Friday 23 November 2018

The best UK Christmas Markets

I don’t know about you but I’m struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year, but theres one way for sure that will get me feeling all those tingles and that’s visiting a Christmas market! It has to be the one time of year that it’s socially acceptable to wrap up warm and drink beer from glasses that are bigger than your head whilst still wearing gloves. Right!?

 I’m lucky that I live in the midlands and have the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing Christmas markets that the UK has to offer with my first choice always being Birminghams Frankfurt Market - I’ve done my annual visit, had my beer and kept the glass for whatever reason I thought was great on the night! 

Set along the streets of Birmingham city centre, you will find the traditional style wooden huts selling all sorts of bits and bobs, from food, to alcohol, Christmas gifts to Christmas sweets! It’s the perfect social event or the perfect opportunity to un-wind at the weekend and take in the Christmas cheer! It does get ridiculously busy at weekends though so I recommend visiting mid-week if you can! 

Probably the most popular Christmas event in the UK is London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. More of a Fair and modern market, there are still Christmas stalls, bars and food huts spread across Hyde Park with a huge fun fair too! There’s also an ice skating rink which is perfect if you haven’t tried skating before and it’s a great excuse to visit the big smoke! Again, it can get really busy at weekends so choose when you visit wisely! I loved it in London when I lived there during university, there is always so much going on and even just a walk around the centre can give you pure christmas vibes! 

Another Christmas Market which may be a little more popular with those of you situated up north (further than Birmingham that is to all you southerners) is the Cheshire Christmas Market. Running until the 22nd December, you can spend your day wondering around the 70 traditional wooden chalets and gazing at the lights on the huge Christmas tree situated in the heart of Chester! With Christmas gifts, crafts, accessories and food available you can pretty much finish (or start) your Christmas shopping here! If you’re looking for more specialised items, Cheshire Oaks is situated just 15 minutes away so you can really make a weekend of it. It’s also fast becoming one of the top places to live in the UK and with Laurus homes, if you’re looking to jump on the property ladder, Cheshire and Chester are great places to start by looking at what could work for you if you were to move there! And for those of you who have never been to Cheshire, it’s a great place to spend a weekend with friends or your other half, especially at this time of year too! #ExploringCheshire

If you’re planning on visiting any of the Christmas markets this year, make sure you wrap up warm and stay safe - and don’t drink too much mulled wine! 

Friday 9 November 2018

Transitional Fashion A/W

 When it comes to being “on-trend”, I never really know where I fall as I’ve always had my own go-to style and just wear whatever the hell I want. You’d often find me rocking a pair of jogging bottoms with an oversized t-shirt but on the day as I’m not in Mum mode or I need to go out in public, I’ll make half an effort and or at least put on something that doesn’t consist of a hoody and trainers...

When the weather changes, it’s always nice to know I can take my favourite dresses from one season to another and that’s exactly what I try and do with most of my clothes, throwing on a blazer or jacket  with a midi or maxi dress is the perfect transitional trend that I’m completely here for! 
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