Monday 4 December 2017

Gift Idea: MAD Beauty Disney Gifts

Whether you’re looking for gifts or to buy for yourself, you can’t go wrong with Disney. It seems like Disney has really kicked off this year with the arrival of the gifts and characters in Disney and also brands such as MAD Beauty taking up the opportunity to jump in on the hype! 

I love Disney and Millie does too so these gifts are perfect for both adults and children - especially if they’re a Disney fan. 

These cute Belle’s Bath Petals are perfect to add to your bath and let the sweet scent of Rose fill your bathroom. Millie loves putting things like this in her bath, I’ve actually got her a bag full of bath bombs too so she’ll love these! Super affordable too at just £4.99 and of course, they’re Beauty and The Beast themed - the film everyone loves this year! 

Next are these adorable Bambi Lip Balms! Bambi is my all time favourite Disney film and I feel like sometimes it’s forgotten about! Each is flavoured with either Mint or Strawberry and they’re the perfect stocking filler or secret santa gift at £5.99

Who doesn’t love a makeup bag!? This Alice in Wonderland style bag is a great addition for everyone! Even if it’s not for makeup but for pencils, hair grips, bobbles or whatever you want to pop into it, they’re fab for pretty much anyone! Millie actually gave this to her friend at school for her birthday and put some cute little hair bows inside! £7.99

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