Tuesday 19 December 2017

Jolie-Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette Review

6 Days to go... Hello Blogmas Day 19! (Check out yesterdays post here)

If you follow me over on Instagram, you would have seen my pictures of when I first got this palette and the Blue/Pink Eye look I created, but if you don’t, I’m going to show you below! 

The Jolie-Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette is a palette full of glitter and one that would please any beauty lover this Christmas annndddd there’s still time to order it and get it in time for Christmas too! Woo!! Go to Jolie-Beauty and use code SLAYBELLS for 15% off! 

This palette is so incredibly amazing that when I first saw it, there was no hesitation and I bought it instantly. It has 24 shades of pure glittery-ness and is the perfect companion to all of those other palettes you’re stashing! They are loose, pressed glitter compacts so you need to apply some sort of adhesive and pack them onto your eyes (or body) instead of blending them. 

With multi-function glitter pigments, the Bomb Dot Com palette is eye and body friendly so you can use them all over your face, body and of course, your eyes and they are 100% safe and it’s also a cruelty free palette too! It’s such a steal at just £25.99 but you can currently get another 15% off using code SLAYBELLS making it just £22.10! 

The glitters have some serious pigments, as you can see from the bold Blue glitter I used on the look above - I tend to use a little bit of eyelash glue to make mine stick as it lasts the longest and I know that it comes off with my cleansing balm too but you can use glitter adhesive or even setting spray or spray primer to help it stick too.

 I have found that using your finger rather than a brush is a lot easier as you can really pack the glitter on in the places you want it and the brush seemed to hold on to the glitter without applying it as I wanted. All of the shades I’ve used so far have been amazing and you can mix them up too! I like to add a little of the multi-coloured glitter to a block of colour to give it a little more dimension but, with the right lighting (christmas parties, hello!) any of the colours you use will look amazing! 

Below I’ve used the Red glitter and also the Coppery Gold glitter just as a spotlight on my eyes with my Morphe 35F palette as a transition colour. They’re super easy to use and you can literally just apply any of them to any eye look you create! 

If you’re looking for a glitter palette then I can definitely recommend the Bomb Dot Com palette and check out Jolie-Beauty’s other palettes too! They have super pigmented shades and gorgeous colour combinations too - I’ve also just bought myself a pair of their brand new Slayin' Lashes in Otillie  so keep an eye out for those coming to my False Lash Review series! 

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