Wednesday 10 January 2018

Planning for 2018

It’s the start of a brand new year. New Year, New Me and all that jazz. There’s always some resolution that people make that I can kind of understand and relate to but, yeah, I don’t really take to resolutions but there are a few things I have on my Annual to-do list and I thought they may be interesting enough to write about.

So, here goes... 

2017 was exciting for us as we welcomed our newest member of the Bailey clan, Mylo. He was born in May and the rest of our year revolved around him. We went to Cornwall just a few weeks after he was born and enjoyed a few days at our favourite little retreat and he met Adams side of the family that live down there. We had some fun times back at home too, enjoying the summer and then having gatherings in the winter so I want to make sure that this summer, we cram as much as we can in as I’ll be back at work again as of September. I may look at getting a National Forest membership for us all because we have so much around us, it would give us the perfect excuse to get out of the house as much as we can. 

Me and Adam have been together 8 years this year, crazy how fast time has gone. It’s pretty obvious now what the next step is for us; we’ve got kids, a house and a dog... I’m ready and raring to go. The kids also have a lot going on this year too, Millie is now at school so she’ll only have the 6 weeks holidays to do things and so we’ve booked to head down to Cornwall again in August for Adams birthday. I also want to take them to Peppa Pig World for their birthdays as they’re 5 days apart, we can use the weekend closest to them both to celebrate! 

As I said, Im back at work this year, I go back in April but then I have the summer off so officially, I’m looking at September being the proper month I go back. I have to sort childcare for both of the kids before I do (that’s another issue and I’m planning on writing a post about it too). I also want to push my blog and content a lot more than I have done in the past and work with more brands, creators and companies to get myself out there in the field. I’d love to go freelance with social media marketing as well but it takes so much time and dedication, I’m not sure I could do it alongside my full time job. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I have recently joined Slimming World again to help me loose the weight I gained after having Mylo and also, just to help me get back on track and make better choices when it comes to food. I’ve also continued to go to the gym and hope to keep that up during the year but, I’ve also started Crossfit too. I went to my first session last week and loved it! Adam goes 3/4 times a week and we watch a lot of Crossfitters on Youtube - its something I’ve really become interested in and my personal goal for the year is to be able to squat my own body weight.

I plan on staying with Younique this year as a casual thing, it helped me a lot last year and actually paid for most of Christmas too! I just save what I earn in commission and then use it on something special every so often. I also want to be in more photos. I love using my camera and phone but this year, I want to actually be in more of them. I take so many of the kids and Adam but there’s never many of me and I don’t want to look back in years to come and realise I was never in any pictures! 

There’s not a lot else going on other than spontaneous trips in between this and that but I’d love to know your plans for 2018. 

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