Tuesday 20 March 2018

Insta Memories

Since having children, making and keeping memories has been something that I’ve always wanted to stick with and continue to do, not just for my sake but for the kids to look back on too! I usually just take photos and little videos on my phone or try and grab some better quality images on my camera if it’s out but sometimes it’s hard to capture the moment if you’re constantly waiting for something to happen thats worth photographing. That’s why I love my Instax so much! 

Back in 2016, Adam got me my Instax Mini 8 for Christmas along with some cute accessories like a cool case and an album to put some pictures in. Ever since, I’ve used it for pretty much every special occasion we’ve shared and store them all in my little photo album. It’s such a lovely way to document life and look back on them without sitting in front of a screen and using the digital kind. 

Instax Mini’s are the newer, more modern version of your old school Polaroid camera - we actually have an older one but have no film for it. But the great thing is that the pictures are instant (obviously) and are great sizes as they’re not too small but they’re not large like the originals. The quality of the images is great too - once you’ve figured out the best way to use it, it works great in most lighting and is perfect to stick in your bag and take everywhere! 

I try and use mine for special occasions so Christmas’s, Birthdays etc and I always scribble a date on the bottom too so that when we look back, we know exactly what was happening or how old the kids were too. Millie loves looking through the little book at older photos and I also like to know what was going on and when. You can get really creative with your images as they can sometimes come out quite retro and old school but if you’re just after a point and shoot, it’s perfect for that too!

Getting to grips with taking a selfie is probably the hardest part as the button to take the picture is on the front and there is no viewfinder to know if you’re point it in the right place but with a little bit of practise, you’ll soon get the hang of it and you’ll have selfies printed and popped around the house in no time! I like to put my favourites in these cute little shaker frames - I got some of mine from Boots and Urban Outfitters but you can also get them from TK Maxx and ASOS! 

If you’re looking for a different way to document 2018 I can definitely recommend getting an Instax, they start from around £60.00 but you can get newer versions and different colours too so just have a look for what you’re after and let the memories begin! ASOS currently have 20% off for students too so grab yours here now!

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