Friday 1 February 2019

So Divine Love Egg

Whether sex toys are your thing or not, it’s always nice to be able to add a little bit of variety to the bedroom. So Divine have a huge range of toys that can be used for anything and everything; for women, men, straight, gay, couples and singletons, their range can cater for all and they bring Amazing quality sex toys at a really affordable price.

With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, it’s always a day that we feel should be celebrated whether you’re in a relationship or not. The brand-new love egg is a small vibrator that comes with a remote control, meaning that if you are in a couple, both of you could have some fun. Sex shouldn’t have to start with just two people, it’s great to really enjoy yourself and explore side that you may not have done before by using toys. Sex is often a subject that is either skipped or not spoken about enough and I can probably vouch for a lot of other girls out there, single or not, that toys are a very welcome addition to the bedroom.

The So Divine Love egg (£54.99) is a rechargeable vibrator that can be used on both men and women, it comes in a Discrete velvet feel pouch and is rechargeable, so no need for batteries. The remote control can be used by the person using the egg or to spice things up a little... someone else to let them take control. It’s a perfect size, almost pocket size, to take on weekends away or just simply to pop in your handbag if you feel like it’s going to be a long day.

If you wanted to treat someone this Valentine’s Day to something a little different or maybe even treat yourself, I deafly recommend grabbing one of these, I can promise you - you won’t be sorry

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