Friday 1 December 2017

Morphe False Eyelashes Review

Welcome back to Week 2 of my False Eyelashes Review series and also DAY 1 of BLOGMAS!

 Last week saw a review of the amazing Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes which got an overall score of 14/20. This week, I have 2 sets of lashes from Morphe. 

The Brand
Morphe has to be my go-to brand for Eyeshadow palettes and brushes (I’m officially a Morphe whore) but I’ve never tried their lashes. When I saw them on the website I knew I just had to try them out as they looked beautiful and so I went for 2 completely different styles; Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd. 

 Take a look to see what my thoughts on them were and if they lived up to my expectations... 

The Lashes
I got both pairs of these lashes from BeautyBay as they had free delivery on all Morphe products last week and they’ve always been amazing with deliveries (pretty much always coming the following day!) and both pairs cost just £4.00 - one of the lower priced lashes in this series, however, Morphe also do premium lashes for £10.00 but I wanted to test these ones first. 

Santa Monica - this first pair caught my eye instantly as I love the feathery look they have, perfect for more glam looks or if you like a fuller lash. They don’t state anything about how many wears you could get from them so I guess it’ll be a case of just seeing how long they last. I’ve worn these lashes twice now and already, one of them looks a little worse for wear with lashes sticking out at the corner. I handle all my lashes the same (with tweezers) and clean them the same too so it’s a shame that I’ll probably only get another wear out of these, averaging out at £1.30 per wear. 

Sunset Bvld were the 2nd pair I chose - I loved how long these lashes looked but they aren’t quite as full as what I’d like. I wore these with quite a dramatic glittery eye (seperate post coming soon!) and you couldn’t really see the lashes at all. I had to apply some mascara to the tips so that they were visible. Perhaps it was my mistake... 

The band of the lashes was really flexible though and they applied really easy. They also fit my eyes perfectly as I didn’t have to trim either lash, something that doesn’t happen very often! They did feel quite plastic though, definitely not as soft as the Unicorn Cosmetics ones and these lashes don’t come with glue either so you’ll need to purchase your own or of course, use whatever you would normally. 

Overall Review 
I had really high hopes for these lashes but the Sunset Bvld ones kind of let me down. I really liked the Santa Monica ones but I expected them to last more than 3 wears. For £4.00 though, they’re fab to add on to a BeautyBay order but I wouldn’t order them specifically. Maybe I need to give the premium lashes a go? 

Affordability 4/5
Ease of application 5/5 
Longevity 2/5
Overall look 5/5 Santa Monica 2/5 Sunset Bvld

Lash score: 14/20

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