Saturday 3 February 2018

5 Exercises for Mums

Since having Mylo, I made it my aim to start working out more but since it was my second C-Section, I had to be careful when and how I started. Obviously, the first thing I did was grab some new workout gear, because everyone needs an excuse to buy new clothes, right? I grabbed a couple of leggings from Fabletics, some basic leggings from MyProtein, some casual t-shirts from Primark and also got a few bits from UK Lingerie too, including a pair of Flexi-Fit Leggings and a Cute Pink baggy, open back top. 

I’m still on the look out for a good pair of ‘squat proof’ leggings though as most of mine just don’t pair well with my big booty. Anytime I squat or bend over, you can see pretty much everything. The Pink Top from UK Lingerie is great though as it’s long enough at the back to cover anything up but the leggings are just too see-through the wear without a cover - super comfy and soft, just not all that for squatting!

uk lingerie gym wear

5 exercises for mums

I know everyone walks but I made the conscious effort to get up and move! More importantly, I began slow and low and gradually worked my way up to working out regularly. So to start with I simply walked daily. Getting Harry gave me an excuse to get out of the house more and also helped with my fitness levels too - I didn’t feel like a total post-section mess. 

A great item to have in the house as you don’t need to do too much to get a great workout from Kettlebells. You can use them to squat, lunge, press and swing. They’re a great way to up your strength without being put off by heavy dumbbells and you can do any of the exercises in the living room or garden so you can keep an eye on the kids!

If you prefer going to a class, Piyo is a great place to start. A mixture of Pilates and Yoga, Piyo is a strength based workout which helps to develop your core and overall stamina. It’s not an easy workout but it definitely helped me get my strength back after having a section. I actually felt my core and could really feel it working, something I hadn’t felt in years! Search for your nearest class or speak to your Yoga instructor as they may have classes. 

It can be a lot of effort to begin with but swimming is great if you’ve got kids. It’s relatively low intensity but really does give you a full body workout. Try and choose a pool that is warm for baby and pop them in an inflatable ring and do some lengths pushing them along. It’s a great way to stay active but also a great bonding experience too! Some pools have Mother and Baby classes so be sure to check with your local baths. 

Gradual core work 
All mums will say there is one area in particular they want to ‘get rid of’ and thats the dreaded Mum-Tum. There are 100’s of ways to help tackle this part of the body but the main way is to build up your core. You can do simple, easy exercises in the middle of your living room and even use baby to help. Exercises such as sit-ups, plank, lunges and lots of stretches can assist in the development and strengthening of your core, both things that will help to get rid of that Pouch!

(This post featured a gifted item)


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