Wednesday 6 December 2017

Christmas Traditions

Every family has them and everyone does Christmas differently but when it comes to Traditions, what do you keep and what do you do different? 

Since moving in with Adam back in 2012, this will be our first Christmas at home on our own with the kids, cats and dog. Just our little family. Before then, we used to go to my Grandparents house for Christmas dinner and try and see his family on Christmas eve or Boxing day. I’ve been pregnant for 2 of our Christmases and so this year, we decided we wanted to have Christmas at home. But, I think we’ll keep some old traditions that we’ve both done in the past... 

Until this year, we’ve always had a fake tree but this year, we went and got a real one! We now have 2 trees in the living room (yes, really!) but it’s so festive and Christmassy - a little like santa has thrown up everywhere, but very Christmassy! Adam has always had real tree’s growing up but I haven’t so this is something new to me but something I think we’ll keep doing now as it’s a lovely thing to do! 

For the last 2/3 years, we’ve taken Millie to see Santa on Christmas eve. I think it’s the perfect day to do it as they’re super excited and it makes it all a little more real for them. We go to a local garden centre which has an amazing Christmas journey and they get to meet Mrs Claus, Elves and the big man himself! We’re booked in again this year on Christmas eve and of course, Mylo will be coming along too! 

We also have Christmas eve boxes. Since living together, we’ve always done this - kinda before it was even a ‘thing’ and we’ve always done Millie one too. New PJ’s to wear, a book to read and a treat to have before bed. This year, I’ll do Mylo and Millie a joint box with something in there for both of them. 

Christmas Day, both me and Adam are still like kids and wake up pretty early waiting for the kids to get up. Last year Millie woke up around 7am and opened her stocking in bed whilst we had a cup of tea. I think we’ll do the same this year until Mylo wakes up and so we can go downstairs together. 

We take it in turn opening presents - Millie opens hers first and then Me and Adam alternate and open one each but I imagine this year it will be a little different as Mylo will be into his too! We may leave ours until a little later on when we can sit and open them properly... 

Christmas Dinner will be something completely new to the two of us this year - but i’ll be using my Grandmas recipe for stuffing so I guess that’s a tradition we’ll be carrying on! 

What are your Christmas traditions?! Tell me, I’d love to know! 

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