Tuesday 8 May 2018

Flight Advice: How NOT to miss your flight this Summer

“This is the last call for passengers X, Z and Y. Please proceed to the gate immediately.” We’ve all been there and it isn’t a pretty sight. The false smiles from airline staff; the stares from disgruntled passengers; and the realisation that the holiday was almost an absolute flop. Missing a flight is one of the worst feelings in the world, so why are we so blasé about the whole experience? People, your time sipping cocktails on a beach is on the line! Hopefully, the last sentence should be enough to make you see sense.

With summer fast approaching and holidays being booked left, right and centre, you can grab some amazing summer deals over on Groupon which give you top Holiday Extras discounts on flights, hotels and package holidays. If you're looking for a quick weekend escape you can find those too, but make sure you follow these tips to make sure you don’t end up regretting planning their trip properly and missing their flight:
Book A Hotel
Not just any hotel – one that is on the premises. Savvy businesses such as the Marriot work well with airlines around the world and, this is a huge plus for fliers. By booking into a Courtyard airport establishment, you can save the embarrassment of missing out on expenses paid holiday. The grounds are feet away from the landing strip, so there is no way you won’t be there on time. I know what you’re thinking: what about the cost? Well, a room totals around £50 for a night, roughly the amount for a taxi.
Make Use Of Lounges
I’m by no means a luxury traveller, although I would love to experience it more often if possible! However, as a Mum, I understand that getting two kids and a boyfriend to the gate on time is a tough job. So, the two-hour rule is by no means in effect. If anything, it’s a one-hour-and-a-mad-rush-through-security job. Anyway, the kids won’t last in an airport for 180 minutes, right? Maybe not, if there is a lounge. Usually, there is free food, drinks (alcohol) and entertainment included within the price. It’s fun for all the family at a low cost of £15-£25.
Get Through Security Quicker
We would all love to miss out the queues and head straight through to the duty-free section. Of course, it never works that way as there is always a line at security. Thankfully, it is possible to get through faster than usual if one is prepared to be organised and make sacrifices. For example, pack everything in your hand luggage in order of what will stay in and what will come out. Anything electronic has to go through the scanners in a separate tray so they should be at the top. It’s a small timesaver yet it works. Desperate people must ask kindly to jump the queue.
Stay Focused
Picture the scene. Everyone is through and there are plenty of minutes left on the clock. Great, time for a well-deserved liquid lunch and a bit of shopping. Although it’s fine to start the holiday at the airport, don’t forget to concentrate. According to frequent fliers and airline workers, people who miss flights are inside the lobby ready and raring to go. Still, they daydream and forget that there is a plane to catch. Don’t be a dummy – be aware of your flight time and gate number!
Have you ever missed a flight? If so, what are your methods for airline punctuality?


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