Friday 4 May 2018

How to use props in Photos

Everyone is raving mad about making photographs ‘instagrammable’ and doing everything for ‘the gram’ but how can you make what is a boring flat lay look like something that should be in an interior magazine? Props. It’s all about photo props! Being a blogger, props are both the life and soul of a photo, something that helps a simple image stand out amongst the rest but can also be something that makes you poorer than a pauper!

 It’s great to stock up on props including trinkets, jewellery and cute mugs but you’ll find yourself with an ever-growing collection that you only make use of every so often. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but more about making the most of what you’re buying and using for different purposes!

My blog photos have definitely improved over the years and this has led onto my social photos doing the same! Over on my Instagram, I like to share a mixture of life and beauty images, not forgetting what Instagram was set out to be in the first place (a way to share instant memories) but I know that over time, people have become picky with what they like to see and more and more people like the ‘well-arranged’ style photos instead of a quick snap and upload so I take my time to do these alongside the natural ones. 

 I like to grab bits and pieces to go in images that look good aesthetically but are also great to be used as a purpose like copper or wire baskets, trinket dishes, photos and prints, pots and containers and vases – these are all great props but you can also use them when you’re not taking images as decorative objects and features at home. I love to use photo frames too, the little instax-mini ones are fab as they’re easy to store and are a great feature!

If you’re on the hunt for props or even some d├ęcor for your home, take a look at ESPIRIT, as they have some gorgeous pieces that would be great in photos or on your dressing table. Be savvy with what you already have around the house and remember, not everything has be used for what it’s made for! Plant pots could make great snack holders, glasses could make cute, tiny vases… 

Throws and blankets are also a great thing to have lying around as they make great backdrops or flat lay pieces. This beautiful grey patterned blanket from ESPIRIT would look lovely over the back of a chair but easy to whip off and use as a flat lay backdrop for an Insta pic! Use your imagination and you’ll find you will be able to do much more with a lot less of what you already have!


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  4. Thanks for the helpful tutorial on using props in photos! I've always struggled to make my shots more interesting, but your tips really hit the mark. I especially loved the idea of incorporating unique items like Rick Grimes's murder jacket to add intrigue and storytelling to my photos. Can't wait to experiment with props and take my photography to the next level. Keep the awesome tips coming!


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