Tuesday 2 January 2018

Top Products of 2017

If I haven’t said it already, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

2017 felt like it came and absolutely flew by, the entire year went so quickly and I can’t believe we’re into a brand new year already. I will be doing a round-up of my 2017 posts soon but for now, I wanted to share with you my top products of 2017. The things I’ve loved, emptied, re-bought and simply couldn’t get enough of! 

I’d love for you to tell me your top products too so be sure to leave me a comment... 

2017 was a crazy year and I really wanted to try and up my game when it come to my blog. I was posting less content but better content (in my opinion) and I tried to get the hang of instagram by posting more mini-reviews of products I was trying and testing along the way. Here is my more in depth review of all those things that may have popped up throughout the year...

I first got my hands on a few Spectrum brushes back in 2016 when they had a stall at the Clothes Show live. They had an amazing offer on their brushes so I grabbed a few then and then they also had a fab offer on in the January sales so I added to my collection. They are my most used brushes - both face and eye and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them. My favourite is the C06 blending brush and the A10 fan brush, perfect for highlighting. They’re super affordable and not to mention, totally beautiful. Prices from £2.99

I love a MAC lipstick, for a while they were the only matte lipsticks that I would buy but with many more coming out and of course, the growth of the liquid lipstick, my love and collection of MAC lippies died a little, until this one came along. The perfect deep, brownish nude, a colour that I like to say looks natural but also looks like you still have lipstick on. It’s such a creamy formula but still matte and not as drying as some of the other formulas and colours they have. I think it would look perfect on all skin types so it’s definitely one to add to your collection if you like MAC lipsticks as much as me. £16.50

There were a few controversies over this concealer when it first came out as the application of it was like no other but, I absolutely love this stuff and it’s been one of the products this year that I’ve re-bought over and over (I think this is my 5th one?). It’s perfect if you have dark circles to help brighten your under-eye and I also use it for highlighting parts of my T-Zone too. It doesn’t crease and is really creamy and easy to blend. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to. A bargain at £8.99

I was never into the whole makeup setting spray thing, I never really tried any enough to know if they made a difference or not but since being sent this by the lovely team over at Urban Decay, I know that I’d never be without one now. It’s perfect to lock in your foundation and helps to avoid patches throughout the day. I also find that it helps to keep my brows in place too if I’ve used a powder rather than a gel. I’m coming to the end of this though and I’m not sure whether to repurchase or try something new? £23.50 

I won’t bang on too much about these lashes but for £1.00 they really are worth buying and stocking up on. Read my full review of them here. 

Kiss products eyelash adhesive 
As you may know from my eyelash review series, I don’t really use any other adhesive for my lashes apart from this Kiss lash adhesive. It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever used and it sticks both my strip lashes and my individuals with no fuss. It’s also really easy to remove and I find it pulls off the lashes afterwards easier than a lot of others too! Buy it separately online here £3.29

A product that most people wouldn’t even consider but since it’s arrival in June, I haven’t used any other mascara than the Younique Epic, one step mascara. This stuff is incredible, making my lashes so long and giving them extra volume too! It’s nothing like the fibre lash mascara that they’re known for and has been loved by all of the people I know who have also tried it! If you want to know more, just head to my website £19.00

I love Makeup Revolution - I think the quality of their products is incredible for the price that they are and they have literally everything you could need. The Radiance highlighter palette is my most used palette but when SophDoesNails collaborated with them earlier this year and released this beautiful highlighting palette, it has soon taken over as my number 1 product. With 8 pretty shades, al with amazing glow and pigment, you need this in your collection if you haven't got it already. £8.00

I feel like I bang on about this palette all the time but it’s just because it’s so bloody good. My Morphe palette collection has grown a little bit this year but since getting this for my birthday in 2016, it’s been the one I’ve reached for the most. With 35 shadows of shimmer and matte shades, all with incredible pigment, it’s such a bargain at £23.00 - one you definitely need if you’re a fan of the warmer toned colours. 

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