Saturday 20 January 2018

Travel: Cornwall 2017

You may have seen a few of these posts already on here but each year, we head down to Cornwall for a short break and I love sharing our trip with you! This time, of course, we had a new addition and it meant what used to be a trip for 3 of us became a trip for 4! 

We stayed at the same cottage as we did back in 2013 and 2014 and will be retuning again for our 4th year in 2018! It’s a gorgeous little cottage that is set on a plot of land owned by Helen and Rob Watson - there are 3 cottages in total with a bigger house to rent if needed (which can sleep up to 9 people!), set in the middle of Cornwall it’s around 20 minutes from some beautiful locations such as Looe, Fowey, Par and Newquay. But you don’t even have to venture off as the cottages have some lovely things to do on site:

- Hot tub
- Fishing lake with access to some nets
- Golf putting course 
- Another entire field to play on, relax on or take your own paddling pool like we did! 

We spent pretty much every day somewhere new and headed to some of our favourite places! We made our first stop in Fowey to get some Pasties, of course, and then made plans for the rest of the week! It was all weather dependant in regards to what we were going to do but we had such amazing weather until it come to Thursday when it all went a bit grey and rained a little but it didn’t stop us from heading to Newquay to browse the shops and have a stroll along the beach! 

Fowey is a lovely, quaint town full of cobbled streets and little shops and like I said, pasties. It has a gorgeous harbour too and you can take the Ferry over to the other side which then leads you over to Looe without having to drive all the way round and across. We wanted to try out some new places too so we went to Port Isaac one of the days when the weather was just glorious. We again wandered the little streets and cute shops and did some crabbing in the bay whilst the tide was out! Millie absolutely loved it and she was asking for a wetsuit the entire time so she could go into the sea! 

We also have family that live in Par so we made sure that we kept one of the afternoons free to visit them and to head to Par Sands - we managed to visit family but a trip to the beach was put on hold as we were all super tired and super hungry so we grabbed chips on the way home and relaxed for the evening back at the cottage. I would definitely recommend chips from Val’s Place - they’re so good! 

We really couldn’t of had a better week in terms of weather - it was absolutely beautiful and it even reached 30degrees one of the days! It was like we were in another country - being able to sit on the beach in your bikini is unheard of in this country but it was so nice! Not so great when you have a baby to keep cool though, I must admit. 

We went to our favourite beach on 2 of the days we were there, Polperro. It’s a gorgeous, small cove type beach probably around 800m wide with a cafe and a pub on site - there’s ample parking just up the hill and it’s great for surfing! We went for dinner one evening and then Adam went back with Millie another day whilst I stayed at the cottage with Mylo. We also tried a new beach that we’d heard such good things about, Readymoney Cove (beach). It was absolutely beautiful and I really can’t wait to head back there next time we go. It’s probably best known as where Dawn French lives as her house sits on the rocks above the cove and looks out on to the sea - jealous. 

We plan on heading to more places we haven’t been before the next time we go but I know we have some favourites that we must take a trip to as well! 

 Getting around was so easy, I was a little worried as there is so much walking and driving involved when you visit Cornwall but Millie absolutely loved it and Mylo was such a good baby. We took our Buggyboard for Millie just incase she got tired whenever we walked somewhere, when we went to Port Isaac, it was quite a walk from the carpark to the town so she loved having it just to save her little legs! But we also didn’t use the pushchair all the time as I had my Baby Bjorn carrier for Mylo. 

If it was a hill or off-roading, especially when we walked down to the lake back at the cottage, I put him in the carrier, facing me, but for about 5 minutes whilst we were down there, I turned him round so he could see and he loved it. He still loves it now and I tend to use it on the school run as it’s quicker than faffing around with the pushchair some mornings! It is suitable from birth which is great but forward facing is only recommended for babies over 6months old. 

It’ll be a completely different experience when we go in August 2018 as we’ll be taking Harry too and Mylo will (hopefully) be walking so he’ll need a new buggy but I really can’t wait to play on the beach and paddle in the sea with the family. 

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