Monday, 29 April 2013

Maintaining your Hair Extensions or Pieces

If you have seen my posts on my Sallys Glitz & Glam Hair Pieces and my other extensions (Big tousled // 1/2 head fibre // Hair extensions) you'll probably wonder how I keep them looking so neat and tidy. All I use is one product, which is X-10 Hair Extension Spray.

You can get so many different types of fibre sprays to help protect your hair extensions, synthetic AND real hair but this is the one I found works best for me and my extensions. All you do is spray onto the hair and comb through using a wide toothed comb... Voila! Easy peasy! (A wide toothed comb doesn't pull at the hair as much as a brush would)

I don't really like to wash my extensions that often, especially synthetic ones as they never dry looking the same as they started out with but when I do, I use fabric softener rather than shampoo on my synthetic pieces and then a tiny bit of shampoo and leave in condition on my real hair extensions and this does the job! I also try to refrain from using heat on my real hair extensions too as it damages them faster than actual human hair. 

If you have a hair piece, check out my video to see how easy it is to maintain your hair piece and keep it looking glossy and new! 

You can buy the X-10 fibre spray off eBay here or buy Fibre oil spray from Sallys Glitz & Glam here.

Do you use hair extensions? How do you maintain yours?! 

Take a look at Beauty Works for even MORE Hair Extensions too!

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Festival Facts: Glastonbury*

Are you heading to a festival this year!? Did you go to any last year!? 

I think that the only good thing about English summers are the amount of festivals there are. There is certain to be a music scene for everyone whether you like Rock, Drum and Bass, Pop or even Folk music... Festivals are just something that us British actually seem to get RIGHT! But do you think of the bigger things when it comes to going to a festival? Like, how many people staff these events? How many burgers are sold? How many portaloos are needed?! 
I know it might sound odd but without thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to organising a festival, it would never be able to take place! Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals that takes place in England, set in the countryside of Somerset, Glastonbury 2013 has already sold out and is set to be a huge hit! But like I said, people forget about the important things that need to be considered to make an event like this happen, so I have listed some of the more unusual facts that you wouldn't of thought of that will give you an idea of the scale of work that needs to happen before... during... and AFTER the event!
The very first Glastonbury Festival was held on the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. There were only 1,500 people there and it cost just £1 to get in, including free milk from the farm!
6 Miles of Ground Trax temporary walkway is made and used for the festival of Glastonbury to ensure the ground is suitable and safe to walk on (even when it rains)!
Glastonbury needs at least 3,225 portaloo toilets and the reason it couldn't run last year was because the London Olympics had taken all of these for their use!
10,000 metres of drinking water hose is required to supply drinking water to the festival goers. 'WRAS approved water pipe' for more information.

Over 100 taps are installed for the duration of the festival and then removed again to put the land back to farming normality. 
150 hand basins are also installed so people can keep clean (or as clean as can be at a festival).

 Over 11 million litres of water used over five days. Crazy, huh!? 
700 metres of urinals so the fields don't get too clogged with... well, yeah. 
In 2002 , the festival's welfare tents handed out 40,000 tubes of sun block to the festival goers to help prevent sunburn over the 4/5 days!
 800,000 million gallons of human waste is collected over the duration of the festival. Imagine what it'd look like if this wasn't done!? Eugh...
30 megawatts of electricity is used for the festival, this is enough electricity to power the city of Bath!! 
Glastonbury will see over 130,000 visitors within the 4/5 days it is running. Not everyone goes for the full length of the festival but come and go as they wish.
 600 police officers are needed to help staff the event in case of any emergencies, further services will be required.
An amazing 34,000 workers including 400 first-aiders run the event from start to finish, with volunteers added onto that!
 The BBC will be taking almost 40 miles of cable and 47 cameras to help record and broadcast the festival. 
Over 100 food stalls are hired to help cater the festival goers! 100 CHOICES OF FOOD!? 

So, knowing all of this - which festival will YOU be going to this year?! 
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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition

Travel Supermarket are currently hosting a fabulous competition that gives you the chance to win a holiday to an amazing destination with £200 to spend on your outfit! 

All you have to do is Publish a Worldwide Wardrobe post on your blog including an outfit and accessories for the five different destinations (Paris, London, Ibiza, Thailand and New York) explaining why you chose each look. You can enter just one of the categories to be in with a chance of winning a holiday to that destination or enter an outfit for all five categories to be in the running to win all five holidays. 
Go here to find out more 

I tried to combine my own style in with each of the outfits and hopefully what I enjoy wearing will be enough to impress the 5 judges. 
These being:

 London - Lily from llymlrs
New York - Lexi from fashionfilth
Ibiza - Emma from milkteef
Paris - Ella from ella-lapetiteanglaise
Thailand - Lily from whatihearttoday

Sight seeing in Paris

Skirt - When I think of Paris, I think of black and white so what better way to wear black and white than to wear polka dots! I love midi skirts, they're so flattering and can go with anything!
Top - To add a bit of colour to this outfit, I decided on a tight crop top but with sleeves to avoid having to wear a jacket.
Shoes - Simple, comfortable flatform sandals so you can get your 'French' Manicured toe-sies out are perfect for wondering the streets of Paris *Paris said in French accent*.
Bag - A simple strapped bag to hold what you need - phone, purse, make-up and a brolly, of course! 
Necklace - I love chunky chains at the moment so to give you a little extra umpgh, i've teamed this up with a gorgeous chained necklace from ASOS.
Hat - Theres not much more a girl can wear but to finish off this outfit nicely, a plain black bowler hat worn over loose curls will make sure all heads turn and look at you!

Shopping in London

Top - Not to be too 'cliché' over the London scene, a baggy Boy London bold tee over a leather midi skirt turns casual into chic for those shops in the Capital! 
Skirt - I love the leather or 'pleather' look so a midi (a favourite of mine) in leather is perfect for a day shopping in the big L. 
Shoes - I don't know anyone that could wear heels whilst walking around London but these lace ups look cute and comfortable and add a bit of an extra detail to the casual look I have gone for with this. 
Bag - Neon is on trend right now so a flash of pink in an easily carried satchel style bag is perfect to give yourself more room for more bags!
Hat - Again, bringing it back down to being casual, a beanie can never be beaten. I LOVE this Hype multi-coloured beanie as it stands out and gives a pretty simple black and white outfit the flash of colour it needs!

Clubbing in Ibiza

Top - Who doesn't want to get their tummy out when they're in the sun!? This 'Pacha' crop is perfect for Ibiza! The gold chain gives the crop a little more detail too and makes it that teeny bit different to all the others that you'll see out there! 
Leggings - Disco pants aren't something I would normally go for but they are so bright and slimming, they're a must when it comes to boogying! 
Bag - This clutch gives the pop of neon we all need whilst partying but doesn't give it away too much. A clutch also means you can keep tight grip onto your belongings without worrying where your bag is dangling!
Trainers - I'm a sucker for a pair of sneaks so teaming the disco pants with a pair of coloured high tops is a perfect way to ensure your feet don't get stomped on whilst your on the dancefloor! 
Lipstick - Giving your lips that little bit extra, this gorgeous pink from MAC will do the job perfectly and clash nicely with the bright blue disco pants, too! 

Full Moon

Shorts - There's no doubt about wearing shorts whilst on the beach and what better way to wear  them than to be partying in Thailand! Casual but sexy for showing off them thighs!
Top - Again, a bright pop of colour to stand out under the moonlight and tassles to give the crop a little difference! 
Shoes - Gladiator sandals have always been a favourite of mine so these paired with the tiny shorts works PERFECTLY for a night on the sand!
Sunglasses - Good enough for a 'look at me' statement and they go perfectly with the style of shorts too - giving that retro kind of feel to a very popular trend!
Hair tie - The last thing you want when you're dancing away in a hot country is a sweaty hair line, so scrape up that hair into a top knot and secure it with this pretty daisy headband! 
Bag - Small enough to carry over your shoulder, big enough to fit everything you need! Plain white also doesn't take peoples eyes away from the bright crop you've got, flaunting your bronzed body obviously. 

Cocktails in New york

Dress - My favourite colour is blue and when I think of New York, I instantly think of Sex and the City and all them dressed the girls wore. You can definitely get away with a more daring outfit so this backless droop dress is perfect for getting drunk on Cosmo's with the girls!
Shoes - Trying not to take the lime light away from the dress, a simple strappy sandal works perfectly and the metallic look gives the outfit a whole different meaning rather than a plain black shoe. 
Bag - Going back to the SATC quote I just referred to, this Vivienne Westwood 'SEX' clutch is perfect. What else do you need for cocktails apart from fresh lippy and money!? 
Earrings - Simple yet necessary. Don't you agree?

I hope you like what i've come up with... If you want to give it a go, check out the terms and conditions here and find out more here

Friday, 26 April 2013

OOTD: 39+5 days pregnant

I've been dressed once this week... Tell a lie, I got dressed to go to the midwife... Then come home and put my pj's straight back on, ha! 

39 weeks pregnant and I literally cannot WAIT to be wearing 'normal' clothes again. Its been a long 9 months of joggers, pj's and midi dresses... And when acceptable, just pants and a t shirt! But hopefully, it'll all soon be over and I can update my wardrobe from last years Autumn colours to this years Spring / Summer colours. As you saw yesterday, I have already started a wish list of clothes i'd love once baby is here and i'm trying to incorporate as many colours and prints as possible because i'm bored of plain colours and BLACK! 

Easily enough though, I spiced up a top that i've pretty much ridden myself to during pregnancy (that's a size 10 btw) with a flash of neon, without looking like a hippo going to a rave! 

Top - H&M 
Leggings - H&M Maternity
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Lips - Primark Pink
Nails - Models Own Bubblegum (Neon)

2 more days until madam is due... Will she keep everyone waiting or will she be punctual like her Mommy!? 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

S/S Wish List: #1 Patterns

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I have been tweeting ALOT about how excited I am to go shopping once baby is here! Literally cannot wait to get some nice summery clothes ready for summer (if we actually have one that is!) 

Lucky thing is, we head down to Cornwall for a few days in June so we're pretty much guarenteed some sun whilst we're down there and I plan on wearing as many summery clothes as possible.

Now, for the last 9 months, i've been wearing dull colours; greys, blacks... the usual 'slimming' colours and the colours that are easy to wear with anything because of bump. So, with the neons and patterns coming back for Summer, I plan to take full advantage of these prints and spice up my wardrobe a little! 



I absolutely LOVE patterned oversized shirts and think they look fab with some shorts and trainers so I think these are going to take priority this summer! 

Keep an eye out for my next Spring / Summer Wish List - they'll be plenty more!