Tuesday 27 February 2018

Primark Beauty 2018

EVERYONE loves Primark. Even if you don’t need anything, who can walk out of Primark empty handed?! Definitely not me. Whether it’s stuff for the kids, a new pair of shoes or some random stuff that I don’t actually need, they have such an array of products that are so reasonably priced that they’re fast becoming the one-stop-shop for everything you could need (apart from your weekly food shop, obvs).

One thing they’ve upped their game on is their Beauty department. Going from stocking a few cheap, basic items and a couple of sets of falsies to having an entire range of products and skincare items. I took a trip to my local store in Burton to see what they had and managed to grab myself some complete bargains. Take a look at what I got and what my first impressions of everything are... 

primark beauty products

primark beauty

primark unicorn beauty

First up, not exactly beauty related but totally acceptable - these cute little Mermaid shell and Unicorn lights! Just £3.00 each they come with batteries so they’re ready to use and they’re perfect to have as blog photo props! When I’m not using them, they’ll be used by Millie as she loves them and wanted them for in her bedroom. I really want to re-decorate her room this summer too and give it a bit of a makeover so it’s somewhere she can go and play or read. I’ve always wanted to make her a reading corner with some shelves and a little princess drape so that’s my plan and these will look adorable on the wall or on a shelf in her room! 

I also got a little trinket bowl too which was £2.50 again, perfect for photos for Insta and blog pictures but also it looks gorgeous on my dresser and is the perfect place for me to pop my rings and Pandora bracelet (and my lashes when I rip them off at night). 

Nails are something that Primark have had in for a while but again, it’s something that they’ve made better and better and now have a massive selection of styles and ranges including these amazing Unicorn styles. I found 2 different types but I’m not sure if there are more - the more gold looking ones and then the pink toned ones. They also have tonnes of Metallic/Chrome type nails which I absolutely love and I’ll definitely be going back to stock up on more of those when I get chance! 

primark mermaid light

primark unicorn light

primark unicorn nails

Lets move onto Lips! Primark already had quite a few different lip products with balms, lipsticks and glosses but now with their new Nude range, they also have Lip kits, matte liquid lipsticks, more glosses and Nude matte lipsticks too! The Nudes set of Matte and Gloss lipsticks is just £6.00 with the individual Matte lipsticks being just £1.50 each. 

The matte lipsticks aren’t too drying either which is great and the pigment from them is insane for how affordable they are! I’m not usually a lover of lipgloss either but they’re not sticky or tacky and look insane over the matte lipsticks! 

I grabbed one of the metallic lip kits which comes with a liquid lipstick/gloss and a lip liner - the gloss is great and a gorgeous metallic gold colour but the liner doesn’t show up as much and so probably won’t be used as much as the lipstick! A great buy though at just £1.00 (in the sale bin!). 

primark nudes lipsticks

primark nudes lipstick swatches

primark nudes lipsticks

primark nudes beauty range

primark nude lipsticks

primark nudes lipsticks

Now for the face! The things I tried to find were the glow kits - I came across one of them but haven’t been able to find anymore than the Pure Glow one. With the highlighting palettes being compared to the Anastasia Beverley hills Glow Kits, I was intrigued to see if they lived up to the hype and it’s safe to say, they do! With insane pigment, the glow kits are gorgeous and give an incredible highlight with just a few swipes of your brush (see below for swatches). There are 4 different shades in this Pure Glow palette - 2 being pale and 2 being golden and so I think it’s a palette that could work for everyone. You could even use the golden shades as highlighter! This palette was just £5.00!

The other range that has been compared to a higher end brand *cough* Too faced *cough* is their PS Chocolate palettes. They have other products in this range including lip kits, eyeshadows and a whole face palette but it was the cheek palette that took my fancy with blushers and bronzers included in the palette (which also smells like chocolate!). There is a lighter golden colour for bronzing, a contouring shade and 2 light blusher shades. The pigmentation isn’t amazing but it’s definitely buildable and blends lovely which is what you want from cheek/contour products! Also, did I mention they smell like chocolate!? You can grab the palette for £4.00

primark dupe glow kit

primark too faced dupe

primark glow kit

primark glow kit

primark chocolate palette

And now for everything in between... Not just beauty products but beauty accessories too! Primark have branched out and now stock acrylic makeup holders, organisers, makeup bags and now even Beauty accessories including brushes, nail sets, tweezers, face wipes and everything else you need to apply or remove makeup. I grabbed a set of their Nudes Beauty Blenders (2 for £2.50!) and also a set of eyelash curlers £1.50 (because I’m constantly loosing mine!). 

The blenders feel really soft and spongey and are a similar size to the original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques one - a great alternative if you go through your blenders like there’s no tomorrow! 

I also got the cute copper basket you can see peeping in all of my photos which again, is a great prop or a handy organiser for beauty bits or general crap you leave lying around! 

I’m so impressed with everything I got and can’t wait to try it all properly - I do want to try and get my hands on more of the Nudes range and I want the other highlighting palettes too (Primark, if you’re reading, hit a girl up!) but overall, I love everything and would definitely recommend checking in your bigger branches to see if they have any of the new products in and treat yourself! I’d definitely recommend the beauty blenders and the pure glow palette - but just get it all! 

primark beauty blenders

primark beauty range

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