Sunday 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve Boxes

It’s here! Christmas Eve is probably my most favourite day, apart from Christmas. There’s not a more magical feeling that the warm, fuzzy feeling you get on Christmas Eve, do you agree!?

We’re off to see Santa today but before that, the kids will open their Christmas Eve box! We’ve done one every year since Millie was 1 and are continuing the tradition now we have Mylo too, we don’t go too crazy as they get all of their presents tomorrow on Christmas Day and then more on Boxing Day from Family but it’s basically just a few little bits to see them through Christmas day and give us all something to do. 

We don’t have a fancy box like a lot of people have got this year but I will probably invest in one for them both next year as Mylo will be a lot more aware of what’s going on and it’ll be nice to have for years to come so I just use this big present box with a lid for now as it fits everything in. 

I always try and get something to do/watch/read and wear and I’ve managed to do just that this year! For Pyjamas, Mylo has a sleep suit from Boots that says ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ which I’ll put him in for the day and he has separate pjs for the evening which are completely covered in Santa print. I got Millie some that match Mylo’s Santa suit and these were from Amazon for £8.99 - Mylo also has 2 bibs that he can wear during the day/night when he’s eating and if we go out for lunch. 

Millie also has a snowman cup with a straw that she can use though the day and then has a hot chocolate cone for the evening which she’ll love making! There is also a marshmallow lolly in there for her which she can have as a treat after we’ve been to see Santa or save it for another day. 

I’ve got her a sticker book too as she loves stickers and colouring at the moment so that’ll give her something to do later on in the afternoon when we’re winding down for bed and I’ve got her the Beauty and The Beast - Enchanted Christmas DVD £2.99 too, I love that film and couldn’t believe it when I realised I didn’t actually have it on DVD! 

There’s a book for bedtime in there too which I can read to them both before they go up to bed, I like to have Millie in bed before Mylo so that I can relax him and he drinks all of his bottle without being distracted however, she may stay up a bit later because I know she’ll end up waking up super early if she doesn’t! 

And last but not least, is the cute Father Christmas Teddy from Home Bargains. I bought Millie a stocking for her first christmas and of course, saved it and now Mylo is using it so I wanted to get him something we could keep and get out each christmas which signifies his first Christmas. He loves teddies so I’m sure he’ll love this and it’ll match his Reindeer Teddy he has too! 

So, that’s it. 

Tomorrow’s the big day and I don’t have any posts going up for a few days as it’s also my birthday on the 29th but I’m sure I will have been shopping and will show you what I got if I get anything too. 

I hope you have a lovely, happy christmas and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. 


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