Friday 3 November 2017

Wedding plans

No... I’m not engaged (yet) but I have been looking and thinking about the things I’d want for our big day for a while now and feel that it’s only relevant that I share this post with you if you’re in the same boat or, planning your own wedding at the moment! 

A lot of people can have their own opinions on what you should or shouldn’t be doing, whether you should be having one thing over another etc, etc so if you’re tired of everyone’s opinions about your wedding, just don’t listen to them! Its your day! 
Planning a wedding should be an exciting, if not stressful, time in any couple’s life. Although, far too often they find that friends and family members struggle to keep their opinions to themselves, even when nobody asks them. If you have ever planned a wedding, or in the middle of doing so, chances are the above sounds familiar. Whether it’s the bride or groom’s parents making comments about the venue or catering, friends moaning because of the date or just anyone taking an issue with something that they wouldn’t do themselves.
Remember, it’s your day, not theirs! If you find yourselves in this situation, politely remind them this. What works for one will not necessarily work for the other. If we all liked the same things, then the world would be a pretty boring place to be. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for the opinions of those close to you, but neither does it mean that you should listen to everything that they say. Take their opinions on board, but don’t allow their thoughts to put you off something that both you and your partner really want.
Deciding on a venue is, probably, the biggest decision for any couple to make as part of their wedding day. There are numerous factors that you have to consider, such as, Budget, size facilities and location. Many wedding venues will offer various packages as part of their services, such as those that can be seen here:
Parents of the couple will almost certainly want to feel involved in big decisions too, especially if they are helping to pay some of the costs. Most of the time, parents will be happy to offer their opinions, whether the venue is to their taste or not, but will have no objections to the final decision. Sometimes, however, that may not be the case and parents, or anyone else, will forever tell you that they do not like the venue, or that you should have gone elsewhere. Do not allow such negativity to bring you down, and do your best to ignore such comments – as your loved ones; they should accept whatever makes you happy.
Food... Catering options are something that you should certainly seek the advice of friends and family, as while it is your day, picking a menu that half of the guests will not eat from will not make for a pleasant day. Everyone’s tastes are different, so try to include as much variety in the menu as possible. If you are not looking to hold a wedding that would rival the Royal Family, and care not for the finer things in life, then there is nothing wrong with looking a little more outside of the box. A fish and chip van can offer a meal for everyone at a far better price than you may find at more upmarket caterers, and there is sure to be something that everyone will like!
Other arrangements for the day include hair and makeup, where the couple sleeps, when they arrive at the venue and, of course, the dress and what everyone is wearing. Try not to be the couple that forces everyone to wear something they detest (just imagine the unhappy bridesmaids’ faces in the wedding pictures). Discuss your ideas, and take on board their thoughts and decide together for anything that directly involves them, so as your guests do not feel alienated.
Once you have planned the perfect day all that is left is to tie the knot and enjoy yourselves!

Go and have a read of Lauren’s Blog ‘Blonde Vision’ where she talks about wedding dress shopping! 


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