Monday 11 December 2017

Snow Day

I hate the snow. Even though I’m a December baby, I literally can’t stand the stuff. It’s ruined many birthdays, caused havoc for everyone else and it’s just so inconvenient. The only good thing about it is the pretty pictures it makes! 

We live with this outside of our back door, literally. I went out in my onesie this morning and took these pictures and thought it was probably the only time I’d ever be able to address the issue of ‘Snow’ on my blog, around Christmas time! So, welcome to Blogmas Day 11! 

Of course... Millie and Harry absolutely love the stuff. Harry has been jumping and running around in it like a mad dog and Millie goes out for a little bit and then comes back in to warm up. Once everything’s dry she’s back out again! I don’t think Mylo quite knows what to think of it, it’s all just so white. 

I made sure I got enough photos of them to circulate on social media for the next few days though... 

Have you had any snow where you live?! 

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