Saturday, 9 November 2019

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

This year I wanted to try out my creativity when it came to Halloween and I searched the Net for some ideas on mermaid styles of makeup, a lot of them used the fishnet tights method (using the tights to create a scale effect using eyeshadow on your face or skin) but I wanted to add more gore into it. I come across an image that had half makeup and half gore so I put my own twist on it.

Using products from Makeup revolution,  Juvia’s place (Saharan palette), Morphe and some gems from Primark, I managed to come up with a purple, blue and pink style mermaid look and then used a mixture of latex and cotton pads to create the torn skin effect. The beauty side of this was so fun to do and I’m definitely going to recreate it without the gore in future; a banging set of lashes and a pink lip and this would be amazing! 

Mermaid makeup blues purples and pink with a gory scale detail across one eye making it look like the ski has been torn showing scales underneath


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