Saturday 9 December 2017

Travel: Christmas Getaways

Christmas at home is just something we’ve always done... Waking up Christmas morning in your own bed, Christmas songs on, opening presents with the Christmas tree lit and sipping on Prosecco whilst Millie stuffs herself with Chocolate Coins - it’s just something that’s become the norm for us. We used to spend Christmas day with family, I did a blogmas post on my Christmas Traditions, you can read it here, but this year we’re spending it together as a family at home and I can’t wait. But, we’ve always discussed the idea of going away for Christmas and going somewhere real Christmassy with tonnes of Snow, a log fire and somewhere that just reeks of Christmas all season! Somewhere like the French Alps would be the perfect place to spend Christmas and for Luxury France Vacations, there would be no better time to visit. 

I’ve only ever been to France twice - Once when I was a few months old and then other was when we visited Paris back in 2015. I had won a competition to win a 3 night stay in either Amsterdam or Paris and I’d always wanted to go to Paris (partly so I could go to Disneyland) and so that’s why we went. If you’re planning on visiting Paris, read about my tips for visiting, just as a little heads up! It’s such a Beautiful city with so much to do and you can do so much more than the typical sight seeing, but Paris is a completely different type of holiday and I don’t think I could celebrate Christmas there, although it does get snow and it’d be beautiful to walk around the sights and see the Eiffel Tower covered in a blanket of snow, it’s not a very family friendly location. There are no tall trees covered in snow, no log fire and no wooden huts to cosy up in all day, I doubt Millie would appreciate it and I know Adam wouldn’t either. He loves the snow and everything about Christmas, as do I, so something a little more homely would be the way we go.

It’d be lovely to be able to venture out to the alps too and dabble in a touch of skiing, snowboarding or even tobogganing with the kids! Imagine the snowball fights you could have with all of that snow!? (I’m sure someone would end up getting hurt though...) You think of all of this when you see snow and it’d create the best memories for us all - we wouldn’t ever forget our Christmas getaway! But again, I just don’t know if I could well and truly bring myself to be away from home at Christmas. The dog would of course come with us if we ever did do this and I do think that we’d look at a Chalet style break, somewhere that we know would have snow and would be able to cater for everything we look for when we have Christmas at home. I’d still want a Christmas dinner so there would have to be ample cooking facilities, somewhere for us to sit and each and of course, plenty of shops nearby so we can stock up on the essentials - Bread, Cheese, Turkey and Wine. 

There are so many locations and places you can head to if you’re looking for this type of getaway for Christmas - it’d be lovely to arrive a few days before Christmas too to take in the sights, have a wander and play in the snow just to get you in the Christmas spirit good and proper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it snow here on Christmas Day, probably had a slight coating of frost but that’s about it. The thought of waking up on Christmas morning and looking out to a complete covering of snow makes my tummy tickle and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling! But, if you’re not all about the snow, how about heading toward the Rivera and staying in a luxury apartment or Townhouse instead. They’re still perfect for the family and great to spend Christmas in. Looking out onto some of the many views that are available will be perfect for Christmas Day. You could head to Cannes, Provence or Paris, as mentioned earlier - there is so much choice and there is somewhere that’s perfect for everyone. Or,with all that’s mentioned, you could just head to Disneyland with the kids and spoil them rotten! There’s no doubt about it that if you choose to take them here, things will be super magical for the entirety of your trip (even for you). 

I guess if you don’t fancy celebrating Christmas, it’s also the perfect excuse to getaway and forget about what’s happening back home. Take a break and soak in the culture, there are tonnes of places to visit whilst in France that don’t have to be Christmassy and you can bet that whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed. You may even have the sun shining for your stay if you pick the right place - looking out onto the sea would be beautiful and an idilic location to relax and just clear your head if that’s what you’re after. 

If getting away for Christmas is something you’d thought about like us for a few years, take a look at the places you could visit in France for your Luxury French Getaway - there’s definitely something for everyone, for all budgets and for the type of Christmas you want to celebrate. I think that maybe when the kids are a bit older, we’ll definitely spend Christmas somewhere other than at home as it’s just the perfect time to do so! 

(Collaboration post with Luxury Retreats)

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