Monday 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Is this the end of Blogmas? Do I stop here or carry on...

Who knows! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Sunday 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve Boxes

It’s here! Christmas Eve is probably my most favourite day, apart from Christmas. There’s not a more magical feeling that the warm, fuzzy feeling you get on Christmas Eve, do you agree!?

We’re off to see Santa today but before that, the kids will open their Christmas Eve box! We’ve done one every year since Millie was 1 and are continuing the tradition now we have Mylo too, we don’t go too crazy as they get all of their presents tomorrow on Christmas Day and then more on Boxing Day from Family but it’s basically just a few little bits to see them through Christmas day and give us all something to do. 

We don’t have a fancy box like a lot of people have got this year but I will probably invest in one for them both next year as Mylo will be a lot more aware of what’s going on and it’ll be nice to have for years to come so I just use this big present box with a lid for now as it fits everything in. 

I always try and get something to do/watch/read and wear and I’ve managed to do just that this year! For Pyjamas, Mylo has a sleep suit from Boots that says ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ which I’ll put him in for the day and he has separate pjs for the evening which are completely covered in Santa print. I got Millie some that match Mylo’s Santa suit and these were from Amazon for £8.99 - Mylo also has 2 bibs that he can wear during the day/night when he’s eating and if we go out for lunch. 

Millie also has a snowman cup with a straw that she can use though the day and then has a hot chocolate cone for the evening which she’ll love making! There is also a marshmallow lolly in there for her which she can have as a treat after we’ve been to see Santa or save it for another day. 

I’ve got her a sticker book too as she loves stickers and colouring at the moment so that’ll give her something to do later on in the afternoon when we’re winding down for bed and I’ve got her the Beauty and The Beast - Enchanted Christmas DVD £2.99 too, I love that film and couldn’t believe it when I realised I didn’t actually have it on DVD! 

There’s a book for bedtime in there too which I can read to them both before they go up to bed, I like to have Millie in bed before Mylo so that I can relax him and he drinks all of his bottle without being distracted however, she may stay up a bit later because I know she’ll end up waking up super early if she doesn’t! 

And last but not least, is the cute Father Christmas Teddy from Home Bargains. I bought Millie a stocking for her first christmas and of course, saved it and now Mylo is using it so I wanted to get him something we could keep and get out each christmas which signifies his first Christmas. He loves teddies so I’m sure he’ll love this and it’ll match his Reindeer Teddy he has too! 

So, that’s it. 

Tomorrow’s the big day and I don’t have any posts going up for a few days as it’s also my birthday on the 29th but I’m sure I will have been shopping and will show you what I got if I get anything too. 

I hope you have a lovely, happy christmas and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. 

Friday 22 December 2017

Home Bargains False Lashes Review

I’m back with my fourth set of lashes in my Lashes Review Series and this week, I’m using one of the cheaper and affordable lashes in my collection - these lashes are from Home Bargains and cost just £1.29

You can read my other reviews that include:

The Brand
Although these lashes are from Home Bargains, the brand seems to be ‘HeadToToe’ but I can’t find much about them on the internet. They are branded as ‘Volume’ Eyelashes and they include one pair of disposable lashes and glue to apply them with. As mentioned above, they’re one of the cheapest lashes I have in my stash at just £1.29 so I find them great for everyday use as they don’t break the bank! 

In Home Bargains, they didn’t seem to have any other varieties of this brand so it must be the only ones they do. Carry on reading to find out the all important facts on the lashes and to see some close up pictures of them too! 

The Lashes 
So in the pack, you get one pair of ‘Volume’ lashes and some glue - you don’t actually get glue with many of the higher end lashes anymore so it’s always nice to have a backup as some people don’t buy their eyelash glue separate and expect it to be with the lashes. 

The lashes are lovely a wispy and look quite natural considering they are aimed to be ‘Volume’ lashes, I’d say there is more length to them than volume but they’re lovely, natural looking lashes which I like to wear on a day to day basis. They feel quite plasticy and don’t have much curl to them but the advantage of this is that you can curl them yourself with eyelash curlers and they will hold their curl! They’re also quite long too so you may need to trim a little off the ends to help them fit your eyes perfectly. 

Applying the lashes was so easy, I used my usual glue and waited a minute or so and popped them on. I apply my lashes by pressing the middle down first (with tweezers), then hold down the outer corner and then the inner corner. If your glue is tacky enough, it’ll stick first time, if not, you may need to just hold the lashes in place for a few seconds to help them stick and try to get them as near your natural lash line as possible. 

Due to their price, I wouldn’t have thought you’d get many uses from these lashes, however... I’ve currently worn mine for 5 days, taking them off each day and cleaning them, and they’re still wearable now, if anything, they look a little better too as they have a bit of mascara on and the band is durable and more flexible making them easier to apply! 

The only downside to these lashes is that the band is visible - it’s a clear band however, you can see it once you’ve applied them. It’s easily fixable though as I simply go over it with eyeliner but with other brands I’ve tried, I don’t always need to do this.

Overall Review
For the price, these lashes are absolutely fab! If you just want to grab few pairs to keep in your stash for days when you want a little more volume, these are great and they’re so affordable! As long as you look after them and remove them gently, you’ll get a few days wear out of them too so you’re probably averaging out at about 50p per wear for them too! 

The glue included is ok, it’s not great as I prefer to use my Kiss Products Lash Adhesive but if it’s your only option then it does the job. Just make sure you give it enough time to get tacky before applying to your eyes as it helps it stick and it’s easier to apply. 

Looking at these lashes, you wouldn’t think that they’re from Home Bargains! They look great once they’re on and they last a good few days so they’re definitely amazing value for money. They’re the perfect lash for me when I just want a natural(ish) pair to wear and they go on super fast too! Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a daily pair of lashes! 

Affordability 5/5
Ease of application 4/5 
Longevity 4/5
Overall look 4/5

Lash score: 17/20

Thursday 21 December 2017

Christmas Days Out

It’s here, Blogmas Day 23 - the end is in sight! Just 2 more sleeps to go! Who’s excited?! 

Here’s a few ideas for things you can do tomorrow if you’re looking for something festive to do to celebrate it being Christmas Eve. We have our own Christmas Traditions each year which you can read more about in a previous blogmas post but these are just a few easy and easily accessible days out for you and your family.

Garden Centres
Who doesn’t love wandering around a garden centre at Christmas?! Even if you don’t need anything, it’s lovely to look at the decorations and usually, some of our local ones have Reindeer too! 

Trips to see Santa
It can’t be Christmas without a trip to see Santa! We usually go on Christmas eve and we visit the same place each year because it’s such a good day and Millie loves it! 

Ice Skating 
We’ve never been ice skating with Millie as I was pregnant last year but I really want to take her during the holidays this year so it’ll be next up on our to-do list! 

Christmas markets 
We don’t usually head to the Christmas Market now we have the kids as it’s just chaos but if you’ve got an evening off or fancy taking the kids along with you, head to your nearest city and take a look at the Christmas markets! 

Christmas Light Spotting drives / walks 
One of the best things and its completely free, it taking a drive or walk around your local streets and looking at all of the different christmas lights! I used to love doing it when I was younger and its a great way to get out the house but still feel christmassy too! 

Kids Christmas Clothing

4 days to go... 

Hello Blogmas Day 21! Today it’s all about Christmas clothing! I’m a sucker for a Christmas outfit/top/dress, you name it and Millie loves them too! It’s only natural she embraces the Christmas Spirit as much as I do because well, she has no choice! 

I’ve been dressing the kids in their Christmas bits since the 1st December because in my eyes, Christmas begins then. It’s not just a day, its the days leading up and after Christmas too! I’m lucky to have a whole week of festivities too as my birthday is just 4 days after Christmas so when you think it’s all over, it starts back up again! 

Mylo is also fully embracing the Christmas spirit and looks so cute in all of his tops and outfits! I can’t wait to see him in his Tartan shirt on Christmas day either! 

Take a look at some of my favourite bits for the kids this year - so many places have some gorgeous outfits and River Island have these amazing, super cute outfits for Mylo which are perfect for Christmas or New year too! And of course, some really glam, glittery dresses for Millie to swirl and dance around in too! 

Polar Bear Jumper - Aldi £7.99
Christmas Print dress - TU Clothing 
Parker - TU Clothing £16.00
Tartan Dress and Tights - Next £18.00

Snowman Jumper - Primark £7.00
Snowman Vest - F&F Tesco £1.50
Reindeer Snowsuit - F&F Tesco (last year’s sale)
Tartan Shirt - Next £9.00 

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Jouer Best of Deeps Lip Creme Collection

Oh hey, Blogmas DAY 20!!! I may have been late a few days, I may be completely winging it now because I’m running out of content BUT, we’re nearly there. Wow. I don’t know how people can blog every. single. day. 

Anyway, last week, I was buying the last few bits of Adam’s Christmas presents and came across this little beauty. I had seen so many other people talking about the Jouer Lip Creme’s, I really wanted to try one and when Chloe from Lady Writes said she was looking at these Jouer Sets, I took a little look myself and fell in love. 

The limited edition mini lip collections are fab if you want to try the lipsticks or have a few different colours added to your collection. The full sized Jouer Lip Creme’s are £15.00 but these collections that have 6 teeny sized ones in are just £24.00!! You get 1/3 of the full sized lip cremes in each of the mini’s so its a perfect way to find your new, favourite lippy without having to buy loads of full sized ones! 

I was torn between the Deep Lips collection (this one) or the Best of Metallics collection but I already have quite a few other metallic lipsticks so I wanted something that was different and I just loved the look of the Red shade to be honest!  

Swatches from Left to Right -
Aubergine is a cool, dark, dusty violet shade
Cerise Noir is a cool Black Cherry
Noisette is a Dark Chocolate Brown
Dahlia is a cool, electric Plum 
Truffle is a Warm, Lighter Chocolate brown
Cranberry is a cool but bright, Cranberry Red

I’ve worn 3 of the shades so far, Aubergine, Truffle and Cranberry and they’re all so lovely - Cranberry is definitely my favourite. However, I find the formulation very drying. I know liquid lipsticks and cremes can be quite drying as they dry to a matte consistency, but I’ve never tried ones that are this drying. It’s a good/bad thing because it means they last all day - they literally sink into your lips and do. not. move. but they really do dry my lips out and I found myself picking at whatever was left at night. 

I think I’ll need to really moisturise my lips whilst doing my makeup if I know that I want to wear one of these so that my lips are ready for the formulation and they don’t dry out too much. But other than that, I really like the lipsticks. The pigment in them all is amazing and like I said, they last all day! 

If you’re looking for a way to try out some new coloured lipsticks without having to buy or spend loads, these sets are definitely worth looking at - they may even end up going in the sales! 

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Jolie-Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette Review

6 Days to go... Hello Blogmas Day 19! (Check out yesterdays post here)

If you follow me over on Instagram, you would have seen my pictures of when I first got this palette and the Blue/Pink Eye look I created, but if you don’t, I’m going to show you below! 

The Jolie-Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette is a palette full of glitter and one that would please any beauty lover this Christmas annndddd there’s still time to order it and get it in time for Christmas too! Woo!! Go to Jolie-Beauty and use code SLAYBELLS for 15% off! 

This palette is so incredibly amazing that when I first saw it, there was no hesitation and I bought it instantly. It has 24 shades of pure glittery-ness and is the perfect companion to all of those other palettes you’re stashing! They are loose, pressed glitter compacts so you need to apply some sort of adhesive and pack them onto your eyes (or body) instead of blending them. 

With multi-function glitter pigments, the Bomb Dot Com palette is eye and body friendly so you can use them all over your face, body and of course, your eyes and they are 100% safe and it’s also a cruelty free palette too! It’s such a steal at just £25.99 but you can currently get another 15% off using code SLAYBELLS making it just £22.10! 

The glitters have some serious pigments, as you can see from the bold Blue glitter I used on the look above - I tend to use a little bit of eyelash glue to make mine stick as it lasts the longest and I know that it comes off with my cleansing balm too but you can use glitter adhesive or even setting spray or spray primer to help it stick too.

 I have found that using your finger rather than a brush is a lot easier as you can really pack the glitter on in the places you want it and the brush seemed to hold on to the glitter without applying it as I wanted. All of the shades I’ve used so far have been amazing and you can mix them up too! I like to add a little of the multi-coloured glitter to a block of colour to give it a little more dimension but, with the right lighting (christmas parties, hello!) any of the colours you use will look amazing! 

Below I’ve used the Red glitter and also the Coppery Gold glitter just as a spotlight on my eyes with my Morphe 35F palette as a transition colour. They’re super easy to use and you can literally just apply any of them to any eye look you create! 

If you’re looking for a glitter palette then I can definitely recommend the Bomb Dot Com palette and check out Jolie-Beauty’s other palettes too! They have super pigmented shades and gorgeous colour combinations too - I’ve also just bought myself a pair of their brand new Slayin' Lashes in Otillie  so keep an eye out for those coming to my False Lash Review series! 

Monday 18 December 2017

Gift Ideas for Babies

Hello Blogmas Day 18! Oh wow... Just 7 more days to go, yet it feels like 700! 

Today is my last Gift Ideas post and it’s all about what to buy Babies! I know that many of you will have baby’s in your family that you’ll want to buy for but will probably have no idea whats best to buy. Take it from a Mum - you can’t really go wrong when it comes to gifts, a voucher is probably number 1 on my list for Mylo as it means we can buy whatever he needs with it but, if you did want to give something physical then I’ve listed some of Mylo’s favourite things below. 

 Mylo is at the cute age now where he is interacting with us and his toys - he loves anything that makes a noise at the moment and is learning to grab and shake things too! He, like all babies however, puts everything into his mouth instantly so try to remember this when you’re buying gifts. Anything with loose bits are a no-no but anything soft and durable, they are! 

The first thing is the Musical Hape Penguin Wobbler £12.99 its a little wooden penguin which has chimes and jingling sounds inside, when you knock it, he rocks and wobbles back and forth. Mylo loves laying on his tummy and knocking it and listening to it chime and he also sits with it in his bouncer too so he hears it jingle when he rocks. It’s the perfect sensory toy for babies who are just starting to sit up and interact. 

Next up is the thing you’ve probably heard about the most - Sophia la Giraffe £11.99 Most known for being a teething toy but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used for that. Mylo has had his Sophie since October now and even though he isn’t teething, he loves chomping on her and hearing her squeak! Parents will be forever thankful if you got their baby a Sophie - especially when they do start teething. 

If you’re looking for something a little more cuddly, Lamaze have an amazing selection of toys which suit all ages - some are more interactive than others and they all have different features but they’re all sensory toys. They have squishy bits, squeaks and rustles - perfect for baby sensory development. We have Daisy Dino £10.49 and Squeezy Donkey £12.24 but they do all sorts, including a UNICORN

Or, something a little more thoughtful and cutesy - You can get a Rufus Rabbit £14.45. It’s a gorgeous soft baby rattle which is also a lovely little bunny teddy. He rustles and has a teeny shake to him and his ears are super floppy so it helps babies grab hold of him. There are so many things in the Rufus range too you don’t just have to get the rattle. It comes in a lovely display box too so something you can keep for years and years. 

With all of the above a perfect idea, there are so many things you can get that would be a welcome gift for any baby. Here’s a few more ideas:

Sunday 17 December 2017

Gift Idea: Crabtree and Evelyn

Hello Blogmas Day 17! 

If you haven’t been following, you can catch up on all of my Blogmas posts here

I’m coming to the end of my Gift Ideas posts now with just a few left and today, I’m sharing with you some gorgeous gifts from Crabtree and Evelyn. They’re a brand that I always go to when I’m looking for gifts as they do so many things that are perfect for anyone and everyone you’re buying for at Christmas (and birthdays!) 

With so many people on my gift list this year, including Millie’s teacher (does everyone buy for teachers - this is another topic TBC) but Crabtree and Evelyn really do have something for everyone and this year, it’s no different. With gorgeous deep red and gold packaging, it’s one of the most festive looking set of gifts I’ve seen this year! 

Last year, I featured a few things in my gift guide including Hand creams and some lovely biscuits that I gave my Dad for Christmas! The hand creams went into peoples stockings and made cute little stocking fillers for both males and females! So it proves that their products are perfect for everyone. 

This is a perfect, luxurious gift for anyone who loves scents, candles and diffuser. With over 90 days worth of scent to give off during the festive season, anyone who receives will love this! It comes in a gorgeous Copper pot with black reeds and really does look the part. Originally £50.00 it’s definitely one of the luxury products you’d give as a main gift, someone who uses diffusers often enough will appreciate it 100% - they are currently on sale with 30% off so if you’re still trying to get those last little bits, now’s the chance to save yourself some money! 

I love the food selection they have - it’s all beautifully thought through and packaged, the biscuits I had last year were super yummy too so I know this fudge will be as well and yes, My Dad’s getting these for Christmas because I know how much he loves fudge! 

Pomegrante and Argon Oil £10.33 (sold out) 
I thought this was perfect as a little ‘Thank you’ gift for Millie’s teacher. I probably won’t be buying every teacher she has a Christmas gift, a card will do, but because it’s her very first teacher, I thought it was a nice way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation! A cute little gift and something I’d love to get too! 

Have you got any gifts to get still? I definitely recommend checking out Crabtree and Evelyn if you’re struggling as there are tonnes of other gifts that would be perfect for anyone! 

Saturday 16 December 2017

My Favourite Dark Lipsticks

It’s late but it’s here... Hello Blogmas Day 16! 

Today is the first day I’ve slacked and not had a post up at 8am however, I’m writing this and then writing a few more to make sure that doesn’t happen again... So, here we go.

I love a Dark lipstick, I wear them all year round! None of this ‘Autumn/Winter makeup’ saving, oh no no no, I have over 60 lipsticks, do you think I’m not going to wear them all year round?! My favourites definitely are the darker ones - I’m talking plums, reds, burgundies... Give them all to me! I’ve rounded up some of my all time favourites that I’ve been wearing this year in hope you may find one you love too! 

I’m a bit of a whore when it comes to lipsticks - I don’t stick to one brand however I do love a MAC lipstick for the originality but, I’ve got so many favourites from so many different brands that I just can’t stay true to one. I love that Liquid lipsticks have really taken off this year and my collection is still growing, although I can’t actually fit anymore lipsticks into the top drawer of my Alex stack, I think I’m going to have to get rid of some buy more storage! 

All of my lipsticks sit in these clear acrylic containers that I got from Amazon - they’re fab for arranging and keeping them neat and tidy and you can also see which one is which really easily! I need to get myself some of the clear tops for the MAC lipsticks though as I think it’s much easier being able to see the colours rather than having to fish through and read them! (I’m just lazy)

So, my first few - All liquid lipsticks, of sorts:

I bought this last year as a birthday treat in a Beauty Bay haul during the sales. I love the colour - its a greyish brown that dries a lot lighter than it goes on. Its quite drying but it literally lasts all day! Its a really easy to apply lipstick too with an applicator being a flat, small nib which you can use to perfectly define and fill your lips. 

This is a love to hate product for me... I love the colour but the formulation isn’t so great. I find it the most drying formulation out of all of my lipsticks but I really do love the colour. The only thing is that if you knock it when applying - it’s really hard to remove without leaving marks around your lips!

Probably one of the most underrated brands and lipsticks used. I love the formulation of these splash lipsticks - they’re so creamy but they dry and last most of the day. This is one of the newest additions to the collection, it’s a metallic brown colour - gorgeous for a natural(ish) look or for something a little different than your usual browns or deep reds. 

NYX matte lip creams are probably one of the go-to products for every blogger and they really are great. I just find that some of the colours seem to have a different formulation to the rest but this one is perfect. Its great to apply over a lipstick too just to add a little extra and make it matte! 

Now for the lipsticks, traditional ‘lip bullets’ and yes, it features MAC, of course:

3 - Joan Collins Lipstick in ‘Alexis’ 
6 - Revlon Lipstick in ‘Chocoliscious’ 

There’s a mixture of formulations in here but most are matte, I just find with the darker, deeper colours, a matte finish helps to set the pigment and they don’t move around too much. There’s nothing worse than getting dark lipstick all over your teeth or even worse, on your clothes! 

I hope you have seen something you like - some items aren't available now but I’m sure you can find alternatives of the other brands too!