Friday 1 June 2018

Profusion Cosmetics Review

I love finding and trying new makeup brands and so when I come across Profusion Cosmetics, I was so excited to see how they were as their palettes looked amazing and great value! With a huge variety of products including different eyeshadow palettes, brow palettes, contour and highlight palettes, beauty books, brushes and sponges all at an affordable price! You can have a look at the range of products over on their website - 

The Eye and Cheek palette (£12.95) was the one I was excited to try the most - with 12 eyeshadows, 3 being metallic and the rest matte, 2 golden shimmers and 4 bright blushes, it has everything you need to create a day to night makeup look. The colours of the eyeshadows are perfect and include some gorgeous transition colours too so you could use bolder colours on top if you wanted to create more of a bolder look. The size of the eyeshadows are fab, you get plenty of product in all 3 products; blusher, shadows and highlight, the blushers are just a little tricky to get to and you’d need to use a small blusher brush to pick up the pigment without getting any other shadows on the brush too. 

When trying the shadows out for the first time to get swatches, it was clear that the shadows were very powdery - especially the lighter ones (see next photo), they were very crumbly and made a bit of a mess of the palette once I had used my finger to get the pigment. However, that said, the pigmentation is fab and all colours, light and metallics, gave off amazing pigment on the swatches. I did try with a brush and it didn’t leave as much of a mess or much kick-back but it also didn’t seem to pick up as much product. 

The blushers and highlighters again, have fab pigment and went on smoothly and didn’t have the powdery like consistency that the shadows did but again, when using a brush it didn’t seem to pick up a great amount of pigment, especially from the highlighters. I guess you can apply more if required but it’s very subtle. 

The next palette is the Amber Eyes palette (sold out) which I think is a little bit of a dupe for the Naked Heat palette - using burnt oranges and lighter colours, it’s a great summer palette to do more spring/summer looks with some lovely deeper transition colours. There are 12 eyeshadows in this palette, 2 being shimmer/metallic ish, and it comes with a double-ended brush. The shados in this aren’t as powdery as the ones in the Eyes and Cheek palette however, the pigment isn’t as good as those either - the darker colours come out better than the lighter and shimmer colours and again, it works best by using fingers rather than a brush but they do blend out nicely and are buildable so you’re able to get the intensity you want from the shadows if you work with them. 

The packaging on both of the eyeshadow palettes is quite sturdy but it makes them quite heavy - the amber eyes palette has a built in mirror too which I like on eyeshadow palettes as you can use it for getting up close but I think that the tin case could be changed to make it more light-weight. 

Last up, the Brow palette (£7.95) is such good value for what you get inside! The same kind of packaging, so it’s quite heavy but very durable and you know that the shadows won’t get smashed. The palette contains 4 Eyebrow Powders, 1 Eyebrow Pencil, 1 Brow Highlight, 1 Brow Wax & 1 Dual-Ended Brow Brush - the colours will suit most people as you can mix between them all to get the perfect colour for you and use the wax to set. The chocolate brown colour works perfectly for me as its the darkest but I use the soft brown and pencil to fill in the fronts and carve underneath my brows for precision. The shadows are bendable and the pigment lasts most of the day so theyre a better formula compared to the eyeshadow products. 

Overall, for the price of the palettes and the amount of shadows you get, they are all fab value however, the chalky shadows put me off in the eyes and cheek palette but the brow palette is something I use on a daily basis. I do like the metallic shadows in the larger palette and the colours in the Amber eyes palette are gorgeous but I don’t find myself reaching for either of those and use other shadows that I have instead. 

If you’re only just getting into makeup and want to build your stash, they’re great additions but for those of you who are used to higher end products, you’ll be disappointed. 

*Gifted items

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