Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Jumper Day

Blogmas Day 15 and it’s Christmas Jumper Day!!

No... It’s not something I’ve just made up, National Christmas Jumper Day falls on the 15th December every year and it is a charity day for Save the Children UK. It’s a way to raise and donate money to help save childrens’ lives. 
Everyone who donates £2 to take part in this year’s silliness will be doing some serious good around the world. When you wear your Christmas Jumper, it will help to make a difference to children who really need it this Christmas - it could give them a hot meal, it could help with essentials we take for granted such as healthcare, education and protection. Your donation can also help Save The Children UK reach those who are forgotten simply because they may have been born in a remote village, are refugees or have a disability. Theres so many different ways that your money can help and wearing a silly, Christmassy jumper just makes giving more fun! 
You dont necessarily have to wear a Christmas Jumper. you could spice up a regular jumper with a bit of tinsel and some baubles! You could wear some christmassy socks or a christmas hat! Whatever you can do to help and support the cause is worth it 100%. 
Adam is running a few things with his Personal Training clients and has a sweepstake going for someone to win 2 Personal Training sessions - we ordered a fundraising pack and used the sheets provided in there! He’s also got his own unique code too so if you want to donate, simply text TEAMABPT to 70050 and that will automatically donate £5.00. 
What I like about Save the Children UK is that only 1p of every £1 donated goes to the government - which means 99p of every £1 goes straight to the charity so that they really can do more with your donations. 
Will you be wearing your Christmas Jumper today?! 
Please donate if you haven’t - every little will help. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Gift Idea: Letter Writes Letter Boards

Hello Blogmas Day 14! I’m officially half way through which also means that it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas! I’m really starting to get excited now and have started on the present wrapping too, although it seems to be never-ending when it comes to the kids’ stuff! 

I’ve got a few more Gift Idea posts coming too so make sure you check back to see what else I’m recommending if you’re still doing some last minute Christmas shopping or fancy treating yourself this Christmas. 

Today though, it’s all about these fabulous Letter Boards from Letter Writes! Lets take a look... 

Letter boards have really been one of the things of this year - I think last year was all about the Light Boxes and this year it’s all about these retro, fun additions to the home! They can be used in so many different ways - old school menu boards, to do lists, shopping lists or even just fun little messages and quotes every day! I use mine as props for pictures most of the time but I do put sayings and quotes on it when it isn’t being featured and it lives in our living room! With lots of different styles, they’re a really great addition to any home or office! 

My lovely friend, Chloe from Lady Writes blog has set up her own Letter Boards company and sells these lovely Letter Boards... You can get different coloured boards including: 

Duck Egg

with a choice of different coloured frames on certain ones too! 

Each board comes with TONNES of letters and symbols including emojis too! So you’ll never be short of letters when you want to write out longer quotes or lists - perfect! You can also hang the frames as there is an eye on the back, you’ll just need a hook on your wall, or wherever you want it and you’re good to go! 

The quality of the felt is amazing, its really sturdy yet still soft. The letters sit nicely on it and I find that they stay put once they’re pinned in! Millie loves playing with it too, practising her spelling and helping me write little notes on there, so they’re not just for pinterest loving adults but for kids too! 

The smaller boards are just £30.00 and you can get yours ordered in time for Christmas as long as you place your order before Sunday 17th December! So, head on over to the website and take a look and cross that last present off your list! 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Glitter Eye Makeup Look

If you can’t wear glitter at Christmas, when can you!? 

I was looking for some glitter liners but didn’t want to pay £15+ for one and so I grabbed these Glam Crystals Glitter Liners from Collection from Boots a few weeks ago now after someone recommended them to me and I can’t believe how much I love them! Plus... they’re only £2.99!! 

Hello Blogmas Day 13! 

I love playing around with makeup at the moment, you may have seen a few of my different looks over on my Instragram and these glitters always find their way onto my eyes in some kind of way. They’re so easy to use as the tip of the brush is fine enough to draw fine liner or you can use another tiny detail brush if you want to be really precise but I manage most of the time with the applicator. 

The pigment of the glitter is great too, for £2.99 I didn't expect absolute amazing glitter but the colours are amazing! The multi-toned glitter has to be my favourite as it goes with most looks and colours but the black and gold is great to add a little something extra to smokey eyes and the silver is the perfect addition to a party look! 

smokey glitter makeup look

I’ve tried and tested all 3 of these and they all last equally as well as the other, no creasing, breaking or smudging, just be sure to let it dry before you move your eyes again - there are coloured versions of these available but I don’t think I’d get as much use of them as I do with these but if you’re into colour then definitely check them out. I used the Multi-toned Glitter for the above look with a little bit of the silver mixed in and my eyeshadow was a Splurge Cream Eyeshadow from Younique (brand new!) with Lashes from Ardell (read the review here). 

If you’re looking for a similar thing, I can definitely recommend getting these! If you catch them whilst Boots have a 3 for 2 on offer, you can get 3 of them for under £6.00!! 

You can see how pigmented they are from these swatches here and that the black and gold is a little patchy - I think this is because of the black glitter gel thats used, whereas the others have a silver based gel and so you can’t notice it as much. 

Like I said, they’re all just as good as each other and you can build them easily too. They don’t break off your eyes and they will literally stay on all day! Below, I used the Black and Gold with a soft brown shadow out of the Morphe 35F palette and with my Unicorn Lashes in Bubble Pop (read the review here). 

I hope you will be using Glitter to Sparkle this Christmas and if you do, take a picture and tag me! I’d love to see! 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Gift Idea: Leighton Denny Nails

Hello Day 12! Can you believe there’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I’ve almost done 2 weeks of posting every. single. day! 

Today, I’m showing you the perfect stocking filler or gift idea for anyone who likes to get their nails done or do them at home. Leighton Denny are one of the brands I always go to when it comes to nail products as I find their nail polishes last the longest on my nails and don’t chip within hours of applying. 

Take a look at my top picks of what I’d recommend to help you give the perfect gift this Christmas...

Leighton Denny have so many different accessories not just Nail polish, everything from Hand cream, files and gift sets, you can bet that you’ll get everything you’re looking for in one place. You could make a cute little hamper too out of all the bits and pieces - perfect for any nail polish obsessive! 

The Miracle Mist is the best thing for anyone who wears polish. It helps to set the nail varnish in seconds and it saves you waving your hands around trying to dry your nails like a crazy woman! 

The precision corrector is also a must have for any nail polish wearer - do you always get it on your fingers or cuticles (I do), well this will clean that right up within having to get out the remover and end up smudging half your nail varnish off! 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a decent nail file either! I don’t tend to use them to shape my nails, more so to buff the tops as my nails are really oily and if I don’t do this, nail varnish literally just peels off my nails within an hour of applying. These Leighton Denny files are perfect, sturdy and last ages! 

And of course, the nail polish. Leighton Denny have released some limited edition sets this Christmas with some gorgeous colours too. You can get shimmers, glitters and beautiful deep reds in the sets. I absolutely love the glitter in them and the shades can be worn all year round, but who doesn’t love a bit of glitter at Christmas?! 

The larger ‘Real Treasure’ set comes with a natural pink, top coat, a deep reddish purple and a multi-coloured silver flecked glitter and for just £16.00 (the polishes are £8.60 to buy individually). The smaller ‘Real Treasures and Down Memory lane’ duo set is just £10.00 and it comes with a semi-shimmery purple and a bronze/copper colour - both are gorgeous and perfect for the party season! 

If you’re still stuck for gifts, I can definitely recommend these and you can currently get an extra 15% off on FeelUnique! 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Snow Day

I hate the snow. Even though I’m a December baby, I literally can’t stand the stuff. It’s ruined many birthdays, caused havoc for everyone else and it’s just so inconvenient. The only good thing about it is the pretty pictures it makes! 

We live with this outside of our back door, literally. I went out in my onesie this morning and took these pictures and thought it was probably the only time I’d ever be able to address the issue of ‘Snow’ on my blog, around Christmas time! So, welcome to Blogmas Day 11! 

Of course... Millie and Harry absolutely love the stuff. Harry has been jumping and running around in it like a mad dog and Millie goes out for a little bit and then comes back in to warm up. Once everything’s dry she’s back out again! I don’t think Mylo quite knows what to think of it, it’s all just so white. 

I made sure I got enough photos of them to circulate on social media for the next few days though... 

Have you had any snow where you live?! 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Gift Idea: Morphe Palettes

Hello Day 10! I can’t believe I’ve posted for 10 days in a row! Just 15 days to go... I think this may be when I start to struggle though, however... I do have a fair few posts to go up still so here’s hoping I can keep it up until Christmas day! 

Today’s post is one I’ve been dying to share as it’s all about my favourite brand and product - the Morphe Palettes! You can catch up with yesterday’s post here

If you have people to buy for who you know love their makeup, you cannot go wrong with getting them eyeshadow palettes. Even if they have similar ones, you just can’t go wrong with adding another to the collection. I’m a little obsessed with Morphe palettes and have started to build a small (growing) collection with another one on the way (39A!) but, it’s just because they’re so good. 

The 35 pan eyeshadow palettes are so reasonably priced, especially for the quality of them and they’re only £23.00 available from BeautyBay  - There are so many different colours available too with brights, neutrals, shimmers, mattes and a combination of coloured palettes too. If you didn't want to get these ones, you can also grab some of the newer 15 pan palettes for just £15.00 or the 19 pan palettes for £19.00 but these 35 pan palettes are better value for money with each shadow working out to be around £1.50 each. 

I’ve taken my palettes as an example to show you the shades available and the range of colours you get in each - the pigments of all of the shadows is incredible, the shimmers are beautifully buttery and leave such high pigments on your skin and the mattes blend amazingly, creating the perfect eye looks. 

I find some of the coloured shades to be a little powdery but if you use a primer on your lids, they will pack on nicely and you can easily blend them out too. 

The 35R ‘Ready, set, Gold' palette is the perfect Gold toned Neutrals set with half shimmer shades and half matte shades. It’s great for someone who doesn’t like too much colour or gets scared by the thought of doing something different with their eyeshadows. All the shades look and work together beautifully. This is my most recent purchase as I bought it when it was on offer for just £16.80! 

The 35F ‘Fall into Frost’ palette was the most lusted after palette last year with it selling out within hours of being re-stocked. I managed to get my hands on it just before Christmas and I’ve used it so much but there is still so much more use left in it. With gorgeous Cranberry shades and a few matte transition shades, you could create some really nice looks with this palette.

 I love the lighter shimmer for inner corner highlights! 

The 35N ‘Colour Matte’ palette is probably one of my least used palettes as it is all matte shades. They are a lovely selection, a little like the Naked 3 palette, with pinks, plums and lighter skin colour shades, it’s great if you like minimal or wanted it as an easy ‘go-to’ palette. It’s also perfect for transition shades as it’s full of them! 

The 35U ‘Multi-Colour Shimmer’ Palette has to be my most loved palette of them all. I just love the selection of colours and the fact that there are both shimmers and mattes in it too. The pigmentation of some of these colours is crazy but others aren’t as so. I find that if you use a primer or a little setting spray on your brush, it can help the colour deepen a little bit but it’s perfect for someone who loves playing with colour and loves to try something new when it comes to makeup.  

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Getaways

Christmas at home is just something we’ve always done... Waking up Christmas morning in your own bed, Christmas songs on, opening presents with the Christmas tree lit and sipping on Prosecco whilst Millie stuffs herself with Chocolate Coins - it’s just something that’s become the norm for us. We used to spend Christmas day with family, I did a blogmas post on my Christmas Traditions, you can read it here, but this year we’re spending it together as a family at home and I can’t wait. But, we’ve always discussed the idea of going away for Christmas and going somewhere real Christmassy with tonnes of Snow, a log fire and somewhere that just reeks of Christmas all season! Somewhere like the French Alps would be the perfect place to spend Christmas and for Luxury France Vacations, there would be no better time to visit. 

I’ve only ever been to France twice - Once when I was a few months old and then other was when we visited Paris back in 2015. I had won a competition to win a 3 night stay in either Amsterdam or Paris and I’d always wanted to go to Paris (partly so I could go to Disneyland) and so that’s why we went. If you’re planning on visiting Paris, read about my tips for visiting, just as a little heads up! It’s such a Beautiful city with so much to do and you can do so much more than the typical sight seeing, but Paris is a completely different type of holiday and I don’t think I could celebrate Christmas there, although it does get snow and it’d be beautiful to walk around the sights and see the Eiffel Tower covered in a blanket of snow, it’s not a very family friendly location. There are no tall trees covered in snow, no log fire and no wooden huts to cosy up in all day, I doubt Millie would appreciate it and I know Adam wouldn’t either. He loves the snow and everything about Christmas, as do I, so something a little more homely would be the way we go.

It’d be lovely to be able to venture out to the alps too and dabble in a touch of skiing, snowboarding or even tobogganing with the kids! Imagine the snowball fights you could have with all of that snow!? (I’m sure someone would end up getting hurt though...) You think of all of this when you see snow and it’d create the best memories for us all - we wouldn’t ever forget our Christmas getaway! But again, I just don’t know if I could well and truly bring myself to be away from home at Christmas. The dog would of course come with us if we ever did do this and I do think that we’d look at a Chalet style break, somewhere that we know would have snow and would be able to cater for everything we look for when we have Christmas at home. I’d still want a Christmas dinner so there would have to be ample cooking facilities, somewhere for us to sit and each and of course, plenty of shops nearby so we can stock up on the essentials - Bread, Cheese, Turkey and Wine. 

There are so many locations and places you can head to if you’re looking for this type of getaway for Christmas - it’d be lovely to arrive a few days before Christmas too to take in the sights, have a wander and play in the snow just to get you in the Christmas spirit good and proper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it snow here on Christmas Day, probably had a slight coating of frost but that’s about it. The thought of waking up on Christmas morning and looking out to a complete covering of snow makes my tummy tickle and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling! But, if you’re not all about the snow, how about heading toward the Rivera and staying in a luxury apartment or Townhouse instead. They’re still perfect for the family and great to spend Christmas in. Looking out onto some of the many views that are available will be perfect for Christmas Day. You could head to Cannes, Provence or Paris, as mentioned earlier - there is so much choice and there is somewhere that’s perfect for everyone. Or,with all that’s mentioned, you could just head to Disneyland with the kids and spoil them rotten! There’s no doubt about it that if you choose to take them here, things will be super magical for the entirety of your trip (even for you). 

I guess if you don’t fancy celebrating Christmas, it’s also the perfect excuse to getaway and forget about what’s happening back home. Take a break and soak in the culture, there are tonnes of places to visit whilst in France that don’t have to be Christmassy and you can bet that whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed. You may even have the sun shining for your stay if you pick the right place - looking out onto the sea would be beautiful and an idilic location to relax and just clear your head if that’s what you’re after. 

If getting away for Christmas is something you’d thought about like us for a few years, take a look at the places you could visit in France for your Luxury French Getaway - there’s definitely something for everyone, for all budgets and for the type of Christmas you want to celebrate. I think that maybe when the kids are a bit older, we’ll definitely spend Christmas somewhere other than at home as it’s just the perfect time to do so! 

(Collaboration post with Luxury Retreats)

Friday, 8 December 2017

Ardell Lashes Review

We’re onto Week 3 of my False lashes review posts, or Day 8 of Blogmas

You can catch up with last weeks review here which was all about the Morphe Lashes. This week, the brand in focus is Ardell - typically one of the most popular brands of lashes out there! 

 The Brand 
Ardell have so many different types of lashes and have also been nominated the best lashes there are by tonnes of celebrities! I’ve tried Ardell lashes before - always reaching for the Demi-Wispies which are fluttery and have a graduated mixed length that makes them look more natural but still gives the length and definition I like to have from False lashes. 

This week, I have tested 2 of the 4 pairs of Ardell lashes that I have as I felt that one of them wouldn’t be for me and the other, were very similar to the Demi-Wispies so I wanted to try something new. 

Ardell lashes vary in price starting from as little as £3.49 and going up to around £13.99 and you can buy them from 

The Lashes 

So, the ones I didn’t use are the Studio Effects (above) and the Dem-Wispies (below) but you can see the type of lashes these are. I like mine a little longer and wanted to try new lashes so I’ve left these for another time. 

The lashes are beautifully made with very fluttery lashes and a lovely, flexible band. They don’t come with glue unless you get the bigger packs that state that they come with a mini Duo glue but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t need to trim these lashes either, both pairs I’ve worn have fit my eyes perfectly so there’s no fiddling about with them before they go on!

I’ve worn both pairs twice now and they clean up great. You do need to be careful as the lashes bend out of shape easily but you wouldn’t know that the lashes have been worn if you clean and maintain them properly. Remember to remove any excess glue from the band before you re-apply and if needed, use eyelashes curlers to give them a little bit of a curl.  


Overall Review

My favourite of the two I tried definitely has to be the 113’s - they have great length without looking too long for my eyes. They give the look I’m after especially when I’ve got eyeshadow on (I have used Younique Cream eyeshadow in Ferocious with a glitter liner from Collection and a Jolie Beauty glitter under my eye) or if I’m just looking for big lashes! 

They apply easiest of out the 3 brands I’ve tried so far with very minimal effort needed to apply. I use tweezers to apply all of my lashes starting from the middle then the outer edge then the inner corner and I leave the glue to dry for 1 minute before applying - this way it’s nice and tacky and won’t slide around on my eyes. 

They’re also really affordable for lashes that you can get multiple uses from, I’d probably say you’d get at least 5 wears from them, perhaps more, but I’m only on wear 3 of my 113 pair so I couldn’t be precise. 

Affordability 3/5
Ease of application 5/5 
Longevity 4/5
Overall look 4/5 for Wispies and 4/5 for 113

Lash score: 16/20

(These lashes were gifted to me by

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Soap and Glory Star Gift 2017

Yes... IT’S HERE! Pretty much the only Star Gift people wait for from Boots... The Soap and Glory Giftset! 

Each year, Boots release some of their mot popular and wanted products on offer for a week as part of their ‘Star Gift’ promotion. This year we’ve already seen Sanctuary gift sets, Ted Baker gift sets and perfumes but the one that people really want is the Soap and Glory one! With over £78 worth of products, it never fails to disappoint and this year, is no different! You can take a look at what was included in last years’ gift set here

So, what’s it all about?! 

The ‘Spa of Wonder’ gift box is packed full of FULL-SIZED products that claim to leave you feeling fabulous - whether you’re off out to party or staying in! And, the box is pretty cute too! You can totally reuse this for storage - I still have last years’ one which I use to store Bath Bombs! It’s also the perfect gift for any beauty lovers, be it your Mum, Sis, Nan, Friend... WHOEVER, everyone loves a bit of Soap and Glory and getting all of this for just £30.00 is an absolute bargain! 

I do think that this years box is incredible, it has different products in compared to the last few years and I actually think I’ll be able to get through all of these instead of giving them away (although that’s a good shout - if you know you’ll only use a few of these products, go halves with a mate who wants the other ones!). It’s full of gorgeous, bath, shower, body and makeup items that you can guarantee you’ll love! 


First up... 

Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash - A huge bottle of this fresh face wash that has teeny microbes that help to gentle polish your skin and purify leaving you energised and bright. Suitable for all skin types too, winner! 

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk - This stuff is heavenly. Simply apply after your bath/shower and let it soak in. With Cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil it’ll leave you not only super smooth but wanting to eat your arm (please don’t). 

Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel - With a yummy but soft mandarin fragrance, this smooth shower gel is also packed with the added bonus of a moisturiser too so you could call it a 2-in-1! 

And then...

The Scrub of your Life Smoothing Body Scrub - One of the best exfoliators I’ve used (and actually used up!) this is scented with their famous pink fragrance but isn’t too harsh. It’s perfect for daily exfoliation if you have dry skin but also enough to help get that tan off from the night before! 

The Righteous Butter 3-in-1 Cleanse, Creamy Body wash - Another body wash, but who can go wrong with another, especially one that’s packed full of oils that’ll help leaving your skin super soft, plus, helps with shaving too! Foamy and silky all in one! 

Bright and Beautiful Radiance Boosting Mask - Perfect for dull, tired looking skin as it’s packed full of the good stuff including Vitamin C and radiance boosters to help brighten the skin, along with a whole lot more! 


Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Plums Up - A staple that’s in most of their large Christmas Gift sets, this gloss isn’t just a gloss, it has super technology that helps to plump lips with some funky lip plumping spheres. It’ll leave your lips larger and tingling too! 

Supercat liquid Black Eyeliner Pen - A new edition to this years box and I’m excited to see it’s an eyeliner! You can create thick or thin flicks with this and its super black too! Long lasting and easy to use... the perfect addition to the set! 

Thick and Fast High-Definition Collagen Coat Mascara in Black - Another new edition to the set and again, something thats great for everyone! Helping to create longer, fuller lashes with no clumps! 

The Righteous Butter Body Butter - And last, but definitely not least is probably one of the most used body butters I’ve ever owned, yet it seems everlasting! I’ve never seen the bottom of one of these pots as they’re HUGE but I love the smell and feel of it so I’ll be adding it to my stash for when I finally run out of my current one! 

So, if you’re still looking for gifts for people or you’ve finished shopping and want to treat yourself then head down to Boots tomorrow to get your hands on this! You can also get it online at Boots from tomorrow too but I’d be quick... they usually sell out online super fast! 

If there’s one thing that I can pretty much guarantee any girl would love this Christmas, it has to be this gift set. I feel so honoured to have been able to receive it and show you whats inside before most people so thank you to the gals over at Soap and Glory for sending it to me!