Thursday 17 May 2018

Planning a Children's Party

Children's birthday parties are something that for me, just completely represent what being a kid is all about! Inviting all of your friends to dance, play and eat cake is the best part of having a birthday and I love to make them special. Ever since we've had Millie, she's had so many different kinds of birthday parties - She's had small parties for friends and family, soft play parties, farm parties and your standard 'sports hall' party and so planning them can be a bit of a hefty task, especially now we have Mylo and his birthday is just 5 days after Millie’s!

For the next couple of years, I can only imagine we'll be throwing joint parties for them both in order to keep me sane and to keep them both happy - it also means that we don't have to hire 2 different places for 2 lots of parties for the same people but, it does mean there may be a clash of themes when it comes to these parties! Millie is your typical girly girl and loves anything pink, anything to do with Unicorns or Mermaids and Mylo is, well at the moment, a boisterous boy whom I can only presume will be into cars, dinosaurs and getting dirty! So, with this in mind, it's great to know that there are companies out there that can help when it comes to parties to provide everything we could want and need to make it an unforgettable day for both of the kids!

Personalised Parties is a website where you can buy pre-made party packs that include everything you need to throw a party! Not just birthdays, may I add, they have party packs on there for most occasions; Easter, Summer, Christmas, you name it - they have it! The best thing is, that you can personalise your party packs, if you choose, to include ages or names, meaning it's a one of a kind decoration just for you! Millie had a Unicorn themed party for her 5th Birthday a few weeks ago and so we got the Unicorn party pack which included 56 items (for 8 people):

x8 Personalised Unicorn party plates  
x8 Unicorn party cups 
x8 Personalised Unicorn party boxes
x8 Unicorn party hats
x8 Unicorn party masks
x16 Personalised Food flags

We also had invites and thank you cards made too and got some personalised wrapping paper for Millie which we have kept as a keep sake!

If you're throwing a standard party then it's a great pack to give you everything you need to line the tables! You can used the party boxes as treat boxes or fill them with sandwiches and snacks for each child that comes - doing this means you won't waste any food either! It was great to know that everything was on theme and we didn't need to get much else to cater for the guests, just the important bits like the cake and sweets! We got the same pack but in a different theme for Mylo's birthday and this was personalised by having the number 1 on everything - unfortunately, we didn't end up throwing him a party but we used the plates and cups for a BBQ we had at home the following week! You can check out all of their party themes here.

As for actual decorations, Unicorns are everywhere so it wasn't difficult to find some bits however, rather than getting them all separately and wondering if they would arrive on time, we were kindly sent a party pack from Pinnable Parties which included everything we could have dreamed of to make Millie's party the best Unicorn party EVER! Pinnable parties hope to provide you with everything you need to make the perfect 'Pintrest inspired' party at one set cost, meaning you're not scouring the web endlessly looking for confetti filled balloons or unicorn head-pieces - they have lots of different themes available and can work to your budget! Our unicorn party box came full of:
Unicorn head pieces

Unicorn party poppers
Happy Birthday bunting
Unicorn bunting
Paper tassel bunting
Unicorn paper cups
Unicorn serving plates
Unicorn Party bags and pre-made party bag fillers

It was so easy to know that we had everything we needed to decorate the house and the venue for her birthday party in one place and we simply took the box along with us and decorated the room within half an hour! Everything was setup and ready to go and she loved it! Get in touch with Ami who runs Pinnable Parties if you'd like to find out more on what she can offer you!

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