Sunday, 26 November 2017

Gousto Meal Boxes

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me banging on about Gousto boxes before or at least seen pictures of their yummy meals. It’s basically a subscription service where you get meals for you and your family delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. All of the ingredients you need are delivered straight to your door with simple, step by step recipes. The best thing about it is that if you don’t fancy anything on the menu, you can simply skip your box with no extra cost! 

There’s a cheeky offer right at the end too so keep reading... 

So, we usually get a 3 meal for 2 people box delivered once a month, just to give us something different to look forward to and then ideas for the rest of the month. It costs us £29.99 for this sized box so on average £10.00 per meal for the 2 of us. If you look at it in a way of what you’d spend if you ate out, it’s such good value for money as the quality of the food is very high. You’d pay at least £20-£30 for most of the meals that come with Gousto so I’m happy to spend that on a few decent meals now we don’t really get chance to go out for one. 

Unlike other food boxes (Hello fresh in particular), you can use the App to select your meals up to 2 weeks before it’s due to be delivered. The app is super simple to use and you can also pop in when you want your boxes delivered or, if you want to skip any. You aren't charged anything until 3 days before your box is due to be delivered so you have plenty of time to change or cancel it if you need to. Also, if you want to cancel all together - you can either pause your boxes for a while or simply cancel them on the app too! No faffing around having to call people, just simple click and cancel. 

We got a couple of free gifts with our first few boxes too, so the first one came with a lovely wooden spoon that I’ve used pretty much everytime I’ve cooked and then we got a binder which now has all of our recipe cards in! It’s a great way to store them as I can go back to them when I’m meal planning and pull out any that I want to re-make. Any meals you’ve previously purchased also go into your recipes on your app so you can follow them on your phone if you prefer to. 

There is a choice of vegetarian, family friendly, dairy/gluten free meals on every selection and there is definitely something for everyone. I try and choose a selection of everything so something with Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Fish and then even throw in a veggie option because they’re always so tasty! I can’t eat pork and don’t like Prawns so it’s great that I can pick and choose the meals I know I’ll enjoy. 

A lot of the meals will feed Millie too, even though they’re made for 2 people, they are huge portions and/or it’s easy for me to add ingredients to them to bulk them out e.g. Sweet potato fries, extra veg, more rice etc etc. and, she enjoys them too! It’s a relief not having to worry about what to cook for a few nights of the month and knowing that whatever it is we’ll be eating, will taste good and we have everything in that we need. 

If you like the look of Gousto, you can get your first TWO boxes half price, so that’s 50% off your FIRST TWO BOXES. You also then get your 5th box FREE so you’ll only be paying full price for 2 boxes. Follow this link to get your 50% off... 

Treat yourself every month and spice up your recipe book or simply get your first 2 and then cancel... They’re definitely worth it, especially if you’re always struggling to find new things to eat or, you simply hate food shopping. Getting this straight to your door means all you have to do is put it away and then cook it when you fancy! 


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