Thursday 26 October 2017

Wash away the Winter Blues

The changing of the clocks pretty much signals the start of the winter, which inevitably means dark nights and cold weather. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sit well for our happiness levels, and the winter blues are a very real problem for some.

Wintertime can be a bit of a struggle. Still, harnessing the spirit of Halloween with a few tricks and treats can work wonders throughout the weeks that follow. Here are five simple suggestions that could help you keep those spirits up until the warmer months return...

Start a new hobby
Focusing on a new passion can quickly make you forget about the poor weather and expensive overheads that winter brings. Given that this is a time where you may be tempted to pig out, getting into a new sport or physical activity can be very rewarding. You might not want to worry about the nutritional aspects until January. Nonetheless, easing yourself into a health kick with exercise is an ideal way to cure the boredom while helping the body. Ive recently joined a gym so at the moment, that’s my focus!
Celebrate loved ones
For all its negative points, winter is wonderful in the fact that it encourages you to spend time with your family and friends! Family photoshoots can be a great way to capture the love of your family but if thats not for you, couples can enjoy home date nights, allowing romance to remove the boredom of Christmas (if you get bored, that is!). Human interaction is the key to fighting loneliness and winter depression so, remember this and you won’t go wrong!
Be productive at home
Most families home improvements is a job saved for the summer. Although, wintertime can still be a great time for completing those upgrade projects. Some jobs may be off the list, but improving the insulation and lighting facilities will bring instant rewards. Likewise, a little painting or upcycling work can transform a room instantly! Increased security is a bonus with Christmas coming up too. 
A happy home equals a happy you. Do not forget it.

Plan winter treats
The main issue in winter is that you can fall into a daily routines. Break those cycles with special events. European tours are a great way to escape the terrible weather for more pleasant climates. Moreover, it can be a great way to experience different cultures at a truly magical time of year. Smaller events can include attending themed seasonal attractions. Either way, those plans encourage you to get out and enjoy everything that winter has to offer. That surely has to be better than feeling sorry for yourself while waiting for summer.   
Help others
Sometimes in life, helping others is the best way to help yourself. There are plenty of people who are a lot worse off than you are, and volunteering can make a huge difference. Likewise, donating clothes and food could quite literally save someone’s life. Knowing that you’ve brought good into the world is sure to give you an emotional boost. Meanwhile, it will help you appreciate everything that you have going for you too. If that doesn’t banish the blues away, what will?!

I’ve been following Laura from ‘Laura’s little Loves’ for a while now on social media and she recently posted on Instagram about her SAD disorder and what she does to help it. She also posted a blog post about mental health and exercise which I think could help too!

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