes, comfortable fitting things and even both types of feeding options. Adam also has his own bag sorted with camera stuff in, some protein shakes and snacks for himself, a spare t-shirt incase he gets baby goo/poo on him and his iPad etc to watch whilst we’re waiting to go to theatre. 

I just can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and I am so ready to meet my little boy. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything out!