Friday 19 January 2018

Is it Payday yet?

January always seems like the longest month of them all! With most people getting paid in the middle of December and most of their pay-packet going on Christmas presents, Christmas food, Christmas drinks or all three, it’s a long way to go with no money coming in and bills that still need to be paid in January and I’m no different. I’m patiently waiting on Payday which is next week but for me, that’s my last as I’m still on maternity and I’ve come to the end of my maternity pay period.


But, with that said, I’ve been pretty savvy with my money this year to get me through the next 3 months and so I can still pay bills, buy the bits the kids need and have a little to spare too! It’s all about budgeting and planning each payday week by week. I started doing this before I was even on maternity as I wanted to be sure that I would have enough to see me through the whole year. With my pay decreasing each month, it was something that I really had to look at and think about doing - not everyone has the privilege to be able to take the full 12 months off work but since I had the year off with Millie, I wanted to do the same with Mylo. 

There are so many ways you can save and be savvy with your money, whether you budget each months pay or you do things to bring in a little extra cash, there’s always something to get you through and help you survive until the next payday. Obviously, for me, Blogging is a part time job now and so I can rely on the income from this some months, there are also websites you can sign up to which let you complete surveys in return for payment (it’ll also give you something to do if you’re a little stir crazy or have a couple of hours spare each week) or, if you want to make it a little more fun and enjoy it a bit more, why not try your luck at Bingo! There are so many great bingo sites and even ones that are for women, with super Girly Bingo games you can play and that you can take your chances with and earn a little extra money if you have some spare to play with! 

But if you’re looking for something more original, you can sit down and plan out all of your expenses for the month and then draw out the remaining money you have left over so you’re not tempted to over-spend and buy things you don’t really need. I’m terrible for online shopping because it doesn’t feel like I’m spending money until it comes to using my card and there’s nothing left...

(Post in collaboration with Boomtown Bingo)

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