Friday, 24 November 2017

Unicorn Cosmetics False Lashes Review

Hiya! Welcome to the first instalment of my False Lashes review series! 

Each Friday, I will be reviewing a different brand of lashes (read the intro post here) and starting off, I’ve been using 2 pairs of Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes... 

Letter board for unicorn lashes with 2 packages of unicorn false eyelashes

image of eyes with both lashes applied - left is cherry top, a fluttery lash and right is bubble pop, a short/long alternating lash
Cherry Top                                                                                                                                                              Bubble Pop
The Brand
Unicorn Cosmetics have a huge range of lashes including Faux Mink, Faux Silk, clear band lashes and lots, lots more. With lashes starting from £9.99, they’re one of the higher priced lashes that I’ll be reviewing but for good reasons. Unicorn Cosmetitcs is a very fun, original company founded by Mel who has a very straight up sense of doing beauty - and business. With some amazing lashes, accessories and beauty products over on the website, you can be sure that there is nothing spared when it comes to the customer (or fellow Unicorns...).

One fab thing about UC is that they offer a ‘Piggy bank’ for all customers. So, create an account (use this link and you’ll get 20% off your first order too!) and you gain points from you purchases. Points mean prizes... well, money off! 500 points = £5.00 1000 points = £10.00 etc etc so in time you’ll be getting a free pair of lashes! 

Along with this, its also free shipping on all lash orders! If it’s one thing I HATE spending money on, it’s postage. So this is gooooooood. 

The Lashes
So, as I said, I have been using 2 pairs of lashes from UC this week ‘Bubble Pop’ which are a Faux Silk set of lashes that fan out beautifully and aren’t too full looking and ‘Cherry Top’ which are 3D Mink lashes, super fluttery and pretty. Both lashes claim to last for at least 10-15 wears when cleaned and handled properly.

I have worn ‘Bubble Pop’ 3 times this week and they’re still going strong. Each time I have removed them, I’ve used a cotton bud and some micellar water to help lift the glue from the strip and pull it off so that it doesn’t ruin it and they remain in-tact. I have worn ‘Cherry top’ twice and again, they’re still going strong, looking as good as they did when I first wore them.

None of UC lashes come with glue, however they do sell it separately on the site. I have been using Kiss products lash adhesive and it’s been working brilliantly on them. I did have to trim quite a lot off the Bubble Pop lashes and because of the design of them, it made them look a lot shorter when they were on my eyes than what they actually were. Bear this in mind if you trim your lashes too and they’re in a similar style.

The band of the lashes is quite stiff, in a good way. I’m used to flimsy, cheaper lashes that the band is easily moved and flexible however, also very easy to pull apart and lose lashes from. After the first use, they seemed to become easier to use and handle and I didn’t have to adjust them as much as I did when I first applied them. Do be careful though - I use tweezers to pop my lashes on but they can still pull out lashes if you’re too heavy handed!

Bubble pop
Bubble pop
Cherry Top
Cherry top

Overall review
I love that the lashes come in sturdy, closable packaging as it means when you whip them off at night, you can put them back in their casing and know that they will be safe and easily stored. I’m forever loosing lashes or folding them in half and making them unusable so this is a massive bonus and I think it’s a good way of packaging them too. 

My favourite out of these two is definitely Cherry Top - they’re a fluttery, full lash and look gorgeous with a natural eye so the lashes take full effect. I did struggle applying these lashes though, I have to admit. The band was too stiff so I bent them and wiggled them a lot to help loosen them up and make it easier to pop on - you definitely need to let the glue set for a minute or two before applying as this helps lots! 

I can definitely see that the lashes will last for a good 10 wears, as long as you take care of them. I’ve used a makeup wipe on the actual lashes and combed them out to help keep them looking fresh. For £9.99 a pair, I don’t think they’re that expensive as working it out you’d be paying £1-£2 per wear which is what a cheaper pair of lashes would give you. 

Affordability 3/5
Ease of application 3/5 
Longevity 4/5
Overall look 3/5 for Bubble Pop and 5/5 for Cherry Top

Lash score: 14/20

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