Sunday 3 December 2017

My Christmas Wishlist

What’s Blogmas without a wishlist post, hey? 

I always struggle for things that I want for Christmas as I tend to just buy myself whatever I want throughout the year. It always seems to be makeup or beauty items which i’ve set aside knowing that people will start asking for ideas for Christmas gifts and this year is no different. I sent my Dad and Adam a list of things I’d like and so I thought I’d share that list with you! (It might also give you some ideas if you’re struggling like I was!) 

My problem is that my birthday is 4 days after Christmas so I hate to ask for things that I know will be going into the sale such as Lush stuff, Clothes, Shoes and makeup items unless I don’t know for sure that they will be discounted afterward. It does mean, however, that I get to spend my birthday money very wisely and get all the bargains! 

- No7 Rose Gold Illuminated Mirror (I already have one of these but it’s smashed!)
- Morphe 39A palette (to add to my collection!)
- Scarlett Moffatt ‘Me Life Story’ book (I read her first book and it was hilarious!) 
- E.L. James ‘Darker’ book (I love all of the books...)
- Pandora Disney Charm
- Skinnydip Phone case
- Zoella Bath Teabag 
- General bath items (bubble bath, shower gels etc. etc.) 
- No7/Clinique Cleansing balm 
- Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm (I’ve read good things about this and my pores are horrendous!)
- A jigsaw (I just bloody love a jigsaw!) 
- Hairdryer 
- Socks! 

It’s not a very long list but they’re the few things I’d like to have this Christmas. There’s one thing I haven’t listed as I know I won’t be getting it... Take a guess, begins with R, ends with G! 

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