Wednesday 18 October 2017

Food Review: Bistrot Pierre Leicester

There’s nothing better than enjoying a lovely meal out, do you agree!? I love food and love trying and experiencing new restaurants and types of food and so I jumped at the chance to head down to the newly refurbished Bistrot Pierre in Leicester to try out their new Autumn/Winter menu and took the crew along with me too! 

We had a table booked for 12pm Sunday, the perfect time to fuel yourself for the day or to take advantage of the Sunday Roast to keep you full until teatime. We had a sneaky look at the menu online before we got there too and were super excited to eat all the food! Millie also knew exactly what she wanted before we even got there...

The Restaurant

Embracing the French culture and their love of French Cuisine, Bistro Pierre has a swanky feel to it with leather couches and little wooden tables that you’d typically find in any Bistrot in France. All of the food is prepared by chefs using a mixture of artisan provincial ingredients and locally sourced ingredients too. It has a very casual vibe to it however, I can imagine it can be the perfect place for a dinner date too, with dimmer lighting and candles on the tables! They also have highchairs for little ones and have cool menu books and crayons for older children so they have something to do whilst waiting on their dinner!

It’s less than 5 minutes away from Highcross shopping centre in Leicester so it’s perfect if you want to escape the usual ‘Fast food’ option and head for something a little different as there are a selection of different menus with 2 courses starting from just £11.95! You can also pop in for breakfast where they serve everything from Pastries to Pancakes, Full English to Toasties - I definitely need to revisit for Breakfast time! 

The Food

We had the 3 course Lunch option which is £13.95 plus a bottle of the house Red Wine which was really good and Millie had a main with desert, plus all the bread before the mains come.

We were seated away from the main part of the restaurant which is always a relief for me whenever we’re with the kids as I like to know that they can do whatever they want without disturbing others however, it did get busier by the time we were on our mains but they were both chomping on food and were so well behaved, this didn’t actually become an issue at all. We definitely need to eat out a lot more now Mylo is starting to eat (he loves his food!). 

Parfait au foie de volaille (Chicken Liver Pate with Toasted Sourdough and Red Onion chutney)
Ramequin aux champignons (Baked Cheese and Mushroom Ramekin with Bacon bits) 
Both starters were delicious. The pate was so smooth and creamy and the red onion chutney accompanied it so well, even Millie enjoyed it coated on her bread! The Cheese and Mushroom was amazing - jealous that Adam got that instead of me as I could have eaten that twice over. The mushrooms were so juicy and the sauce was perfect to dip bread into! 

Haddock à la béarnaise (Haddock fillet on green beans with béarnaise sauce)
Burger maison (Beef burger with Gherkins, plum tomatoes, relish and gem lettuce) we both had a side of fries with our mains. 
Millie: Macaroni Cheese
The haddock was beautifully cooked and very meaty, it was the perfect size too served with the green beans and fries, I wasn’t left feeling like I’d overeaten. Adam had the burger and by the time I had eaten half of mine, it was gone! He said that the gherkins were really sweet and the burger was cooked just right! 
Millie’s macaroni cheese came with a little side of fries and cucumber + tomatoes, it was so cheesy it tasted amazing, she ate so much too which is unlike her but the bit she left, we actually had boxed up and she ate it later on at home! 

Crème brûlée 
Crepes with mixed Berry compote and Vanilla Ice cream
Millie: Strawberry Meringue and Ice cream
I was a little disappointed with the size of the crepes as I’m so used to HUGE chocolate filled ones and the mixed berry compote was a little sour for me but the ice cream was so good. Adam also really enjoyed his Creme brûlée (I don’t actually like it) and said it’s the best one he’s ever had. Millie ate all of her pudding - no more needs to be said. 


The service we received was great. Although we were served by a few different waiters/waitresses, it was a constantly amazing service with chatty, friendly staff who wanted to make us feel completely comfortable. 

The food portions were just right. We usually end up over-eating and end up coming home feeling really sick but this was just the perfect amount of food and we left 100% satisfied. No need for pudding on the way home! 

Millie enjoyed it too which is a massive thing for us, she enjoyed the food and had something to do as the menus have little activities inside with a pack of pencils - she’s really into her colouring and drawing at the moment so it was a good thing and obviously kept her entertained. 

It’s somewhere we’d return in future, even though it is a french Bistrot, there isn’t any weird things on the menu and it is EXTREMELY good for the price you pay. You couldn’t get that quality food from any other restaurant chain for that price! I’d love to return for their A la carte menu to see what the difference is. 

If you’re looking for somewhere different for lunch or dinner (or breakfast) I highly recommend checking out Bistro Pierre - they also have lots of other locations too so be sure to see if there’s one near you!
(This was a collaboration post with Bistrot Pierre and the meal was complimentary) 

If you’re looking for another restaurant in Leicester, you can take a look at Lianne’s post over on her blog ‘A Brunette Says’ of the new Restaurant Bodega Cantina

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