Friday 15 September 2017

Infant to Toddler Rocker Chair

Mylo is getting to the age now that he enjoys sitting up and playing with his toys. We pop him in his Bumbo for a short while but I don’t like how his head isn’t fully supported so rather than having him on the floor or in his bouncer all of the time, we now use this Infant to Toddler chair from Fisher Price! It’s a combination of a rocker, bouncer and chair all in one! 

With a combination of being a supporting chair which lays flat, a rocker and also for when Mylo is older, a chair he can comfortably and safely sit on, this Infant to Toddler Rocker has become our favourite thing in the house! It’s so strudy and supportive but also gives so much room for Mylo to kick his legs and sit and watch In the Night Garden (his favourite programme at the moment!) It’s a Bright, comfortable seat that has 2 positions - upright or lay flatter for naps or relaxation time. If your baby doesn’t nap in a crib or moses, this is fab as you can kick back the stand and turn on the vibrations to help soothe and relax your little one without worrying they will roll as they are securely fastened in! 

Having the entertainment bar means that Mylo can sit and play with the rattling animals which he often laughs and giggles at and will also help to strengthen his gross motor skills! This simply clicks in and out too - it comes off for us when its TV time! I think its amazing that the rocker will last right up into his toddler years as your usual bouncer only really sees them through until they’re sitting up and you end up getting rid of it! 

The cover is washable (a must when you have a messy baby like Mylo) and the plastic body is wipeable as we have tried anti-bac wipes on it to clean up sick and food splashes (why do they make baby food bright yellow!?) 

RRP £59.99 however, it is currently on offer in Smyths Toys for just £49.99 - for something that will last for over a year, it’s an amazing price to pay for something thats 2 in 1 and you will definitely use over and over again! 

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