Monday 7 May 2018

Food Review: Bistrot Pierre Spring/Summer Menu

If you’re a reader of my blog you would have seen that back in October, we went over to Leicester to take a look and try the food at Bistrot Pierre - you can read more on that review here. A french styled restaurant hidden in the cobbled streets just 5 minutes walk from Leicester's busy shopping centre, Highcross. It’s a very chic yet casual restaurant, completely inspired by the cute cafes and restaurants in France and with new items added to the menu for the Summer season, it’s a great time to head over and see what they have to offer! Perfect for everyone; families, couples, dates, there is an array of food waiting to be tried and from 2 amazing menus!
You can choose to dine:
Prix fixe Lunch 3 course for £13.95

Spring evening prix fixe 2 course dinner £14.95
Menu enfant £6.95 Main, Dessert + drink 
Spring A La carte Menu 
Soiree Gastronomique which is a 6 course set dinner available on selected dates 
Diner et van 3 course for £27.95 + specially selected wine with each course 
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We decided to go with some items from the A la Carte menu as there was much more choice on there compared to the set menu, however we were happy eating from that as the food sounded lovely! Before we ordered ours, we had the kids food ordered just so it could be brought out as soon as possible and they actually had theirs before we got our starters which is incredible if you have kids - the worst thing is waiting for them to get their food! 

All tables come with french bread and butter and you can have as much as you like - just ask for more when your basket is empty. For starters though, we got the Assiette Méditerranéenne which is a sharing platter of all of the nibbles available on the menu including Chorizo, Olives, Camembert, tapenade, sun-dried tomatoes, houmous and parfait - its the perfect starter for anyone who loves light and yummy food! 

There are 6 new additions to the starters though so theres a lot more too choose from if that doesn’t sound like your thing, options include:

Calamars (Crispy fried squid) 

Fritôt de Brie (Deep fried Brie)
Cassolette de moules (Mussels)
Salade de canard (Crispy duck)
Asperges (Goats cheese salad) 
Soupe de poisson (Fish/Shellfish soup)

bistrot pierre leicester

bistrot pierre leicester

Kids food

The childrens menu is great value for money as it includes their Main, Dessert and a Drink so you won’t waste money on things that you don’t know if they’ll eat! Millie is a massive fan of Macroni cheese so when she knew that was available, she didn’t need to know anything else! Mylo eats big meals now too so we also got him a kids meal which was Chicken breast and they both loved it! All of the childrens meals are served with fries and cucumber/tomatoes unless you ask otherwise. 

The other meals available for the children are:
Fish Goujons
Ham and Cheese Toastie 

They then both had pudding - Millie had Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and Mylo had Strawberry ice cream Coupe which came with marshmallows and meringue (I actually had the bigger version for my pudding as it looked so good!) 

The other puddings available are:
Choice of Ice cream

bistrot pierre leicester

bistrot pierre leicester

A la Carte Menu

As I said, we went for meals from the A la carte menu as there was just more choice, you can see the full A la carte menu here and the Evening 2 course prix fixe menu here - as we had quite a light starter, we both fancied something that was meaty and would fill us up, being torn between the 9oz Rib-eye Steak and Médaillons de porc, Adam decided to go for the Steak which came with a choice of 2 sauces - Garlic or Peppercorn. He had it served with side salad and a portion of fries and was cooked Medium-Rare: absolutely perfect. 

I am so indecisive when it comes to eating out and usually have to look before we arrive so that I have plenty of time to choose but all of it sounded so good, I knew whatever I chose I’d be happy with and I was torn between the new Poulet printanier (chicken) or Epaule d’agneau (moroccan Lamb) and so I got the Lamb on the recommendation of our lovely waiter. It was probably the best bit of Lamb I’ve ever eaten and it came with a gorgeous sauce and giant cous cous with vegetables and roasted potatoes on the side. 

The other new options to choose from are:
Salade de poulet £12.75 (Grilled chicken and Avocado salad) 
Salade de canard £13.50 (Crispy duck salad) 
Poivron farçi £9.95 (Stuffed peppers + mushrooms) 
Loup de mer £14.95 (Sea bass) 
Croquettes de poisson £12.95 (Fish cake)

bistrot pierre leicester

bistrot pierre leicester


As I said, the kids had their puddings included in the price of the childrens meal and Millie went for the brownie and we got Mylo the Strawberry ice cream which was topped with fresh strawberries, cream, marshmallows and meringue. We aren't usually ones to go for a pudding as I sometimes prefer to have a starter but we saw the options and had to have one! You can see all of the desserts here

Adam decided to go for the Creme Brûlée and I had the same as Mylo but just a bigger portion! It was so yummy and could have eaten it twice! 

The new options to the dessert menu are:
Mousse au chocolat £5.50 (Chocolate and Hazelnut mousse) 

Sundae au chocolat et cerise £6.25 (Chocolate ice cream sundae) 

It’s such an underrated place to eat and we love going back here! The food is absolutely perfect and the service is impeccable and of course, if you have children, they’re great with kids too and have everything they could need! When you arrive, the menu also doubles up as a colouring book so they’ll be entertained for the whole meal! But, if you’re without kids and want a treat, they have an extensive wine menu where you can try some amazing french wines and enjoy the luxury of the restaurant and it’s french feel. 

bistrot pierre leicester

*This meal was kindly gifted to us for review purposes

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