Friday 22 June 2018

3 Family Holiday Ideas

Sometimes holidays can become a little same old, same old. If you feel as though you are stuck in a rut with regards to how you spend your holidays, it may be time to get a bit creative and try something new. The usual two weeks in the med every year can become a little stale after a while and whether you are travelling as a family or you are single, it’s good to make changes once in a while. In fact, an activity holiday is probably more suitable to a family as you won’t get the “I’m bored!” statement every five minutes!

There are so many options available, the hardest part will be choosing which activity to participate in this holiday! Here are some ideas:

I’ve never actually been Skiing but, I’ve been told that it's great fun and can be really exciting! The thrill of learning a new skill is great for building self esteem and the adrenaline rush of building up speed whilst travelling down the slopes will fulfill the needs of even the most serious risk taker! Skiing also has many health benefits, it's easy to forget that it is a great form of exercise, excellent for increasing stamina and coordination. It is also a sport which is done outdoors so you reap the health benefits of breathing in mountain fresh air. Skiing is excellent for families and children can receive expert tuition from a very young age on the nursery slopes. Andorra ski holidays offer excellent holiday options for visiting the Andorra region.

Sailing encompasses a whole host of options. You could choose to learn how to sail a yacht, learn to canoe or book a holiday kayaking down one of the many white water rivers throughout the world. Sailing offers a freedom that is seldom met by other activities, you can choose to explore at leisure, simply visiting areas of coastline wherever the wind blows! If you find the thought of sailing your own boat a little daunting, you could charter a boat, complete withy your own skipper. You will have plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling and watching the sunset... Not so sure that we’d enjoy this though as Adam and Millie got super sea-sick on our last boat trip and it didn’t go down well!

Go on a Kenyan safari
If you have a travel bucket list, going on safari is probably close to the top (it is for me!) The thrill of watching animals in their natural habitat is unsurmountable, especially when those animals are normally only seen in zoos or on the pages of a child’s story book. Kenya offers the ultimate safari experience, you can view lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and zebras living amongst the forest and grassy savannah! How incredible would that be for your kids to witness!?

Going on safari also offers an element of thrill and adventure. Setting off into the unknown protected only by your 4x4 is exhilarating. You can book various experiences, including river safari’s and nighttime safaris. Accommodation can be as luxurious or basic as you like, ranging from tents to luxury lodges!

There are many travel operators that deal only with holiday experiences that are a little out of the “norm”. Do your research and book that flight!

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