Friday 23 February 2018

Elegant Touch Glue on Nails

I love having my nails done but I don’t have either time or money at the minute to spend on them and so to save my little sausage fingers looking completely like stubs, I live for false nails. I’ve tried pretty much every brand out there from Primark to Home acrylics but there’s only one brand that wins time and time again and that’s Elegant Touch. 

With lots of different designs suitable for everyone and everything, their nails are also one of the few that actually fit my fat fingers and still leave me with a few spare! I love the glue that comes with too as it doesn’t dry up and I know that if one unexpectedly pops off, I can still use it and not have to battle with a crusty, dried up stick of glue. 

elegant touch stick on nails

Launching a new collection which has 4 different designs, the Nocturnal Dreams collection is a beautiful range of both dark and nude nails which all have a little added something to the nail. My favourite have to be the Twilight Dreams Nude Crystal nails which are perfect everyday nails yet the accent nail gives it a little sparkle and a little added extra if you like to add something else to your nails. 

There are 2 other designs that I’m yet to try and I’m dying to get my hands on the Midnight Blues set which is a gorgeous duo-chrome, Blue set - right up my street! And there is also a grey set too so there really is a colour for anyone. 

The application of the nails is super easy too - you get a small nail file included and then 24 nails which range between 10 different sizes to make sure there is a size that will fit all nails. Like I said, I have quite large nails so I usually struggle to find ones that fit but these fit absolutely perfect and they’re super quick to apply. I firstly sort the nails into the sizes I need for each hand and then I buff my nails using the file and shape my natural nails a little so they can’t be seen at all, I apply a little glue on the false nail, wait a few seconds then press onto mine and voila. Done. 

I’ve had my set on now for 10 days and have only lost my thumb nails (which are usually the ones to come off first regardless) but I’ve reapplied them and they’re all still going strong! You can buy these nails from most Boots or Superdrug stores or online from Feelunique

elegant touch stick on nails

elegant touch nocturnal stick on nails

(Post features a PR sample)

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  1. Hey! I have stubbed thumbs and have always struggled to find false nails that fit. I was just wondering if u could measure the thumb nail and see how wide it is? x


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