Tuesday 3 October 2017

Purple Beauty

I haven’t shared a Beauty post on here for quite a while so I thought I’d show off my latest look using some gorgeous Purple colours and some eyeshadows you probably wouldn’t believe when you see how good they are! 

I love playing with Makeup at the moment and creating some bold looks along with some more subtle daytime ones too, this one has to be one of the bolder looks using the amazing Airborne Unicorn Lipstick from Limecrime! Take a look below to find out what products I used to get this gorgeous, sparkling look! 

Purple makeup look

So, on my lips, as I mentioned, I used the most gorgeous Purple lipstick from Limecrime (currently no longer available) which worked amazingly with the colour combination that I used on my eyelids! I think the purple tone is bold and playful but not too much if you have a lot going on elsewhere. Its a smooth, semi-matte finish and I find it is quite long-lasting however, not as much as some of my liquid lipsticks or lip stains. 

On my eyes, I wanted to create a subtle browny toned look with the pop of Purple colour so I used 
1: Goal Digger (from the Freedom Makeup HD Foil Burnt Single eyeshadows) over my lid
2: Bad Behaviour (from the Freedom Makeup HD Foil Burnt Single eyeshadows) over my lid
3: Colourpop Pressed Shadow in 'Come and Get it’ in the centre of my lid and blended underneath my lash line
4: Sweet Life (from the Freedom Makeup HD Foil Burnt Single eyeshadows) over my lid towards the inner corners 
5: Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow in ‘Blacklight’ right in the inner corners as a highlight
6: MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Brown down’ on the outer corners to blend the shadows out. 

I also used the Purple highlight from the SophxMakeuprevolution highlighter palette to make it pop just that little bit more. The pigmentation in these shadows is ridiculous so it didn’t take much blending to make them all work together.

purple makeup look

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