Tuesday 9 January 2018

My Customer Service Experiences

When it comes to customer service, I like to think that it’s easy enough to gain help or advice from companies either before or after you have made a purchase. Customer service is important in everything, you could say that being a blogger involves some form of ‘Customer service’; by hosting product reviews and an opinion on things encourages others to take part and then interacting with readers and social networks you are utilising the aspects of customer service. But not all customer service is positive and not everyone receives the same level of customer service either.

From working in both retail and hospitality, I understand that CS is very important to maintain relationships with customers or clients but its also important for the people giving the customer service too. It makes your job a lot easier if customer service is given correctly - and in my opinion, the customer isn’t always right but you have to keep that thought in the back of your mind. 

Over the last few months I’ve received some impeccable customer service from different sorts of companies - we have eaten out and the food wasn’t great, making this known to the restaurant as soon as we got home by directly emailing them, we received a £25.00 gift voucher to compensate our previous experience. I’ve also taken something back to Boots which I previously bought but was broken - they simply asked if I’d like to swap it, no questions asked and issued me with a full exchange. Aldi have also delivered fab customer service when we found numerous bones in our chicken fillets, I contacted them on Twitter to let them know and if there was anything they could do about it, they had someone call me to apologise and offered a £5.00 voucher to compensate. Usually, this wouldn’t have bothered us, however Millie eats the same chicken fillets and she could easily have choked on one of the bones. 

I think that with the use of Facebook and Twitter, it’s so easy now for people to take advantage of companies when it comes to customer service but, if dealt with in the right way, it can have a huge, positive effect for the company and the customers! In a survey that CCSN composed, it showed that 73% of people asked agreed with this and said that being able to speak to the right person straight away is priority to them when it comes to exceptional customer service.

I’m very much for voicing my opinion if something isn’t right - be it a product, an experience or food, I’ll tell you and I always applaud those who deal with the issues in a positive manner - kindness is free so don’t neglect it when someone is trying to help.

When did you last receive great customer service? 

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