Friday 12 January 2018



A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
Well, shove the word Mum in front of that and what do you have? 

noun, informal
A woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children, in hope to make profit.

I guess the idea is to show you that just because someone has children, it doesn’t single them out from the real-world and make them any less able to achieve something they are working hard for. Since being on Maternity, my eyes have been opened to many money making things, whether it be your network marketing, catalogue distribution, beauty treatments, car booting or even “depopping", each of these could quite easily be seen as a business as as defined, a way of making profit from something you are potentially taking a risk with financially. If any of you have previously been on maternity or are still, you will know the struggles and worries that come along with it as money gets tighter and tighter the more your maternity period goes on and you know that day when you need to return to work is looming but, what if you decide to make a go of it yourself and earn your own money?! Would that be such a bad thing?!

Some of you may know that I am also a Younique rep alongside having my full-time job in a college and I love being able to make a little extra money each month doing something that I thoroughly enough. I use and wear makeup every, single day and so when I joined Younique nearly 2 years ago now, I knew it would be something that I would just dip in and out of occasionally and keep a steady customer base too, which is exactly what I’ve done. But, I’ve also dabbled in a few other things too - Spray Tanning, I still do this just for friends mainly, and also my earring making business, Pixel Stones. It’s hard to juggle it all but I love to be busy and let my creative side out a little so this is what drew me to both of these. If you’ve ever thought about doing something for yourself to earn a little extra money, why not take a look at Printsome and get yourself a casual uniform, simply a t-shirt with your logo on or a hoodie to shove on as a little extra way of advertising yourself or your products. It’s a great way of marketing without really needing to do anything! Printsome are also a small, buy growing company and I think it’s always great to support everyone else! I have a Spray Tanning T-shirt I wear when doing tans and Adam also has his own PT Shirts and Hoodies too! 

 I’ve also, quite recently, started to freelance as a Social Media Marketer, and since doing this, I have realised that I’d love to go full-time with it and carry on working from home. I know that it’s not something I’m going to be able make happen overnight and I will keep working on it part-time alongside my other commitments but until then, don’t stop because someone told you to.

 Don’t doubt yourself because you’ve already got 1,000,001 other things going on... If you want something enough then your family will stand by you and support you whenever you need it. You’ve managed to bring life into the world so make sure you enjoy that life that you spend with them - you’ll appreciate it all in years to come! 

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