Friday, 17 November 2017

False Eyelashes Review Series

Who doesn’t love wearing lashes?! There are HUNDREDS of types of lashes available out there to buy now and so, over the next few months, I’m going to be featuring a heap of different ones from different companies, shops and of different styles. 

With so many lashes out there, I’ll be comparing the longevity of each set of lashes, the styles, suitability, price, ease of application, glue that comes with them and an overall rating out of 5 and then along the way, I’ll compare lashes to each other to narrow it down to a winning lash! 

Every Friday will feature a new set of lashes with pictures of them on and off so you can see what they look like on the eyes rather than just in packaging so do let me know if you’d like to see any lashes in particular being featured. I can’t wait to get started!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Kia 'Daddy Day Car' Test Drive

Being a family of four, when it comes to cars, we have the kids and dog to think about as well as our own comfort and style and understanding this completely are Kia who have just released a #DaddyDayCar campaign in line with their brand new Stonic. The aim being it gives growing families the room, style and technology they need to get themselves up and about with ease - even down to fitting the car seat and the trip to the hospital! 

The Stonic is a small SUV with 5 doors and a really funky style collection to choose from. The cars are available in a variety of colours which also runs to the inside of the car and on the trims too! Just because you’re now parents, doesn’t mean you have to loose your style and it’s the same with cars. It has so much technology that you’ll feel like a child playing with it all! With built-in satnav, Apple and Android player and AUX and USB ports too! 

The car has isofix points which allows you to securely and quickly fit in your childs carseats’ without worrying it they’re going to fit and ample boot space for a pushchair and shopping! I was invited over to Kia in Loughborough to take the Stonic for a Test drive and to take part in a few challenges finding baby items that were hidden around the dealership with clues to find them with Mylo and we headed to to Hospital and back - in line with that the car should be able to get you to the hospital with ease using the Satnav and have it be a super smooth drive! 

The car also has rear cameras and sensors which means you don’t have to worry about mirror positions - you can see everything clearly on the huge monitor at the front of the dashboard. 

You can read more about the specifications and features of the Kia Stonic here and it will tell you all the different customisable options you can take too! With the First Edition (above) model offering two-tone colour combinations featuring highlights in lime green, red, black or orange, this car is packed with personality and is the perfect choice of a family car for grown ups that don’t want to grow up!

Starting from just over £16,000 it’s also affordable and has low CO2 emissions. You also get 7 years warranty from Kia and 7 days free insurance so you can drive it straight from the showroom home, family in tow! The #DaddyDayCar All-New Kia Stonic test drive tests drives will be taking place at selected Kia dealerships throughout November. Whilst places are limited, customers wishing to take part can contact to enquire about their nearest dealership and book a slot. For more information on the All-New Stonic, please visit 

If we hadn’t of already bought our new car last year, the Stonic would have been right up our street! I guess it’s one to consider for the future! 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Visiting Amsterdam

Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to win a trip to Paris or Amsterdam with - we chose to visit Paris as I really wanted to go to Disneyland and Paris has been on my list for years! But Amsterdam is still up there with my places to visit and I’d love to take a trip for a long weekend and so would Adam.

Amsterdam is just a crazy place to visit. There’s that much to see and do there, that it’s hard to know what amount of time is good to visit. Most people choose to just go for four or five days as it can get a little expensive. But if it weren’t for the price, I believe you could definitely spend a week or more in Amsterdam. The lures of it all are a little too much for some people, with it being a firm favourite for a repeat city break. The vibe there is just amazing, you’ll always feel completely relaxed and at ease with the pace of life Amsterdam brings. So let’s explore some of the lures of Amsterdam.

Firstly, there are so many cheap flights to Amsterdam that a bargain is not hard to find. The actual travel and stay of Amsterdam really isn’t that expensive, it’s the spending money once you’re there. For a flight and hotel package, you’re going to be looking at spending around £200-£250 for a nice hotel and convenient flight times. This price would be for a four or five night stay. You could also look into getting the eurostar to Paris, and driving into Amsterdam. But as we said, once you’re in there things can get a little expensive. The price of food or any other activities is relatively high compared to other countries you may want to visit. But the culture and just general uniqueness of Amsterdam is definitely worth the money.

Once you’re inside Amsterdam, you’ll discover that there way of life is just a generally more relaxed one. The native people will be biking, jogging, or walking around daily. There’s specific lanes on the paths all around Amsterdam purely for the cyclists. They all seem to be so friendly as well, unless you get in the way of their bikes. Definitely remember to stay on your side of the path unless you want to get run over. If you’re on the hunt for food, there’s some great little shops that sell the tastiest crepes, waffles and pancakes. Or there’s the one’s that sell incredible cheesy chips to keep you fuelled for all the walking you’ll be doing. You can catch the tram, but if you go to Amsterdam you will find yourself doing a hell of a lot of walking, so be prepared.

There’s that many things to do there that we could be here for ages, so heres some of the best bits... 

There’s the Anne Frank museum which is really interesting... There’s the sex museum, which after you’ve got a few immature giggles out the way with, is actually really interesting. It’s also located near the Red Light District if you’re interested in going to have a wander round there, it isn’t for everyone, but if you do happen to walk down a side street, it is an eye opening experience! There’s the canal boat trips to take which really can be romantic if you head there at the right time of year. And of course, the Christmas markets too! 

There’s so much more to do in terms of tourist attractions and museums, you should really consider making Amsterdam a must for your next trip abroad.
(*Guest written)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Best Mascara?

STOP! Please read...

* Disclaimer - Please don’t prejudge this post before you’ve read it - it’s an honest review and something that I really love and wanted to share here on my blog. I bought this product with my own money just like I would have any other mascara *

Now, I bet you scrolled down to see what I was talking about, didn’t you?! Are you surprised? Are you still reading? Thank you if you are! You’ll be really shocked to see the results and my thoughts on this mascara...

So, as some of you may know, I run my own Younique Business called ‘Beyond you Beauty’ and if some of you haven’t heard, Younique is an American Makeup Brand that use reps to sell their products. I’m not one of these in-your-face kind of sellers though as this is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve actually put a product on my blog. That’s not because I don’t love them, it’s because I know people are judgemental and skeptical about whether it’s an honest review or I’m just trying to get sales! I can tell you now, I don’t sell anything I don’t like myself. 

Back in July, Younique released a revolutionary new product, the Epic Mascara. Unlike their well-known 3D Fibrelash Mascara, Epic is a one step, ‘regular’ mascara in which it is quick to use and great for everyone! Not everyone likes the fibrelash mascara, I’m not a huge fan of it myself but this is like your average tube of mascara HOWEVER, it is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. Seriously. 

The wand is kind of fluffy however the bristles are separate enough to comb through your lashes and make them super long and thick. It’s completely build able too and doesn’t clump at all. The brush also has a thin, tapered tip so that if you’re like me, you can get the tiny, hard to reach lashes in the corner of your eyes and every lash gets coated! The amount of product that comes out on the brush is perfect and best of all, it doesn’t give you panda eyes!! It’s not claimed to be waterproof however, it is water resistant meaning you don’t have to worry about it running if you get caught in the rain or start crying through a film or chopping onions (I’ve tested the onion chopping!) 

mascara wand out of the tube with a swipe of mascara on the table

To get the most out of this mascara, I find curling my lashes before helps to give them more of a lift however, the below pictures show a before / after of just the mascara, no curling beforehand. 

I have tried so many other mascaras; Urban Decay, Lancome, MAC, Soap and Glory, No7 etc etc and I can probably say that the only other mascara I would use if I ran out of this was Benefit Rollerlash, other than that, I will be repurchasing this over and over. I actually already have a backup incase I run out and have to wait to place another order! 

You can see the effects of the mascara from a quick use, the way it thickens and separates lashes without leaving clumps - it really is my favourite product Younique have ever released. And it’s not too expensive either - just £19 (other high end mascaras are way more expensive and I find this is much better). 

If you’d like to know how you can get your hands on this, take a look at my Facebook page, drop me a message on Twitter or pop over to my website where you can order direct to your door! 

comparison picture of my eyes - one without mascara and one with

Friday, 3 November 2017

Wedding plans

No... I’m not engaged (yet) but I have been looking and thinking about the things I’d want for our big day for a while now and feel that it’s only relevant that I share this post with you if you’re in the same boat or, planning your own wedding at the moment! 

A lot of people can have their own opinions on what you should or shouldn’t be doing, whether you should be having one thing over another etc, etc so if you’re tired of everyone’s opinions about your wedding, just don’t listen to them! Its your day! 
Planning a wedding should be an exciting, if not stressful, time in any couple’s life. Although, far too often they find that friends and family members struggle to keep their opinions to themselves, even when nobody asks them. If you have ever planned a wedding, or in the middle of doing so, chances are the above sounds familiar. Whether it’s the bride or groom’s parents making comments about the venue or catering, friends moaning because of the date or just anyone taking an issue with something that they wouldn’t do themselves.
Remember, it’s your day, not theirs! If you find yourselves in this situation, politely remind them this. What works for one will not necessarily work for the other. If we all liked the same things, then the world would be a pretty boring place to be. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for the opinions of those close to you, but neither does it mean that you should listen to everything that they say. Take their opinions on board, but don’t allow their thoughts to put you off something that both you and your partner really want.
Deciding on a venue is, probably, the biggest decision for any couple to make as part of their wedding day. There are numerous factors that you have to consider, such as, Budget, size facilities and location. Many wedding venues will offer various packages as part of their services, such as those that can be seen here:
Parents of the couple will almost certainly want to feel involved in big decisions too, especially if they are helping to pay some of the costs. Most of the time, parents will be happy to offer their opinions, whether the venue is to their taste or not, but will have no objections to the final decision. Sometimes, however, that may not be the case and parents, or anyone else, will forever tell you that they do not like the venue, or that you should have gone elsewhere. Do not allow such negativity to bring you down, and do your best to ignore such comments – as your loved ones; they should accept whatever makes you happy.
Food... Catering options are something that you should certainly seek the advice of friends and family, as while it is your day, picking a menu that half of the guests will not eat from will not make for a pleasant day. Everyone’s tastes are different, so try to include as much variety in the menu as possible. If you are not looking to hold a wedding that would rival the Royal Family, and care not for the finer things in life, then there is nothing wrong with looking a little more outside of the box. A fish and chip van can offer a meal for everyone at a far better price than you may find at more upmarket caterers, and there is sure to be something that everyone will like!
Other arrangements for the day include hair and makeup, where the couple sleeps, when they arrive at the venue and, of course, the dress and what everyone is wearing. Try not to be the couple that forces everyone to wear something they detest (just imagine the unhappy bridesmaids’ faces in the wedding pictures). Discuss your ideas, and take on board their thoughts and decide together for anything that directly involves them, so as your guests do not feel alienated.
Once you have planned the perfect day all that is left is to tie the knot and enjoy yourselves!

Go and have a read of Lauren’s Blog ‘Blonde Vision’ where she talks about wedding dress shopping!