Friday 30 August 2013

Brace Face #1

This is going to be the start of something on going, something a little different and something i'm a little un-easy about sharing but I thought it would be a good way to show others that may have the same issues that they are not alone. 

Since I was about 15, my teeth have been an on going problem. I was bullied because of them through school but was too vain to get a brace when I was told I needed one. Last year, I took the leap and decided to get a brace before it was too late. Being so I was at uni, dental care was free so there was no better time to get it! Unfortunately, half way through treatment, I fell pregnant so treatment had to stop. I was gutted but just faced up to the fact that it was my own fault and should have had it done when I was younger rather than being a typical teenager worried about the way I looked. 

I had so many conversations with Adam about my teeth, about how un-happy I was with them and it got to the point I wasn't smiling with my mouth open in photos because I hated the way my teeth looked. One afternoon, we were talking about it and Adam said that if I really wanted to get a brace then we would find the money for it and I could get it done. So, I called the dentist to see if I could continue with my treatment and see how much it would cost and luckily, he said that because treatment had started without costing anything, it would continue the same. It was merely put on hold whilst I was pregnant so it could be continued at a later date, yay! 

So, on Tuesday, I had my first session after the treatment had already been started... Before this, I had my moulds done so the next step was to have spacers in to make way for the bands ready for the brace. This process consisted of 8 little plastic spacers being put between my molars for a week, so next Tuesday I will have the bands attached (I think). It didn't hurt and just feels like I have food stuck in my teeth but on Wednesday, I had terrible toothache from the spacers obviously doing their job and separating my teeth! 

Below are images of my teeth (that I was a little worried about putting up) but you can see the severity of the need for braces. I also need to have 4 teeth out, 2 baby teeth on the bottom that have crowded that row of teeth and then two molars from the top row.... 
So, I hope that within 2-3 years, I will have shiny, straight teeth that I will be proud of and i'll be updating you every few months with treatment and what will be happening next. If you have teeth that you don't like, I really do recommend that you go and get a consultation for a brace. It may cost a bit of money or if you're a student, you can get it free - and I bet it'll be so worth it! 

I can't wait to see the end results of mine! 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Starting University

It's that time of year where everyone gets exam results and decides what the next step in life is going to be. Whether it's getting an apprenticeship, getting a job or going to university, whatever decision it is - it's normally one that is going to make a real impact on your life for the next 10 or so years. 

I left school and went onto college to do a Sport and Exercise Sciences course, hoping to become a PE teacher. In this time, I also qualified as a Gym Instructor and was adamant that I wasn't going to go to university - at the time, it just didn't seem the right thing for me. So, after 2 years at college, I enrolled in a Personal Training course that lasted 12 weeks and cost just under £2000! I finished the course and unfortunately come out into the start of what now is the recession. I was jobless for 8 months! Which, after paying £2000 for a course to get a stable job, was a bit annoying. I managed to get a job in a Hotel as a Receptionist which I stuck out for the next 2 years but it come to a point that I needed to be doing something constructive with my life and start a proper career so I looked into going to uni.

I was 21 at this point, a lot older than all the 18 year olds that were starting university! But my aim was different to theirs... I wasn't going to get drunk every night, I was there to make a career for myself. I applied to 4 universities to do a Sport Education type of course 1) Liverpool John Moore 2) St Marys Twickenham 3) Leeds Met 4) Brunel University. Because I never did A-Levels, my college and Personal Training NVQ were all I had to give me my UCAS points which came to just under 280, this ruled out Leeds & Brunel and then unfortunately, Liverpool had dropped their course but offered me a place on the Physical Education Studies course. After taking a trip up to Liverpool to visit one of the tutors and discuss if the course was right for me, I decided to go with Twickenham as it was more focused on the things I wanted to obtain from it, i.e. becoming a PE teacher. 

So, through the summer of 2011, preparations began... I was making lists of what I was going to take, sorting boxes of stuff, sold my car *sobs hysterically* and was getting books which I thought would help with my studies. I moved down to uni on 11th September 2011 and I must admit, it was a little daunting but I couldn't wait to start my life in university, getting the thing I wanted most... A career (although this all changed when Millie arrived but that's a whole new story)

Now, if you're starting university, you may have all these questions about what's going to happen when you get there, how do you make new friends, getting to know the area etc... Well, fret no more. I have put together a little list of things to do when you get to uni to help make you more comfortable and to settle it quickly! 

Be friendly - I know it's kind of stating the obvious but a smile goes a long way. You will probably find that 2nd and 3rd years will be helping you move into halls / helping you find your way around so don't forget to smile and thank them, maybe generate conversation. At least when you're settled in, you have a familiar face to say 'Hi' to around uni. 

Leave your door open - When you're moving in (or even once you're settled) leave your door open so that everyone in halls knows you're there! If one of you need something too, it's less scary knocking on asking them for some toilet roll because you've ran out of yours! 

Take part in what ever is going on - On our first night in halls, we had a halls meeting and all went for dinner together. It was a great way of seeing who we lived with and you will probably find someone that you instantly click with and will continue to be friends with for the duration of your stay. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions - If you have a halls mentor (normally a 2nd or 3rd year) don't be afraid to ask them questions. Whether it's about travelling home, going out, places to shop etc - they are there to support you, not just to make you extremely hungover! 

Make the effort - I know this one sounds a little pushy but you have to remember, some people may not be as open as you are, others may be a little too open but friendships only work when both people put the effort in. Everyone will be in the same boat on the first couple of days so try to stay away from cliques or judging people before you get to know them - you never know... they could be your best friend in a couple of months time! 

Don't feel pressured - There will be things going on that you may not be comfortable with; drugs, drink, smoking etc, but don't feel like you HAVE to do something because everyone else is. I actually only went to the local nightclub 3 times because the student scene just wasn't for me and i'd rather use my money to come home at weekends and see Adam. At times I felt lonely because everyone else would be going out but at the end of the day, I wasn't going to force myself to go out just because everyone else was! 

Most importantly, Be yourself! It's easy to get wrapped up in a little white lie when you meet a bunch of new people and if someone is bragging about their brand new Mini that's sitting in the car park and that they are planning 3 holidays during first year, don't feel like you need to lie to compete with them and look better. At the end of the day, these people you meet at university will be your friends for at least 3 years, maybe more, and will find things out about you in their own time. Don't try to be someone you're not! 

So, if you're starting university this September, enjoy it but remember that you're there for a reason and that's to make a better life for yourself by gaining a degree to kick start your dream career! 

Saturday 24 August 2013

Travel: Brighton 2013

(Picture heavy post)
Well, i'm back! And I must admit, it was quite a nice little break away from the blogging world (although I have been reading some blogs sneakily when I get 5 minutes)

We went to Brighton last Sunday for 4 days to celebrate Adam's birthday. We stayed in a Travelodge on the seafront as we got the rooms SO CHEAP! It was £35 a night!! How amazing is that!? When the offer come up we jumped at the chance and got something booked. I think we both needed the break!! 

I just thought that rather than scheduling tweets / blog posts for while we were away, i'd just take a little bit of a break and come back to it when I was home and settled. I actually have an essay due in on Thursday so i'm not going to be back in the full swing of blogging until after that's in but for now... Take a look at what we got up to in Brighton! 

Day 1 - Sunday Evening: we arrived around 5pm so checked in, fed Millie, freshened up and went for a stroll along the pier and grabbed a burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. We grabbed an early night as it'd be one hell of a day travelling!
 Day 2 - Monday: We went to Bills for breakfast and my god, it was amazing! It was that good, I had exactly the same thing the following day! We then headed into The Laines for some shopping, had a wander around the seafront and got Fish and Chips for dinner (which we really disappointing)
Bills Brighton

 Day 3 - Tuesday: We woke up bright and early and headed down to Bills for breakfast again. We then went to the Sealife Centre and had an hour on the beach! We both bought ourselves some new Air Max 1's and we had dinner in a little Mexican place that wasn't really all that but never the less, we enjoyed ourselves and even Millie tried to tuck into my Burrito! 
 Day 4 - Wednesday: We didn't really do much today. We just had another wander around The Laines, had breakfast in the Hotel for ease, I managed to find a frozen yoghurt bar and came home around midday. 

There is SO much to do in Brighton but I definitely think it's a place to visit when the sun is out. Most things are outdoors and obviously, a beach is always better when the sun is shining! If you've never been to Brighton, I suggest you go! There are so many cute shops, vintage stalls, restaurants and bars (although we couldn't go to these obviously) and so many things to do - it's definitely a good day out! 

I can't wait to go back again! 

Have you ever been to Brighton? What's your favourite thing about it!? 

Sunday 18 August 2013

I'm taking a little break...

We're off to Brighton for a few days today for Adam's birthday so rather than scheduling tweets / posts, i'm going to take a little break from Blogging. It will only be for a week or so but it will enable me to make the best of the time we have when we're away and when we're back, we have a busy weekend so probably won't have time to blog until we're home! 

I've been to Brighton a few times before but i'm excited to go with Adam as it's been years since I have been and of course, it's another little adventure as a family! 

I plan to go shopping (obviously) eat ice cream on the beach, spend ridiculous amounts of money in the arcade, visit the Sea Life Centre and eat Breakfast at Billy's Cafe. I want to get the best Fish and Chips from Harry Ramsdens and take lots of photos now my camera is finally fixed! 

I'll still be tweeting / instagramming so make sure you follow me on those to see what i'm getting up to! 

Have you ever been to Brighton? What would you recommend we do?!