Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Aldi Baby Milk Review (Aptamil comparison)

We regularly do our weekly shops in Aldi and have done for a while now but it’s been over the years that they have added more and more lines to their baby range, including the squeezy food pouches and even follow on milks, but, I was so surprised to see that they now have their own blend of Infant Formula, or 1st stage baby milk for just £6.99! 

Millie used Aldi nappies and Mylo does too and they’re actually one of the best nappies we’ve tried (we’ve tried them from pretty much everywhere!). She also had the food pouches and we use the baby wipes and have nothing but good stuff to say about it all, so I was intregued to know what the formula was like. The first time I spotted it in store, I didn’t buy it as, well lets say, I was a little too sceptical after only ever using the well-known, and well-priced Aptamil at £10.99+ a tub. So instead, I came home and took a look at the ingredients of both tubs to see if there was much difference and then I would go back and get a tub to try as at £6.99, if Mylo didn’t get on with it, I’d simply give it away or throw it away. 

Aldi Baby milk review

Making up bottles
So the Aldi formula comes in a tin rather than a cardboard container like the Aptamil one does. It has a smaller blue scoop compared to the yellow one in Aptamil but the formula looks very similar. The Aldi seems a little finer but one major difference we saw is that it doesn’t foam up like the Aptamil one does when its shook - the Aptamil gets so foamy that its a struggle to see how much you have left in the bottle, even after some has been drunk. The Aldi one is a thiner consistency so you don’t get the froth that you do with Aptamil. 

Mylo has never had a problem with his Milk so we’re quite lucky to be able to try a different formula with no problems. It didn’t effect him in anyway, he wasn’t bringing any bottles back up when we switched them and he was happy with the Aldi version over his usual Aptamil. I also noticed that it doesn’t have the overpowering baby milk smell either - you know the kind. 

Both containers also have 900g of formula so you’re getting the same amount for a much lower price. 
Aptamil (average) £10.99 vs. Aldi Mamia £6.99 

Ingredient comparison
Now, for the more technical comparison and probably the one that is going to be the most asked - the comparison of ingredients really shows that there isn’t much difference in the Aldi formula compared to the usual Aptamil formula we use (I can’t compare to any other formula as we’ve never used anything other than this). You can see from the images below what difference there is (if any) in the ingredients listing and the energy and nutritional information - there are exactly the same ingredients used in both formulas and nearly the exact same amount of minerals used in them too. Aldi baby milk vs. Aptamil ingredients
Aldi baby milk vs. Aptamil vitamins
Aldi baby milk vs. Aptamil minerals 
All baby formulas have to undergo checks to ensure they are suitable and are FDA-regulated to make sure they provide all the vitamins and nutrients babies need. Most women choose to provide formula rather than breastmilk for various reasons, you can read about my breastfeeding experience here and is why a lot of formulas state they are a ‘substitute for breastmilk’ as they try and get the ingredients as close as possible to that of natural breastmilk. Both of these formulas are milk based including Lactose (milk), a variety of natural oils (for fat calories), vitamins and minerals and both are completely fine to use for healthy, full-term babies. The only noticeable difference in the list of ingredients above is that Aldi use Whole Milk powder and Skimmed Milk powder where as Aptamil only use Skimmed milk powder - not sure what effect this has but I doubt it’s a huge one! 

You can also see the similarities in the vitamins and mineral components with Aldi actually having more of certain vitamins and minerals than Aptamil (Vitamin A, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B2, B2, B6, Iron, Sodium and Magnesium in particular). 

I do think that these two formula’s are very similar and we’ll happily continue to use the Aldi formula for the time being - with 2 tins being almost the same price as one of the Aptamil ones and because there is no effect on the change to Mylo, it means if we want to use the ready made bottles of Aptamil at any point, we can easily switch back and know it won’t effect him in anyway. 

Hopefully with the ingredient lists given, if you use another formula, you can do the comparisons yourself however, I have popped a breakdown photo of the ingredients in the formula that you can save and compare if you wanted to. 

Like I said, it hasn’t effected Mylo at all and the change of milks really hasn’t made a difference at all so we will be buying more and keeping them in stock at home - this is probably my only issue... Aldi isn’t open ALL the time whereas, if we ever run out of Aptamil, we know our 24/7 garage and Tesco expresses sell it but, failing that, we also know we can go back to Aptamil if we are ever out of Aldi formula without any problems. 

Have you tried the Aldi Formula or have you looked into it? 


  1. Thank you for doing your research this has helped me alot as I brought the Aldi formula yesterday. I'll give it a go once finished the one she is one :)

  2. This is really helpful. I am due in 9 weeks and have been struggling to decide which 1st milk to get! :)

  3. I brought mine up on aptamil and never had any problems. For reflux you would need like cow and gate reflux as the formula is alot thicker. Hope this helps.

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