Tuesday 23 January 2018

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Review

It must have been one of the most popular christmas gifts this year - the StylPro Brush cleaner is the answer to every makeup lovers dreams but is it worth it? It’s hard to understand something when they’re so much hype around it and you don’t really get to see what or how it’s so special so, let me talk you through...

I asked for one for my birthday as I’d always eyed them up and just thought that if I were ever going to get one, it would be as a gift rather than purposely going out and buying it myself. At £39.99 they’re not *cheap* but they’re certainly not the most expensive thing I’ll ever buy - god, there are eyeshadow palettes that are more expensive than this! But is it worth the money?! 

stylpro makeup brush cleaner and dryer

The StylPro Brush cleaner is a 2in1 Cleaner that cleans and then dries your makeup brushes in seconds - literally. It comes with 8 different attachments that you simply slide you makeup brush into and then a small bowl that you pop water and solution into to clean your brushes. You also get 2 10ml sachets of the StylPro Makeup brush cleaner which is advised to be used for non-soluble based makeup like Foundations, concealers and cream products, this solution to buy alone is £24.99 for a 500ml bottle. 

The brush cleaning arm is battery powered so depending on how often you use it, it should last you a few washes before you will need to replace the batteries and you can also get a Rose Gold version of the set too (which I didn’t know until I got this!) 

The size of it was one of those things that I wasn’t sure on - I don’t know how big I expected it to be exactly but I think that it is the perfect size as potentially, you could leave it out and it wouldn’t take up that much room, or, you could perhaps leave it on a shelf or windowsill and it still wouldn’t take up much room. I keep mine in the original box so I know where everything is when I come to use it! 

stylpro makeup brush cleaner and dryer

stylpro makeup brush cleaner and dryer

So, as for the actual cleaning, does it do what it promises!? In short terms, yes. It’s so great for cleaning eyeshadow brushes and smaller brushes that don’t get clogged with product. You simply choose one of the sleeves, pop in your selected brush and attach it to the cleaning arm. You then fill the bowl with about an inch of water, add the solution or your chosen brush shampoo, and dip it in and spin it for 10 seconds, you then pull it out of the water and let it spin for another 10 seconds and voila. Your brush is clean and dry. 

I find with darker shadows or more dense brushes you’ll need to do this twice to ensure a proper clean. I also don’t use the solution, I just use my normal brush shampoo and add it to the water but be careful if it’s a foaming cleaner as you’ll need to change the water more often as the bubbles will get too much! 

It’s not so great at foundation or concealer brushes. Even using the solution as a trial, the foundation brush still came out with product inside. I think because it’s such a thick brush, it’s really hard to get in the bristles and give it a thorough clean so I’d recommend that you wash these by hand first and then maybe give them a deeper clean in the StylPro - the same goes for concealer brushes. I don’t often use foundation brushes now so this doesn’t really bother me but if you’re one to use them daily, just bare this in mind. 

As for the attachments, I’ve seen a lot of people say that they don’t fit their brushes. There are 8 different attachments meaning there is plenty to vary and choose from depending on what sort and brand of brush you’re using. I have a variety of brushes that are all shapes and sizes and the majority of mine fit perfectly. The Spectrum Brushes are the best fit and they’re smooth and round so easy to put in and pull out however, Real Techniques brushes are a little more tricky as the shape of their brushes is fat to thin. 

Other brushes from Crownbrush, Nanshy and Charlotte Tilbury all fit fine and most fit into the 2nd or 3rd smallest attachments. I do think they need to bring a few more sizes out just to cover all bases but for now, it does the job and I don’t mind having to hand clean a few of the ones that don’t fit - it’s better than doing all 60+ brushes by hand! 

Overall, if you have a heap of brushes that you’re fed up of spending hours cleaning, I can definitely recommend the StylPro - just ensure you use your own cleaner (to save you some money) and be prepared to still have to wash some of your brushes if they don’t fit or are covered in foundation. 

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