Wednesday 25 July 2018

In The Night Garden LIVE! Review

If you have children, the name Iggle Piggle will be very familiar to you and you might even wince when you hear them however, Iggle Piggle is much loved in our house by both kids and even so, by us! Many a nights where it has come to 6:30pm and we’re literally counting down the minutes until bedtime, ‘In the Night Garden’ has saved us and given us the last 10 minutes of sanity needed until it’s time to go to sleep! 

In the Night Garden LIVE is a live, character filled showing of the much loved TV programme, with all the kids’ favourites including Makka Pakka, The Tomliboos and even Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy right there in front of you - 2018 sees the last of these shows though so if you want to go, you need to be quick and get your tickets fast! There are still tickets available for the Manchester shows until 19th August 2018! 

In the Night Garden LIVE

We went to the Birmingham shows that were held in Cannon Hill Park, the show itself is set in a huge Showdome which has snacks and drinks available to buy, a buggy part and an area for meet and greets after the show! It’s a layered theatre and seats are tiered benches meaning kids have enough room to crawl and walk about if they get bored. It’s fully air-conditioned too so don’t worry about getting too hot and there’s lots of shade to hide under when you’re waiting to go in. 

The show lasts for an hour with a quick start so that the children don’t get bored. There are sing-a-longs and stories told throughout and you can choose between a few different showings depending on who your favourite characters are! We went for ‘Makka Pakka washes faces!’ and Mylo loved it! 

In the Night Garden LIVE

The characters themselves are used in different ways so there are life sized characters including Makka Pakka, Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and then there is also a puppet version of Makka Pakka, The Tomliboos and The Pontipines to give the comparison of sizes between them all (something I never quite understood when watching the TV programme). The puppets and controlled by helpers (as seen below) and is actually done really well! 

The kids loved seeing the life sized versions of the characters and even the parents did too! There was lots of cheers and clapping every time a new character came on set and it was fun to see the interaction between them all! 

Even though Mylo is only 1, he really enjoyed it! He was bouncing up and down and dancing to the music and songs and was engrossed by all of the lights that were projected onto the roof before and during the performance. The length of the show made it really easy to keep children entertained and Millie really loved it too! 

With standard tickets starting from £14.50, it’s a great price to pay for a morning out and for the kids to see some of their favourite characters! There are still lots of tickets left for the Manchester show and don’t forget, this is the last year you’ll be able to catch In the Night Garden LIVE! so make sure you don’t miss out! 

Disclaimer: (I was kindly gifted tickets in exchange for a review of the show)

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