Monday 29 April 2013

Maintaining your Hair Extensions or Pieces

If you have seen my posts on my Sallys Glitz & Glam Hair Pieces and my other extensions (Big tousled // 1/2 head fibre // Hair extensions) you'll probably wonder how I keep them looking so neat and tidy. All I use is one product, which is X-10 Hair Extension Spray.

You can get so many different types of fibre sprays to help protect your hair extensions, synthetic AND real hair but this is the one I found works best for me and my extensions. All you do is spray onto the hair and comb through using a wide toothed comb... Voila! Easy peasy! (A wide toothed comb doesn't pull at the hair as much as a brush would)

I don't really like to wash my extensions that often, especially synthetic ones as they never dry looking the same as they started out with but when I do, I use fabric softener rather than shampoo on my synthetic pieces and then a tiny bit of shampoo and leave in condition on my real hair extensions and this does the job! I also try to refrain from using heat on my real hair extensions too as it damages them faster than actual human hair. 

If you have a hair piece, check out my video to see how easy it is to maintain your hair piece and keep it looking glossy and new! 

You can buy the X-10 fibre spray off eBay here or buy Fibre oil spray from Sallys Glitz & Glam here.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Festival Facts: Glastonbury*

Are you heading to a festival this year!? Did you go to any last year!? 

I think that the only good thing about English summers are the amount of festivals there are. There is certain to be a music scene for everyone whether you like Rock, Drum and Bass, Pop or even Folk music... Festivals are just something that us British actually seem to get RIGHT! But do you think of the bigger things when it comes to going to a festival? Like, how many people staff these events? How many burgers are sold? How many portaloos are needed?! 
I know it might sound odd but without thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to organising a festival, it would never be able to take place! Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals that takes place in England, set in the countryside of Somerset, Glastonbury 2013 has already sold out and is set to be a huge hit! But like I said, people forget about the important things that need to be considered to make an event like this happen, so I have listed some of the more unusual facts that you wouldn't of thought of that will give you an idea of the scale of work that needs to happen before... during... and AFTER the event!
The very first Glastonbury Festival was held on the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. There were only 1,500 people there and it cost just £1 to get in, including free milk from the farm!
6 Miles of Ground Trax temporary walkway is made and used for the festival of Glastonbury to ensure the ground is suitable and safe to walk on (even when it rains)!
Glastonbury needs at least 3,225 portaloo toilets and the reason it couldn't run last year was because the London Olympics had taken all of these for their use!
10,000 metres of drinking water hose is required to supply drinking water to the festival goers. 'WRAS approved water pipe' for more information.

Over 100 taps are installed for the duration of the festival and then removed again to put the land back to farming normality. 
150 hand basins are also installed so people can keep clean (or as clean as can be at a festival).

 Over 11 million litres of water used over five days. Crazy, huh!? 
700 metres of urinals so the fields don't get too clogged with... well, yeah. 
In 2002 , the festival's welfare tents handed out 40,000 tubes of sun block to the festival goers to help prevent sunburn over the 4/5 days!
 800,000 million gallons of human waste is collected over the duration of the festival. Imagine what it'd look like if this wasn't done!? Eugh...
30 megawatts of electricity is used for the festival, this is enough electricity to power the city of Bath!! 
Glastonbury will see over 130,000 visitors within the 4/5 days it is running. Not everyone goes for the full length of the festival but come and go as they wish.
 600 police officers are needed to help staff the event in case of any emergencies, further services will be required.
An amazing 34,000 workers including 400 first-aiders run the event from start to finish, with volunteers added onto that!
 The BBC will be taking almost 40 miles of cable and 47 cameras to help record and broadcast the festival. 
Over 100 food stalls are hired to help cater the festival goers! 100 CHOICES OF FOOD!? 

So, knowing all of this - which festival will YOU be going to this year?! 
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Friday 26 April 2013

OOTD: 39+5 days pregnant

I've been dressed once this week... Tell a lie, I got dressed to go to the midwife... Then come home and put my pj's straight back on, ha! 

39 weeks pregnant and I literally cannot WAIT to be wearing 'normal' clothes again. Its been a long 9 months of joggers, pj's and midi dresses... And when acceptable, just pants and a t shirt! But hopefully, it'll all soon be over and I can update my wardrobe from last years Autumn colours to this years Spring / Summer colours. As you saw yesterday, I have already started a wish list of clothes i'd love once baby is here and i'm trying to incorporate as many colours and prints as possible because i'm bored of plain colours and BLACK! 

Easily enough though, I spiced up a top that i've pretty much ridden myself to during pregnancy (that's a size 10 btw) with a flash of neon, without looking like a hippo going to a rave! 

Top - H&M 
Leggings - H&M Maternity
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Lips - Primark Pink
Nails - Models Own Bubblegum (Neon)

2 more days until madam is due... Will she keep everyone waiting or will she be punctual like her Mommy!? 

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Inspiration in the form of Women*

I think we all have our 'idols' or people that have inspired us, whether they are family, friends or even celebrities, there is always a valid reason as to why these people are a form of inspiration. We have people we look up to for advice, motivation or encouragement, then there are people we look up to for inspiration, someone that we all inspire to be like one day. 

When I was little, I had a keen obsession with the Spice Girls, who didn't, aye!? The 90's pop sensation were one of, if not the most popular girl band of their time and all girls looked to them for inspiration. Wanting to dress like them, sound like them, forming friendship groups where you all took on a role of one of them, but as you get older, the people that inspire us take on a more personal role as to how they fit into our lives. 

3 Women I personally find truly inspirational are Katie Piper, Dame Kelly Holmes and Holly Willoughby. 

Katie Piper was a beautiful, young women with an aspiring modelling career, a career all girls envied. Until a shocking incident in March 2008 scarred her for life. Her ex partner threw acid in her face causing extreme scarring and leading to several skin graft operations to re-form Katie's face. Even after this horrific accident, Katie set up her charity "The Katie Piper Foundation" which raises awareness of victims of burns and other disfigurement injuries and the treatment these people go through to get their lives back to normal. Katie shows that even in the lowest points of your life, you are never alone and you can pick yourself up and start again - something that everyone needs to remember! 

 Image taken from

Dame Kelly Holmes is an Olympic Gold Medalist and has been an athlete from a young age, although she didn't set out like we would all think. Kelly grew up with a close family by her side but after being interested in athletics, once Kelly turned 18, she stopped training and decided she was going to join the army and took this as a huge responsibility in her life. She became so involved in the army she forgot about her aspirations to be an athlete until meeting her old trainer who told her she still had potential to take part in the olympics, a dream Kelly always had. She trained hard, battled numerous injuries and quit the army to become a full time athlete. The hard work paid off when she won 2 Gold Medals in the Athens Olympics in 2004. The same as Katie, Kelly founded the "DKH Legacy Trust", a charity that supports young athletes and helps the lives of young people across the UK which then saw her become Dame Kelly Holmes. A young girl from a small town in Kent has grown to be a very well recognised figure in the sporting industry, an industry that I am particularly keen on after studying Sport and Exercise in College, then becoming a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor and completing a year at University studying Physical Sport Education. Kelly proves that even when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! 

Image taken from

Another well known female that I, especially now I am pregnant, look up to is Holly Willoughby. After presenting the old school Saturday morning programme CD:UK back when I was younger, Holly has gone on to win a BAFTA for her presenting skills, named 'Mum of the Year 2010', has been classed as one of the 100 sexiest women by FHM and also has won 'Best Cleavage'. Now, I know these aren't things people should aspire to in life but remaining classy and being a Mum to 2 children, Holly proves that she has still got it, whether she has children or not. She is definitely a Yummy Mummy! 

Image taken from

 With over 67 females alone, ranging from Dame Kelly herself to Michelle Keegan, you can see the achievements each of them have completed and most of all, understand that everyone starts out from a small point in life and works for what they have. 

Nothing worth having is easy to achieve! 
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Tuesday 23 April 2013


If you own any extensions, you may come across the dilemma that is storing them. They matte if they're not packaged correctly or get tangled amongst brushes in the drawer. It's a nightmare! 

With over 4 different sets of extensions, I often find myself struggling to keep them all in place and where to store them. I do try and keep them in the plastic wallets they come in but its still hard to house these without them getting tangled. This is where HairHangerz come in. 

HairHangerz are a storage solution for hair extensions that lets you clip the extensions on the hanger to store and style your extensions with ease. They also have a cover so that the hair is protected when it's not being worn and they are stored away in your wardrobe so they don't get tangled or matted in drawers or amongst brushes! Perfect, aye!? 

Set up by aspiring Mum of 2, Kate Arnold, she wears extensions herself and was forever getting frustrated with how they always got tangled - so, created this amazing solution of HairHangerz! As well as being able to hang your extensions, there are also 2 sucky pads on the back that lets you stick the hanger to a window, door, mirror etc allowing you to style your extensions with ease! 

I have 3 sets of extensions on my HairHanger (over 12 strips of hair of different lengths) so you really can store all your extensions in one place. It is so easy to use and clip your hair onto and styling / brushing the extensions is so much easier when the hanger is high enough off the ground. The hanger itself is SO sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to break like some plastic hangers do. You can definitely tell that this is going to last a while, no matter how much hair you put on it!

If you struggle with where to keep your hair extensions, get yourself some HairHangerz!!

Monday 22 April 2013

Primark False Eyelashes

I have always been a sucker for a good pair of lashes, something natural but long enough to give your eyes some umpgh! 

I used to buy my false lashes off eBay where you can get 10 pairs for 99p from Hong Kong and although you had to wait 3 weeks for them, i'd buy them in bulk and stock up. I then came across pound shop lashes which were equally as good and I could get these whenever I wanted without having to wait 3 weeks for them... 

This was until I ventured into Primark when they started doing their little 'beauty' bits and noticed these bad boys! 

At £1 for a pair, you really can't grumble and I absolutely LOVE them! The glue isn't the best, it's more like water than glue actually, but I use glue that I have from other sets of lashes or a glue which I buy separately off eBay and they go on like any other lashes would! They have a really nice natural look to them but they are long enough to stand out. I hate these slut lashes people wear that are waaaay too thick or are too big for their eyes. It just doesn't look right! 

I always trim my false lashes so they don't irritate the corners of my eyes and then just blend in with a coat of mascara. They end up looking as natural as they can but they are definitely a must when going out! 

Whenever I go into Primark now, I always stock up - just to be sure I have lashes to last. 

Do you have a favourite pair of False Eyelashes?! I'd love to know so I can try out more! 

Sunday 21 April 2013

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

Due date?
28th April 2013

How far along? 
39 weeks today.

Baby Girrrrrrl.

Maternity clothes?

My leggings have been my saviour through my whole pregnancy but i've found myself living in pajama bottoms or jogging bottoms this week. Haven't really had the energy, or excuse, to get dressed! 

Sleeping whenever I can at the moment. Waking up in the night at least twice and sometimes waking up and staying awake all night :( 

Wriggling and turning now more than kicks, I think she's definitely running out of room in there now!  

Not exactly craving anything anymore. Just back to eating whenever I am hungry (seems to be pretty often)

Not really got any serious symptoms this week. Hands and ankles are still swollen and i'm definitely starting to waddle now if I walk for too long! 

Best moment this week?
Although it was the worse moment too... Being at the hospital and hearing her heartbeat for 20 minutes and monitoring my Braxton Hicks contractions. I was assured that everything was ok but lack of movement got me worried so I had to be monitored in hospital for a while. She's definitely preparing for that journey down south!

Miss anything?
Along with all the things I listed here, most of all missing COMFORTABLE cuddles with Adam.

 Anything making you queasy or sick? 
The thought of giving birth makes me feel a little sick with nerves! 

Labour signs?
Been having lots of regular Braxton Hicks (practise contractions) and lots of lightening pains in my pelvis! 

Belly button in or out?
Out, definitely OUT! 

Rings on or off?
I had to take my rings off at about 28 weeks and they're still off now. Also, I can't wear a watch because it seems my wrists have swollen too! 

Happy or moody most of the time?
Half and Half. If I have a bad night sleep, you can guarantee i'm a grumpy bum the next day! 

Looking forward to?
This time next week. She'll hopefully be here or on her way! 

Also want to mention my stretch marks... I have only developed stretch marks on my 'love handles' which I actually have a few of before falling pregnant. I used Bio-Oil and Cocoa butter for the first few months then recently have been using NYR Mothers Balm and it seems to be easing them so much! I definitely recommend it! 

Thursday 18 April 2013

Beauty Works Clip-In Hair Extensions*

A lover of hair extensions of all kinds, I was so excited to try out these Beauty Works Clip-in's I was sent last week! 

I do have some clip-in extensions but they have been stashed away for a few months due to having my hair ombre'd. Now its all one block colour (minus a few patches of blonde because of a bad hair dye), I can start wearing them again and have gone into a bit of craze!! 

Beauty Works have a HUGE variety of Hair extensions such as hair pieces, pre bonded extensions, wefts, clip ins and buns / plaits. The quality of Beauty Works hair is by far the best i've ever had and after around 6 years of wearing extensions, that's quite something! 

I have the 18 inch Beauty Works Clip-In Extensions in Hot Toffee (4) (£110.00) and they come with 3 strips of Hair: 2 strip x 4 clips and 1 strip x 2 clips

 This might not seem a lot compared to other sets of extensions, but the hair is so thick (140g) that you really don't need anymore than that! I hate having to clip loads of different sections into my hair and I feel that it's so much more effort than just 2 thick pieces and it also looks a lot more natural too. 

As you can see, the clips are sewn securely onto a thick piece of fabric which allows for an even tighter fit when you put them in. I honestly don't think that I will find any other extensions that are as good as these. 

I was also lucky enough to be sent a Beauty Works Quadruple Weft which is one strip of hair that is 4 x the thickness of one strip of normal weft. So its not just double the thickness, it's QUADRUPLE the thickness. These wefts are made to add volume and length to already thick hair or, you could use just 2 of these to give your shorter hair volume and length as they really are THAT THICK! 

The Quad weft (£59.99) comes with 4 clips on a single strip of hair and is attached with good, strong clips that help to secure a perfect fit into your hair. 

I have used both of these extensions together as it gives the PERFECT natural look that I want and is SO SO THICK! They are so easy to apply and stay in all day long! Being human hair also means you can style them as you wish using straighteners, curlers etc although I do try and keep heat away from them, just so they last longer! 

You really won't find any human hair clip in extensions that are better than Beauty Works! 

To buy yours now, use my unique link to get the hair you've always wanted:
*(Product sent by Beauty Works)

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Barry M 'Wink' Eye Marker

When I did my 'Everyday Make up Tutorial', I had quite a few comments asking what the eyeliner that I used was so, I thought i'd let you all know that it was this bad boy! 

I won a competiton a few months back with Barry M through Twitter and got to choose 4 products of my choice, one of them was this eyeliner. I love wearing winged liner and am always on the look out for a new one, although i'm so picky with mascara wands and eyeliner brushes, I struggle to find one that I can stick to! When I first tried this, it was like drawing on myself with a pen, it felt weird! But, after a few uses, I actually really liked it. The previous liner I was using was discarded and this took its place! 

The ease of literally drawing on your liner makes this the best product to use if you struggle applying winged liner. I can do my liner with this pen in about 20 seconds (see the video if you don't believe me) and it's very rare I have to touch it up or it looks odd. I LOVE IT! 

I generally wear make-up for about 6 hours at the moment as I don't wear any unless i'm wearing the house and it has pretty good staying power. All I find is that in the corner of my eyes, it smudges a little towards the end of the day / night but that may because I rub my eyes in the corners a lot! 

If you want to try this (and I highly recommend you do) you can get it here for £4.59

Do you have a favourite eye liner!? 

Monday 15 April 2013

OOTN: Blue Bump

I finally managed to get a little dressed up on Friday when Me & Adam went out for a meal to San Giovanni

Over the last few weeks, I haven't really had any energy to get dressed let alone apply a full face of make-up so I enjoyed taking 2 hours getting ready and looking good for him (or trying to). As well as singing along to many Disney classics, as you do...

Although I have managed well through my pregnancy with fashion, the past month have been a bit of a shitter when it comes to going clothes shopping. I find myself getting so depressed over the fact that there are so many nice things but I just can't fit into them, so I stopped buying clothes (apart from the mni haul I had go here to see it) and I want to save some money ready for when I get my 10/12 figure back (IF WHEN it comes back)!

Dress - Primark 
Blazer - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Primark 
Bag - Primark
Hair Extensions - Beauty works 18 inch Clip in here
Nails - Models Own Bubblegum Pink
Lips - Primark Pink
Eyelashes - Primark

(VERY Primark based)

I had such a nice evening and the meal was fantastic! So good, I actually forgot to take photo of it!