Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What to watch with the Kids during Half Term

The February Half Term is strange - half the country had last week off but we seem to be a week late and have this week off. So along with planning our days for the rest of the week, it’s nice to know that we can relax a little bit when we’re all out of steam and pop the TV on. It’s good to have a backup plan too incase the weather isn’t kind and it decides to rain off our outdoor plans. 

We’ve had an arts and crafts day already (because it meant that I could tidy up after and the house would say relatively tidy for the remainder of the week) and we’re also off trampolining, to the farm, swimming, soft play and we’re also going on a Gruffalo hunt too! But for a bit of a chill out time for the kids (or me) in-between we’ll have a living room picnic and stick some television on. Of course, it’s nothing like being at the cinema and we don’t have a fancy 4K Panasonic Television to watch in awe, although I do wish we did, we’ll stick to what we’ve got a choose from a range of shows and films that are suitable for us all.

We’ve all got our favourites so I usually give Millie an option and she can choose what she wants, with the help of Netflix and an ever-growing DVD and Blu-Ray collection, we’re never short of things to watch! 

Some of our favourite DVD’s are: 
The Lion King
Despicable Me
Toy Story 
Beauty and The Beast

Some of our favourite films on Netflix are:

Some of Millie’s favourite programmes to watch are:
The Furchester Hotel (available on cBeebies and Netflix)
Paw Patrol (NickJr + Netflix)
Bubble Guppies (NickJr + Netflix)
Dora the Explorer (NickJr + Netflix)

What we’re going to watch this week on Netflix:
Night at the Museum
Trolls (The beat goes on)
Nine Lives
Rise of the Guardians 

kids netflix shows

(Collaboration with Panasonic)

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