Wednesday 17 January 2018

2018 Travel Goals and Making it the best year yet!

It’s the start of a new year, so take the time to look ahead and consider your plans for 2018. No doubt you have ideas for work, family, exercise, etc. but have you considered your travel plans? With some travel-centric goals, this could be a year to remember. Rather than making one resolution overall, why not make several and take the opportunity to explore more too!

1. Spend more time in your own country
Why go abroad when there is so much to see in your own country? Here in the UK, there are so many beautiful places to visit, from the natural wonders of Cumbria’s Lake District to the golden beaches in Cornwall. You might even consider going on a road trip, discovering all that Britain has to offer - wed love to do this up in the Scottish Highlands but not whilst Mylo is so small. By hiring one of the small UK RVs on, you can have all the comforts of home, while touring the country with your nearest and dearest, it’s the perfect way to see everything and be comfortable! Plus, it cuts out those expensive hotel prices too!

2. Tick off items on your bucket list
If you haven’t written your bucket list yet, now is the time to do so. It’s a list of all the things you want to do before you die. A bit morbid? Possibly, but it’s a great incentive to encourage you to follow your hopes and dreams in your lifetime. Travel is often a biggie on these lists, so if and when you have made your bucket list, start working through your itinerary. Climbing the Eiffel Tower? Shopping in the United Arab Emirates?! Exploring the Amazon? Ive always wanted to go to Bali and its on my list as a Honeymoon Destination after seeing Carly Rowena and Leon (Lean Machines) go for their Honeymoon, Ive always loved the thought of being in the jungle and of course, the coast looks like paradise. Your travel dreams are personal to you, so whether they are big or small, plan to do some of them this year and you can use to find your perfect holiday location!

3. Go off the beaten track
Whether you holiday in your own country or travel somewhere abroad, don’t be afraid to get off the beaten track. Here in the UK there are all the usual attractions, such as Big Ben in London and boat cruises on Lake Windermere. But you don’t do have to do what the tourists do. Ditch your travel guide, and explore unmarked areas in the place you visit, as you never know what may be lying around the corner. Whether it’s finding somewhere new to eat, or stumbling across an undiscovered natural wonder, you will broaden your experience if you dare to venture where few others have gone before you. We always love to explore and sometimes its got us lost but other times weve come across some hidden gems including a gorgeous cove in Cornwall!

4. Conquer your fears
Travelling gives you many opportunities to conquer your fears, even if that’s just getting into an aeroplane! There are many things you could do, from swimming with the sharks in the Bahamas to overcoming your fear of heights by skydiving across the Grand Canyon. Crazy? Quite possibly. Exciting? Definitely! These are once on a lifetime experiences, and while they aren’t for everybody, you can at least tell people “I did that” on your return. Not only will you enjoy the look of shock and awe on their faces, but you will have the personal satisfaction of overcoming your fears, as well.

5. Get fitter
Looking to keep fit this year? Then forget your idea of a holiday lounging on the beach, and push yourself physically. From going on a biking holiday to walking up some of the UK’s greatest mountains, you will lose those pounds while having an exhilarating (and exhausting) holiday adventure. Of course, you could always book yourself a weekend in a spa afterwards, giving you downtime to relax your poor aching bones and tired feet. Yes please.

Are you tempted to put down your tv remote and see more of the world than the view outside your window? I hope so. Whatever you do this year, I hope you have a wonderful time, discovering more about yourself and the world around you. And of course, be sure to share your pictures that may inspire others to travel too!

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