Thursday 22 March 2018

Getting ready to enjoy the Summer...

After beast from the east and its nasty, cold friends visited the UK over the last few weeks, summer feels like a long way off. However, it will soon be time to put your winter clothes away (if you haven’t done so already?!) and turn your attention to getting summer ready! You can almost smell the spontaneous BBQ’s and feel the long, lighter evenings!

There are a few things that you can do to make sure you’re ready to make the most of even a hint of nice weather:

Tidy up the garden – Whilst your garden shouldn’t have grown much over winter, if you didn’t cut back your bushes and trim your trees then you might have a bit of work to do to make it a bit more pleasant to sit in. Also, you don’t want to be blocking out any sunshine from coming into your garden. If you haven’t got much storage space to put toys, bikes, garden furniture etc. then now is the time to buy a simple storage space or shed - ours live in the wendy-house!  If you have a barbeque then you might want to give it a thorough check over to see if it is still working and if you need to buy any more equipment for it, I think well be getting a new one this year as ours has been uncovered and looks a little battered! You could start stocking up on things like charcoal because you know what it is like trying to buy it on a sunny day when everybody has had the same idea! 

Set up your suntrap – If you like to spend time in the sunshine then you will want to set up your garden furniture in a place that has the most sunshine hours. So think about where the last bits of sun will be each day and set up your furniture there. Check your garden furniture is going to be comfortable and if it needs a lick of paint or some new cushions then get that taken care of early on.Spending time outdoors provides you with essential vitamin D and will help to boost your mood, so try and spend as much time outdoors as you can, whilst you have the chance.

Get your summer wardrobe and accessories – Sort through last year’s summer outfits and see if it is time to send some to the charity shop, Ive had a huge clear out already so start thinking about your summer accessories and maybe treat yourself to some new jewellery. There are some really captivating summer jewellery collections out at the moment, view this website to see some examples. The jewellery trends for the summer include shoulder-grazing earrings and ultra-thin, layered necklaces. There are some stunning bracelets that will really get you in the mood for summer with floral patterns and lovely bright colour schemes.

Make plans – Whilst it is difficult to get an accurate weather forecast for a few weeks in advance, keeping an eye on the forecast and making plans will ensure you make the most of the nicer months. If you’re thinking about taking a camping trip, why not do all of your research now and then when the weather looks good you can just head off without delay. Have a list of events and places that you want to visit and then you can head off in the car or on the train for your adventures. If you don’t have any plans in place then you might find that you get busy with other things and before you know it, the summer will have passed without all of the magical memories that you were hoping to make!(Guest written post)


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