Wednesday 20 December 2017

Jouer Best of Deeps Lip Creme Collection

Oh hey, Blogmas DAY 20!!! I may have been late a few days, I may be completely winging it now because I’m running out of content BUT, we’re nearly there. Wow. I don’t know how people can blog every. single. day. 

Anyway, last week, I was buying the last few bits of Adam’s Christmas presents and came across this little beauty. I had seen so many other people talking about the Jouer Lip Creme’s, I really wanted to try one and when Chloe from Lady Writes said she was looking at these Jouer Sets, I took a little look myself and fell in love. 

The limited edition mini lip collections are fab if you want to try the lipsticks or have a few different colours added to your collection. The full sized Jouer Lip Creme’s are £15.00 but these collections that have 6 teeny sized ones in are just £24.00!! You get 1/3 of the full sized lip cremes in each of the mini’s so its a perfect way to find your new, favourite lippy without having to buy loads of full sized ones! 

I was torn between the Deep Lips collection (this one) or the Best of Metallics collection but I already have quite a few other metallic lipsticks so I wanted something that was different and I just loved the look of the Red shade to be honest!  

Swatches from Left to Right -
Aubergine is a cool, dark, dusty violet shade
Cerise Noir is a cool Black Cherry
Noisette is a Dark Chocolate Brown
Dahlia is a cool, electric Plum 
Truffle is a Warm, Lighter Chocolate brown
Cranberry is a cool but bright, Cranberry Red

I’ve worn 3 of the shades so far, Aubergine, Truffle and Cranberry and they’re all so lovely - Cranberry is definitely my favourite. However, I find the formulation very drying. I know liquid lipsticks and cremes can be quite drying as they dry to a matte consistency, but I’ve never tried ones that are this drying. It’s a good/bad thing because it means they last all day - they literally sink into your lips and do. not. move. but they really do dry my lips out and I found myself picking at whatever was left at night. 

I think I’ll need to really moisturise my lips whilst doing my makeup if I know that I want to wear one of these so that my lips are ready for the formulation and they don’t dry out too much. But other than that, I really like the lipsticks. The pigment in them all is amazing and like I said, they last all day! 

If you’re looking for a way to try out some new coloured lipsticks without having to buy or spend loads, these sets are definitely worth looking at - they may even end up going in the sales! 


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